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  1. Fltaz


    Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here
  2. I tend to start the spanking by spanking both left and right cheeks and all around. But as the spanking continues I concentrate on the sit spot with a hair brush until its cherry red. They need to feel it for a day or two after whenever they sit.
  3. I have one of those souvenir paddles that says "attitude attitude adjuster". I and say that it has adjusted a few attitudes
  4. Just run your cursor over it and highlight it. It becomes very easy to read
  5. Welcome Pixie! Hope you enjoy it here
  6. Hi there! Welcome to the page. Hope you enjoy it here
  7. Welcome to Spanking Needs! Hope you enjoy it here!


    1. JustJudyy


      Welcome Back*

      And Thank You☺️.

  8. Welcome to Spanking Needs. Hope you enjoy it here. Plenty of nice people here.
  9. Everyone is different. I have had some who would start crying even before the spanking began and others who you could paddle all day long and never shed a tear.
  10. Fltaz

    FL cutie

    I would love to spank you if I was down that way!
  11. Fltaz


    Hello Gigi. Welcome to the site. Hope you enjoy it here
  12. Hi Pixie and welcome from a neighbor in Tennessee! Hope you enjoy it here. Lot's of nice people but please be safe.
  13. Welcome to the site! Hope you enjoy it here.
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