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  1. Fltaz

    Hey Y’all!

    Welcome Dezi! Hope you enjoy it here
  2. Welcome Laurenzz to SN! I think you will enjoy it here. Your story is great to read. I am glad that you are on the straight and narrow now a days.
  3. Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here! Please be safe!
  4. Sadly nothing to report here. I am long overdue.
  5. Hi there and welcome! I hope we can chat one day. Please enjoy and stay safe
  6. Hey i tried to send you a message but it wouldn't go through. 

  7. Welcome ! Hope you enjoy it here!
  8. Get in touch with me please.

  9. Never too old. It all depends on your personal feelings on this.
  10. Hi and welcome to SN from a NE Ohio native. Hope you enjoy it here. Please stay safe
  11. Hi there and Welcome to SN. I wish you were closer to me here in Tennessee. I would love to provide the discipline that you are looking for. Good luck and stay safe.
  12. Fltaz


    Hi there and welcome to SN from a fellow Tennessean. Enjoy, there are many nice people here but but safe. I would love to chat some time.
  13. I enjoyed reading your post. I too have a similar story. I was spanked growing up both home and in school. Just like you I hated it until I was around 12 also. Then puberty set in and I came to find that I almost enjoyed getting spanked or paddled. I too would try and get into trouble on purpose to receive one.
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