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  1. Fltaz

    New Here

    Welcome to SN. Hope you enjoy it here. There are some very nice people here just be safe. I am also interested in DD.
  2. Hi LeAnn. I am a 64 yr old M from Tennessee. I would love to chat if you are interested.
  3. West of Knoxville here. 64 yr old switch
  4. Hi there and welcome to SN. I hope you enjoy it here. Tennessee here.
  5. Lovely booty there young lady!
  6. Hi there! Welcome to Spanking Needs. Hope you enjoy it here
  7. Hi there. What part of Tennessee?
  8. Hi Mandy and welcome! I'm sure you do need a daddy. Most young ladies do. Please enjoy it here and please be safe.
  9. Hi Sassy! Welcome to the site. Many nice people here. I too am a fan of DD relationships. Hope to chat one of these days.
  10. Welcome Chawsee. Hope you enjoy it here. There are many like minded and friendly people here. Just take your time and safe and have fun
  11. Fltaz

    Big Bum

    You have a beautiful bottom! Love those tight jeans
  12. Hi there. Welcome to SN. Hope you enjoy it here. I'm your neighbor in Tennessee
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