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  1. Everyone is different. I have had some who would start crying even before the spanking began and others who you could paddle all day long and never shed a tear.
  2. Fltaz

    FL cutie

    I would love to spank you if I was down that way!
  3. Fltaz


    Hello Gigi. Welcome to the site. Hope you enjoy it here
  4. Hi Pixie and welcome from a neighbor in Tennessee! Hope you enjoy it here. Lot's of nice people but please be safe.
  5. Welcome to the site! Hope you enjoy it here.
  6. Hi Eliza! Welcome to SN. Hope you find what you are looking for. Enjoy and be safe!
  7. Beautiful bottom! I would love to give you a good spanking on that lovely bottom!
  8. Welcome to SN. Hope you find what you need here
  9. Welcome to the site. Many nice people here. Hope you enjoy!
  10. Welcome Dezi! Hope you enjoy it here
  11. Welcome Laurenzz to SN! I think you will enjoy it here. Your story is great to read. I am glad that you are on the straight and narrow now a days.
  12. Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here! Please be safe!
  13. Sadly nothing to report here. I am long overdue.
  14. Hi there and welcome! I hope we can chat one day. Please enjoy and stay safe
  15. Hey i tried to send you a message but it wouldn't go through. 

    1. Bndovrntakeit


      I’m in Dawsonville ga. I will spank u

    2. Fltaz


      Thanks for your reply. I am up near Knoxville. Not sure if we can figure out a way to meet. But I am interested in getting a proper spanking. If you wouldn't mind explain how a spanking from you would happen. I am open to most ideas. I do desire a good hard spanking and I am fine with paddles, hand, brush or belt. 

      Hope to hear from you

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