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  1. Sounds like a great role play. I would love to do that with you.
  2. Hi there. What a nice profile. I hope you find what you desire.
  3. Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here.
  4. It will definitely add to the embarrassment aspect to being spanked with another EE.
  5. I would in interested in know also. I am about 90 minutes from Nashville.
  6. Welcome from a fellow Tennessean.
  7. Fltaz

    Glasses Selfie

    Beautiful lady with such a nice smile.
  8. Tank staring James Gardner from back in the 80's. The local corrupt sheriff spanks a prostitute.
  9. Welcome from a fellow Tennessean!
  10. Fltaz


    Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here
  11. I tend to start the spanking by spanking both left and right cheeks and all around. But as the spanking continues I concentrate on the sit spot with a hair brush until its cherry red. They need to feel it for a day or two after whenever they sit.
  12. I have one of those souvenir paddles that says "attitude attitude adjuster". I and say that it has adjusted a few attitudes
  13. Just run your cursor over it and highlight it. It becomes very easy to read
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