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  1. Welcome! Hope you enjoy it here! Please be safe
  2. Fltaz


    Beautiful bottom on a lovely lady!
  3. Hi Alex. Welcome to SN. I hope you enjoy it here. Please be safe.
  4. Take your time and get to know the well before proceeding. Safety first. While there are some who are creepy most people here are good and decent. Just take your time and feel things out.
  5. Between Knoxville and Nashville...90 min east of Nashville
  6. Hi there and welcome from your neighbor here in Tennessee. Enjoy yourself here and hope to get to know you.
  7. I belong to it. It's not a bad site and there are some nice people there. In fact several of them belong here too. Yes there are a lot of pictures that are posted over and over with some nudity. I agree with another poster the site runs slow particularly with the pictures. I find it a trustworthy site.
  8. Hi, do you still live in Crossville? I am in Cookeville and am interested in chatting. 

  9. Hi Twi. I'm about an hour away from you. I might be able to help you in time. Let me know if you are interested.
  10. Hi Flatz. In Nashville and very interested how I might be in contact with you.

  11. Hey! Do you still live in Crossville? I live down in Cookeville. I’m a 31 year old, single male. Looking for someone to spank me, maybe like a father/son type role play. Needing motivation, and help with time management. Spanking would be a great way to help with motivation and time management. I hope to hear back from you. You can email me directly if you’d like, at drewho23@icloud.com or you could text me at 931-239-2026. My name is Andrew, by the way. 

    1. Fltaz


      Nice to meet you. I do still live near Crossville. I would love to chat about your wants and needs. I am a 65 yr old M and I am best described as a switch. I enjoy spanking and disciplining others but I know even at my age i still need the occasional spanking myself. I will try and email or test you this weekend. 

    2. pink615


      Hi Flatz. In Nashville and very interested how I might be in contact with you.

  12. Fltaz


    Welcome to the site! There are plenty of nice people here but take your time and be safe.
  13. Welcome! I enjoyed chatting with you some yesterday. Hope you enjoy it here.
  14. Hi there! 65 yr old gentleman here from Crossville area. Firm believer in discipline. Drop me a line if you are interested.
  15. Welcome to SN Amber. In time I am sure you will find what you are looking for. There are plenty of us older men that would love to provide you what need. It's just a matter of locations. Take you time and get to know people here and enjoy!
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