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  1. Let’s just go with evolvement occurres as needed
  2. I personally use Lexol to keep my leather clean and upkeep. They make an entire line of products that prevents cracking and wear and tear are lessoned if used correctly.
  3. One of the top concerns for myself, when watching or participating in the scene, is the breathing of both the bottom and top. I can not share this enough if there is any medical issue that could come up in a spanking public or private share it with your partner. Ensure they are aware of the condition and where the medication is should it be needed. Saftey is paramount. I have been with people during a spanking who is diabetic and had I not known where the insulin was or the honey in the home a call to 911 could have been needed. As an EMT I have a little more knowledge than most on medical issues and how to address them. My biggest recommendation is to talk openly before anything occurs.
  4. Well what a refreshing question @Aftergeometry. As i have adapted over the years and learned spankings help with stress as well. I have found that discipline spankings and punishment spankings must come from someone who has emotional ties to me. The connection between spanking and realizing that i let them down has to be there for me. TO make it truly sink it. Other wise the spanking is solely going to remove my guilt and will likely still work but sometimes has fallen short.
  5. it can be a good teaching tool, it fits the sit spot nicely
  6. I happen to be in S. Fl on and off I am a switch send me pm or check yours
  7. id go with , depends how its used and by whom. For me one person could use a belt i love it another i could hate it.
  8. downsizing... hope thats it. As a spankee i can say this there are far to few good spankers out there who know the spanking methodology and understand how to implament it
  9. depending on the effects to the skin on the bottom , lotion with aloe, or a creme like lotion if marks come in with time on the spankee suggest aveneo oatmeal bath mix. Its in packs in a box that when added to bath water causes chaffing to heal faster if bruising has occurred it allows the bottom to heal quicker as summer is coming and some may wish to show off bodies with swim attire. Does not help the pain at all.
  10. hey welcome. If you are still seeking i know a great spanker in LV out there pm me
  11. Moonshiners went out on October of this year and has moved back from Daytona to gulf coast area see post above. Tampa tanners is in a Lull right now. If I may ask are you seeking soanking friends or more? I personally don't do more with women and am a switch
  12. Spankochic Moonshiners were in Daytona and no longer operating they handed off to gulf coast sand castle society. I could offer w few ideas to spankers if you like just let me know
  13. You dont want to disrespect your mentore/daddy by going in with a red bottom or marks. I agree you probably have earned it. Can you explain to your good friend that you have a mentor? Can you show the friend of a spanking you get from your mentor? Above all you could have told you friend you needed time to think about that and then asked your mentor before you agreed.
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