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  1. When you say something, mean it, don't give hope if you are not meant to keep your word.

    1. Justanothergirl


      Oh gosh, yes. I so agree with this statement. I hate it when people say things they don't mean

    2. spanks1


      Sounds like you need some new friends. Welcome to the site

  2. After two years... start to let go hurts :(

  3. To my friends here, I miss you guys :( just haven't been around much. Love!

    1. oklahomaspankee


      (((((Sparkle)))) nice to see you

    2. mzsrose


      hugs precious girl

  4. Today I concluded what I thought was a relationship, the first step I took when I came into this community. It lasted almost 2 years, that's a lot of time. I learned a lot during that time and maybe this post will be mixed but it's all related and resumes a bit of my story. The terminology spanker/dominant/submission/spankee for some gets a bit blurry, it gives the impression that are the same thing when in reality they are not. I am a little/submissive by nature and I learned more about my role during these past couple of years, I got involved and learned more about me. At the beginning I thought that my submission was to anyone who would claim to be dominant, for whom I had feelings or trusted in a way that seemed would honor that submission. I was completely wrong, submission is something that it's earned, a gift for someone worthy of it, not something to take lightly. The person with whom I learned this claimed ownership since day one (first red flag) I didn't know better and I agreed (second red flag considering that was on-line), my submission since felt so natural, was transparent and pure, I developed feelings for this person because I saw him as that dominant to be with me but I didn't see that he wasn't a dominant, he was switch leaning to the spanker side. First month was great, we clicked so well and I was happy, felt safe and I fell in love; I didn't see what was coming, he leaving me for the first time without saying anything, silence it's the worst and more lethal method to use with a person, a sub. He came back claiming what was "his" like nothing happened but my trust was broken, I was broken to the point of getting help; yes that is how much involved I was, I know for some might seem exaggerated or stupid but it happens; there are women that trust blindly when there is nothing to fear. We tried to get it back but I wasn't there anymore, I was afraid and didn't trust him, adding to that the fact that he kept talking with girls in here and I didn't understand why he did and kept it as a secret; on his side there was anger because I wasn't submitting, there were no more self-spanking times for him to enjoy which made him accuse me of being fake and a liar. This took place with him not wanting to share pictures, barely I received two and not wanting to have any other type of communication other than email; he always said he didn't have access to any other methods. We enter this game of egos and who could endure more, who could stay longer without talking to the other one; sadly I gave in most of the times hoping he would change, he never understood how he had affected our "relationship" and he insisted to the point of me wanting to leave; at the same time I was learning more about my submission, about how a D/s relationship works and how different I was from what he thought/wanted of me. We tried more times to keep the communication but always something went wrong, one of us was always mad and he kept insisting on recording pictures of me, of me submitting or getting back to being an spankee. I told him that I would try but I needed time, never agreed. He had issues of his own and had those disappearance periods and I just felt like he was leaving me, in a way he did, more than once. I won't go all over the times we fought, we said horrible things and came back to each other, wasn't healthy, I was depressed and so was he, me because of us and him with his personal issues. I became so attached and needy of his presence even when that meant me being hurt and sad by the way he treated me. I got to a point where my love was not the same, every time we fought and he left I trusted less until not trusting at all. I tried to have a less toxic relationship, we both tried and we got to a point when he finally let me call him, we enjoyed our talks so much, we could talk for hours, but then the fights began again and we just didn't make it work. Today he told me to not bothering him anymore, he was mad at me because I didn't agree to what he wanted, he blamed me for always blocking him with me, anyways what I want to say is the following: Spankers, it's not the same being a spanker than a dominant, yes dominant traits are found in spankers but it's not the same, building a sub and nurturing is a commitment, it's not only about bossing around a girl, submission is earned and comes with a whole new level of trust, submissives can be very different from spankees and it's a different type of relationship. Spankees, please learn your place, don't let pretty words get you all wrapped up, don't settle, look for a serious partner, please please learn about yourselves before surrendering into someone else's desires. Sorry for the rambling, it's late and indeed was a hard day. Any comments, feedback, questions, are welcome.
  5. Hello from the other side...now I know :(

  6. When love doesn't conquer all :(

  7. Someone knows how can I reach Bowlergeno? :( please

  8. When loving too much it's too much :(

    1. Alex Cornett

      Alex Cornett

      I know how you feel.I've been there before myself.

  9. Stopping by to say hello to my lovely friends here! :)

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. JoKitten


      Nice to see you around.

    3. RIspanko


      Hope things are going well

    4. SpankerGeek


      Been a while Sparkle, hope to get to talk with you soon.

  10. Someone knows how to delete a profile in here?

    1. Hope


      Sent you a message

  11. Why real people is so hard to find? ugh

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    2. RedBottoms


      what's a manakin or mankin? :)

    3. FirmHandDisciplineNC


      A mannequin is a figure that appears to look like a human.

    4. edrador


      I sympathize. There are a lot of people on the internet pretending to be somebody that they aren't.

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