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  1. Drew1965


    And you still have bruises!
  2. Ah I don't see many that cross over into our whelm, but I am glad just the same. So welcome! Always looking to understand and or help in your spanking needs.
  3. Well Interesting, but a bit long and scattered. Sounds like some one for got about the contest and it was just an excuse. Seems to me with the neighbor and web cam gamer boy she is going to be the talk of the town and word will eventually get around to her parents through some well meaning uptight neighbor. I'm surprised the dog Jaspers didn't move in for an embarrassing sniff, the way that dogs do.
  4. Sounds like the need for external discipline took over and Lauren got exactly what she needed. I guess she wished she was more responsible like her little brother.Keeping it in the family creates a loving caring bond and respect.
  5. I think it has a lot to do with total population and percentages. Also Quebeck is mostly french so your not going to see many from their here.
  6. So miss Sarah How was it for you/ I'm sure you weren't the only naughty girl in you neighborhood. Or are you referring to when you were much older when short shorts were more the fashion thing?
  7. Mentoring is easier with distance than discipline. It takes honesty trust and a willingness to change not just chat.
  8. Whip your ass with your belt every morning for a week for being such a lazzy ass and wasting your chance at a good education. No masturbating. And if your going to act like an irresponsible child then you might as well look like one and shave your pubic hair balls and ass clean and smooth like a little boy. Because that's how your behaving.
  9. thanks I don't support I tunes either. I know I'm difficult. Thanks for being so helpful. I wonder if I can get it some where on line. i'll have to look myself.
  10. Audible is subscription based only? I don't want another monthly entertainment subscription. And it's a subsidiary of Amazon which is almost a monopoly. I wonder how little the author is making. Humm
  11. Hi living in Montreal. Many different interest in spanking, But mostly just looking to help out and share my thoughts and or ideas.
  12. Hi Zhev. I'm Drew From Montreal and went to collage and know about all the distractions involved in such a new life and freedoms. I went to collage for an education, but also to meet people and expand my life. T he balance is the hard part and having a mentor or some one other than yourself to be responsible to would have been a big help. Now with age and some wisdom, and then going back to collage 8 years later with a different attitude, I think I can lend some perspective and advice to young collage students who are looking for a mentor or structure to help.
  13. Humm, I Haven't heard an audio book since "the call of the wild". I like the fantasy, of course in real life things would be much different. Where did you get the audio copy?
  14. Drew1965

    Big Bum

    That's not what I meant at all. You look great. And about the leather pants, They look great as well. I was just saying how I like the feel of leather. pants skirts coats boots. it feels good to hold in a firm grip.
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