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  1. Directing a Self Spanking

    Some what effective. More important was it and will it continue to be effective for you in changing your behavior in a positive way.
  2. Severe mouth soaping

    You need to stop! I don't know how old your Grandma is, but You need to walk away and not take out your frustrations on her! Dam right I'd soap your mouth out. and spank you properly! You should be ashamed of yourself, and seeking help is a good start.
  3. An introduction

    I don't want to be another echo. But of course get to know people before you get over anyone's knee. Reality and fantasies differ. Be clear with what you want or are looking for for yourself before anything. Lurker or online research of the spanking arts you'll have realised there are many variations and needs. Knowing something about your needs is a good start. That should help you discuss others needs and desire to spank. Finding a perfect match may take a lot of time. Finding an honest match to explore further with might be more realistic and convenient. Basic red flags: Feeling rushed, guilted, inconsistencies, convoluted stories or reasoning. The usual things that don't add up. All sorts come by here. Nice people weird people, duplicate personalities etc. Some people think I'm nice some people hate me. So ask around, get feed back, ask for references. But in the end It is what feels right for you.
  4. Well where do you live? Mentoring on line is a good start, but having to look your mentor in the eye and explain yourself is much more effective. Self spanking can be effective but going over my knee for a lecture and a spanking is way more humbling and effective.

  5. Otk spanking sketch

    I like the classic OTK position and her hands are on the floor meaning she is way over the Knee, just the way it should be.. nice cute down to business as mentioned above.
  6. Popularity of Online Spanking Videos....

    Yep what shy girl said. - the friends.
  7. How to start a punishment spanking?

    Usually it starts with some well stated words. ex. " miss get over here now!" "Thats it!, Your in big trouble, miss." "some one needs a spanking to help with there attitude." A look or a few chosen words should send the right message.
  8. A Story Part 2

    loved it on the second reading as much. A nice gentle Dom who knows his girls needs and temperament.
  9. a nice new profile picture, Cheers!

  10. Spanking guiders needed

    bi-Kellie How do you direct 2 or 3 self spanking ee's at the same time?
  11. Sounds like a lovely ideal, Your ideal relationship. But I'm always around to chat, if you need to talk figure some things out. Mentoring being helpful is me.

  12. A new experience

    Normal for you, definitively.
  13. Spanking model

    Pain for fem is in Europe Check or Slovak I'm not sure. They do soft and real spankings. the girls are gorgeous and the ones who are regulars take it hard for real.
  14. Shaved or not for spanking

    The bottom is more important than the hair style. it depends on the individual not the spanking. if your not sure she/he is an adult you better stop!
  15. A Story Part 2

    Nice It had me wanting more. I think they are going to have a great weekend and get what they were afraid to ask for.