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  1. Any hope of the Personals part of this site being re-activated ?
  2. few items to Make a Cold Bare Butt red quickly. Belt. Hairbrushes, hard plastic paddle brush, pingpong paddles bath brush,
  3. my name is Mike, I was spanked a lot growing up, I was curious about being spanked again as an adult so got a few for fun, I liked them, I have more experience being a spankee and being spanked for non discipline, anxiety issues, or just to fix my cravings when I get those. I have items to spank with, and I am interested in being a switch, with both Males + Females. I have some learning disabilities, the higher functioning autism, I like to cook, bake, bike riding around town, watching movie, playing video games,.
  4. HI I just found this site a few days ago. I sometimes crave and love very super long Non-Discipline Spankings-for relaxation and therapy spankings. Non Spankings. I like to cook and bake, build stuff with legos, eat hot and spicy foods, use hot sauce on almost everything, because I love hot sauce.
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