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  1. A few years ago, I lost my job and almost had to move home with my parents. Fortunately, that did not happen. However, I now have fantasies about having to move home and being spanked and receiving other forms of corporal punishment from my parents as an adult.
  2. I often think about my maternal grandfather Spanking me and applying other forms of corporal punishment.
  3. I have fantasized about being spanked and receiving other forms of corporal punishment from my Aunt as an adult. I. think it would promote a family bond.
  4. mrbrian1965

    Spanking New Year

    This should be a reality in our society.
  5. I am near by in the Milwaukee area. Hopefully, we can chat sometime. Brian
  6. Liss: Hello. I am in Milwaukee. Glad to see you recognize your need for discipline. Hope we can chats sometime soon. Brian
  7. Thanks for all of your advice. It will be real punishment spanking, but I will have a safe word. I am hoping to avoid use of the safe word.
  8. I am going to be spanked soon for only the second time. The first time, I had some difficult handling the pain during the spanking even though I wanted to feel it. I was thinking of concentrating on breathing next time -- sort of like the breathing exercises used by women in labor. Has anyone tried this or have other ideas to help me handle the pain during the spanking? I would appreciated any suggetions.
  9. When receiving a spanking from a pro dome, is it common to tip her on top of the usual charge for the spanking? If so, what is the usual amount of the tip (is it a percentage of the charge)? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Brian
  10. Hi everyone. Some time ago, a friend of my wife (now ex-wife) gave me a 2 swats on my jean covered bottom on my birthday. I instantly got a huge erection. Anyone else have a similar experience? Brian
  11. All I can say is that it is not a good option to get fired in this economy either. So, for some people, a spanking would be an option (if they otherwise deserved to be fired). Obviously, some employers would be abusive in giving the option, so it would probably not work as a practical matter. However, I like the idea in theory.
  12. Paddle Girl: How were you ultimately punished? I have the same question for badmax 316. Brian
  13. Wow. I did not know my comments would generate this much controversy. I just want to make it clear that I was stating that employers should have the right to give employees the option of taking the spanking over termination (or some other severe form of non-corporal discipline). The employee would still make the choice to be spanked (in lieu of termination). In our world today, employers could not even give an employee this option. As an employee, if I had done something truly meriting discharge, I would appreciate the opportunity to keep my job by submitting to corporal punishment. Bot
  14. I meant to type female spankees. Darn smart phone screens. Actually it is hard to find other female spankos in Wisconsin generally. Whether spanker or spankee. There is more BDSM than spanko in Wisconsin. Nevertheless would be great to communicate with you.
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