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  1. mrbrian1965


    A really beautiful bottom.
  2. A beautiful bottom.
  3. A few years ago, I lost my job and almost had to move home with my parents. Fortunately, that did not happen. However, I now have fantasies about having to move home and being spanked and receiving other forms of corporal punishment from my parents as an adult.
  4. I often think about my maternal grandfather Spanking me and applying other forms of corporal punishment.
  5. I have fantasized about being spanked and receiving other forms of corporal punishment from my Aunt as an adult. I. think it would promote a family bond.
  6. mrbrian1965

    Spanking New Year

    This should be a reality in our society.
  7. I am near by in the Milwaukee area. Hopefully, we can chat sometime. Brian
  8. Liss: Hello. I am in Milwaukee. Glad to see you recognize your need for discipline. Hope we can chats sometime soon. Brian
  9. Thanks for all of your advice. It will be real punishment spanking, but I will have a safe word. I am hoping to avoid use of the safe word.
  10. I am going to be spanked soon for only the second time. The first time, I had some difficult handling the pain during the spanking even though I wanted to feel it. I was thinking of concentrating on breathing next time -- sort of like the breathing exercises used by women in labor. Has anyone tried this or have other ideas to help me handle the pain during the spanking? I would appreciated any suggetions.
  11. When receiving a spanking from a pro dome, is it common to tip her on top of the usual charge for the spanking? If so, what is the usual amount of the tip (is it a percentage of the charge)? Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Brian
  12. Hi everyone. Some time ago, a friend of my wife (now ex-wife) gave me a 2 swats on my jean covered bottom on my birthday. I instantly got a huge erection. Anyone else have a similar experience? Brian
  13. All I can say is that it is not a good option to get fired in this economy either. So, for some people, a spanking would be an option (if they otherwise deserved to be fired). Obviously, some employers would be abusive in giving the option, so it would probably not work as a practical matter. However, I like the idea in theory.
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