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  1. As she laid down, accepting her fate, she found peace.
  2. YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!!! Missed you Dearie!
  3. I only get spanked maybe once every two months or so. There are times...like now...that I crave it. I haven't had a spanking since February I think, and self spanking isn't at all satisfying to me. Thinking about it gives me anxiety sometimes LOL! But in a perfect world I would get spanked once a day! A spanking a day keeps the brat away!
  4. Wants a spanking. *humph!*

    1. Show previous comments  3 more
    2. NCspanking50M


      hope you find one. pink cheeks look good on you

    3. DearieDuck


      *smacks your booty* :P

    4. marie1987


      You're so silly, Dearie :)

  5. Online (or R/L if possible) mentor needed to help with weight loss. Please private message me if you have thoughts or ideas to share.

  6. I'm itching for some pink cheekies...

    1. RIspanko


      Now that's an itch worth scratching

    2. too cheeky

      too cheeky

      O would I love to pink up those beautiful cheeks.

    3. Bluepencil


      Come on over.

  7. Whatever my Spanker wears...never asked him...but it smells like relaxation while we are cuddling lol.
  8. As a mentee I crave physical closeness after a spanking. I often get lots of rubs and lotion. Then once that is taken care of I get cuddled up under soft and warm blankets. It is really just amazing.
  9. For me, trust was built with time. My Mentor and I built a great foundation when we started connecting. There have definitely been some cracks in the foundation over the last few years, but because we had built trust early on, our friendship was strong and has survived a lot. In my opinion, time and communication are the key things that help to build trust.
  10. My Spanker is always courteous and generous enough to pay
  11. Looking forward to another FUN weekend and lots of bottom rubs :D

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