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  1. Its been quite a while since I have logged onto this site. I noticed the new format does not list members or region locations. Are those two aspects available?
  2. Once I totally trusted my partner, tears were easy. They were there often before we even started when I was just broken; facing the death of an elderly parent; putting down a dying pet, etc. I have a low tolerance for emotional stress; I never struggled then, I needed a diversion from emotional pain thru physical and then just a simply need to be held tight.
  3. i'm not sure what you mean by acting out; I dont 'brat' (but I grew up in a family with siblings who revert back to childhood and tease constantly). I love verbal banter, (on every topic; politics, religion, etc) because it is more of a battle of wits and not strength and I enjoy the intellectual battle ). I havent been in a LTR for 5 years; so my OP was more out of intellectual curiosity than anything else. I am not 'hard wired', and have significant life changes ahead; I am getting my house ready to sell, looking for another job and another place to live (and obsessed with what is occur
  4. HeartBottomWarmer, We did not have a disciplinary relationship. I trusted my partner implicitly. In retrospect, I think I just couldn't hand over control; it had to be taken. I dont know why exactly, but the struggle itself was an integral part of 'letting go'; first physically and then emotionally. Learning to trust him enough to show my vulnerabilities took a very long time for me to do. If he had used that trust to humiliate, I would have been devastated.
  5. I've always heard every ending is just a new beginning.  We just dont know it at the time.  

    I'd like to believe that's true.
    1. AfterGeometry


      Every morning is a new beginning. For that matter, every instant is a new beginning. We are being 'born again' over and over with all the potential that carries for a new self-perception. 

  6. Depends on who you are asking; I went thru a very bad time after losing my husband suddenly and again with my father,. After 6 months I was getting either the 'suck it up buttercup" response or "he's in a better place now" or "it is Gods will" crap, so I stopped asking familly members and friends.
  7. If this is something you enjoy occassionaly,and does not negatively affect your life responsibilities, then this is something, as others have said, that should taken off the table. You get to decide what you want to improve and strive for; not your mentor. I see nothing wrong in an occassional drink, especially at celebrations like birthdays, weddings, etc. IMO, pot is far less dangerous than alcohol or narcotics, and I would only question my desire to eliminate this behavior if I thought it was interfering in a negative fashion in your daily life. I have been trying to quit smoking (and
  8. That safe feeliing, the total trust and intimacy was the best part of it all.
  9. Thank you for your responses. “Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself” FDR I know this but shoving the fear inside doesnt work for me; I want to deal with this head on. I stopped reading, watching the news; MSNBC, the Wall Street Journal, the NYT; but to me that is just denial that there really are issues I should be concerned about. I call my congressmen daily; I attend town hall meetings, etc. Because I cant just bury my head in the sand and pretend none of this is happening. *The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing." Edmund
  10. And how do you cope with it ? My greatest fear is chaos and mayhem where logic no longer prevails. That exact same surreal feeling when 9/11 occurred. I've tried yoga, meditation, counseling and professional therapy, and I have medication but to me it is just a bandaid; once it wears off the fear returns. To me, we are a country spiraling into insanity and madness; and the divisiveness and hate crimes seem to be escalating. I do what I can as a private citizen, but it is not enough and lately I seem to be in a chronic state of anxiety. I had life changing plans this year but am
  11. I cant get into the regional list either with my current password. Can anybody access that forum?
  12. I just now understand what you were referring to. With all the humidity there must be in early spring , I expect most people to have frequent bad hair days.
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