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  1. Both people need to be humble and gracious to each other. I practice DD with my girlfriend and there are times we disagree over whether she should be spanked. We have an understanding that the final decision is up to me. She is humble and would accept my decision to spank her even if she disagrees. I also have a responsibility as the dominant partner in the relationship to be gracious to her and consider her opinion earnestly. I trust her and never assume she is trying to brat her way out of punishment she's earned. So I pretty much never go through with spanking her if she disagrees. The rare times I spank her anyway, she trusts in me as the decision maker on such matters.
  2. Look at the comments. "Any woman that needs a spanking can give me a call" LOL
  3. I don't know but I don't want to find out lol. I do not want to know what my parents or other family members are into.
  4. I wouldn't expect most people you talk to, clergy or otherwise, would understand. If you're not wired to need spanking in your life, you probably won't understand if someone confides in you about their need, and you're likely to identify it with BDSM or sexual deviancy. If you talk to a priest or pastor they would probably caution you against it.
  5. She told her friends about your spanking fetish? That's horrible.
  6. I don't know how common it is for spankees to "test" their spanker. But when you spank someone for non-disciplinary reasons, there's often some element of fantasy and simulated non-consent. When you're just starting to do that with someone you don't know very well, it's better to err on the side of caution as you have been doing. While it's unfortunate the person you were with was actually wanting you to spank them, it is better than the reverse situation where they were actually just wanting to talk about the situation. By not immediately jumping into spanking, you are showing that you are a level headed person and giving them good reasons to trust you.
  7. I wouldn't start a relationship with someone I'm not physically attracted to, period.
  8. The incredible arrogance of someone who doesn't know you recommending you reevaluate your entire world view and moral compass based on a forum post...
  9. Don't sweat it, AG. We know your heart is in the right place. Bi_kellie is just doing her usual routine of self-righteously putting other people down.
  10. Welcome back, hope you find what you're looking for
  11. We're not nearly as logical as we'd like to think. For so much of what we do, it is not that we think first, then act. Rather, we do what we do, then we think and try to come up with a good logical reason to justify what we just did. We are so smart that we can usually persuade ourselves that we thought first, then acted I think this is probably grounded in human evolution. We, like animals, do what we do. Many functions of the brain are quite ancient and far, far older than our ability to consciously reason. For millions of years, we did what we did without the ability to really examine our actions logically. We fought, made friendships, went on great adventures, cared our their children and loved ones. I like to think some of us might have taken a liking to slapping other humans' buttocks. One day, we woke up. We were over time able to develop precise language and ask ourselves why we were doing what we were doing. Sometimes we had a good answer. Sometimes, what we didn't at all. What to make of this? For me, it's that just because you cannot give a good logical reason for something you're driven to do, doesn't mean you should reject it. Same if you even come up with a few reasons why you shouldn't do it. There is much, much, more to us than our logical faculties, essential as they are. Let's embrace the mysteries of ourselves.
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