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  1. Hello I am sure you all have heard introductions many times but I would still love to reach out and introduce myself anyways. I am a tall white 21 year old male college student. I have spent the last fews years finding myself and during that time i will admit I have been reckless, irresponsible in certain situations, impulsive, and bit bratty you could say. I've made some great experiences but I've always made some bad ones. I won't bore you with all the exciting details. But will tell you i was a bit of a risk taker with a giant stubborn streak and i guess i still am. (along with a procrastinator) you get the picture though.

    Anyways, after MUCH reading I decided to sign up and join this little family. I recently entered into a relationship with a great guy and we're both into spanking. We like it as foreplay/fun. However we had a serious talk and decided to have a domestic discipline type of relationship. I told him about how i could be and my past. We talked about punishments. So we agreed on disciplinary spankings, groundings, and lectures as possible punishments. Though I'm sure he could dish out whatever he feels is appropriate for my actions.

    Now I have been spanked for fun before so it was never anything heavy and i could always use a safe word to call it off and i don't take it too extreme, just stinging. And I haven't been spanked for real in a looooooooooooong time. So obviously with the discipline when it comes time i won't get to stop it when i want and it'll hurt much more so naturally i am a bit nervous.

    He has told me I've already got one coming in a week or two for the way I let my life go when I wasn't thinking about my own health, safety, and academics(i was a bit of a mess) and he is going to be strict with me to keep me in line.

    So this is my story so far.

    I would LOVE to talk with other guys/men who also get spanked/disciplined. Women welcome as well but I'd love to talk to the guys and start online friendships and gain support here.

    The end. ,,,,,for now....

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