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  1. Hei jenteunge ! 

    Der som snakke rommet er mere eller mindre i stykker sente jeg deg et pm. Les det ná om du er snill ?


       Odinn fra Island

  2. Hello young lady. I am an experienced disciplinarian and I am willing to answer your questions and help you in your search. Kind regards; Óðinn
  3. Hello RamieLee! Do you see your care giver absolutely as a ,,brotherly,, figure? What I mean is; could he not be a Paternal figure? I think you would benefit a lot from getting to know such a person and he giving you the proper care and guidance you need. What do you think? This would make his role as a disciplinarian for you, work even better. Preferably this would be someone with a long experience as a disciplinarian. With spankings as a speciality for punishments. What do you think? Odinn
  4. still there......?

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