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  1. Many things have happened. But long story short:
    I lived in a family member's house, I was attacked by said family member, now I am couch surfing.

    I currently 'live' near where I work, the Santa Monica area of California.

    If anyone knows of decent couches, let me know~!

    1. FirmHandDisciplineNC


      Well that's terrible, Curry! I hope your luck improves for you very soon.

    2. Jenna1220


      I remember your update that you moved out there!  How awful to go through.  Hang in there, sorry I'm not closer.  Hugs :).

    3. AfterGeometry


      Stay positive Curry.  There are SN friendly folks all up and down the West Coast.  

  2. I am thinking about starting up a "spank me" fund.

    The holidays are fast approaching and I have found a capable spanker in my area. I'm thinking of making a video of him spanking me based on how much people donate. Any one who donates will get a link to the private video.

    I'm thinking along the lines of every 5 dollars a person donates is a smack with a hairbrush or a paddle. If someone donates $50 or more, they choose what implement is used in the ten (or more) smacks they just donated towards.

    Christmas is on its way and I want to be able to make it a merry one, thus I will literally put my ass on the line in order to get some extra funds. 

    What does everyone think of this little idea? 

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    2. Curry


      Huh. Never thought of Patreon. But someone I know from another site did this recently and made a good chunk of change. I guess I was wondering if I had such a chance. The internet needs more chubby arses being spanked. 

      Hello person I've never spoken to on the site before! I've read through your posts on your profile and I must say you're quite interesting! 

    3. AfterGeometry


      Thanks that's nice of you. Tried to talk but you're not around much.  Good luck with the pay per view. 

    4. Curry


      I'm thinking I'll make it public too, but the peeps who donate control what I am spanked with and whatnot

  3. Update time. I have gone to the Staff members of this site as a gracious amount of you told me to do both here and in PMs. The member seems to be banned now and I can now feel comfortable releasing his name. He goes by Scouse on this site. He was a very sweet and kind man and I knew him for YEARS and played with him without prior complaints. I would NOT have put myself in such a vulnerable position with him otherwise.
  4. I want to thank you all. Once again I am in awe of just how many people on this site care. No one should have to deal with this. You all have proven to me once again that this is a COMMUNITY before being "just a group of people with kinks". I feel validated in my anger, fear, and rage against this person. I want people to be safe with who they play with. Me and this man knew each other for years and I TRUSTED him and he trusted me. That trust is gone and broken. He...honestly broke me. Ever since this incident, I haven't found spanking enjoyable or fun. No one deserves this.
  5. A warning to all on this site, PLEASE READ: 


  6. It seems like this is just not the fetish for me and perhaps I should just relegate myself to a more vanilla life-style. I wanted to stay silent about this, but this needs to be said and serve as a WARNING for any and all spankos. I have ONCE AGAIN had a terrible experience due to someone on this site. It was a combination of them overstepping the boundaries we both put into place AND manipulation. Here's what happened: In July a week after Independence Day, I got a message from a fellow spanko I had met twice beforehand. He told me he was in the area and we could meet at the hotel he was staying at. I saw no reason why not, since I had been spanked by him before and it was a wonderful time for the both of us. I agreed and went to the hotel. There was wine waiting for me and I took a few sips as we talked and caught up. Then it was time to "get down to business". I excused myself to go shower, I had brought pajamas and was going to sleep at the hotel that night (there were two beds, as well. I wasn't scared or nervous. Like before, there was no pressure from him for me to sleep with him). After showering and putting on my nightshirt, he wasted no time in getting me across is lap and spanking me. Now, I hadn't been spanked in a while and kept trying to tell him to ease up. And YES, I even used a safe-word AND tried shouting RED in the ever popular Red, Yellow, Green method He did not. So I just gritted my teeth and took it. I did not enjoy any part of it. This is where the FIRST breech of trust was broken. I don't care what ANYONE SAYS, but when the Dom doesn't take the Sub's overall trust and comfort into account for a session (ESPECIALLY a session that is NOT for punishment), then they are no longer a Dom. They're an abuser. I actually started crying, something ANYONE who has spanked me before will say I have never done. At that point and tore myself away from him and told him I was not comfortable. And what does this man proceed to do? Comfort me? Hug me? NOPE. He says "Oh, I didn't hear you. But get back over here, we're not finished." EXCUSE ME?? At that point I just left and went to the bedroom area and started to pack my clothes up with every mind to leave. But he proceeded in telling me he was sorry and that he "honestly couldn't hear me." and that "He was stressed out and needed this to work so he could get out his frustrations by spanking such a nice bottom" And I hate myself for this... ....Cause I gave in. I didn't leave and sat on the open bed that was to be mine for the night. Ten minutes later he had turned on the TV to the weather channel and asks "Want to give it another go?" I told him then and there that I was very sensitive and do not want to be 'beaten' by him. I just wanted a spanking with someone I trusted and respected. He agreed and we began again. ...With the same results... He started off at a tempo I liked and made sure he knew I liked it. But then it all went down hill. He started beating me like the proverbial red-headed step-child and at this point, I thought maybe it was just ME. Maybe its MY fault. Perhaps I'm just too sensitive. I dealt with it....again. Then he drags me over to the sink and has be face the mirror while he uses the cane implement (That I brought because it was MY implement) and he starts caning my already VERY sore behind. I tried to laugh it up and told him "Hey, I'm not really into this, lets stop." But he didn't. He just kept going, landing more strokes and telling me to keep my head faced to the mirror so I could look at myself get punished. That tore it for me. I pulled away from him and firmly stated "I. Refuse." Clear, firmly, yet calmly. But what did he do? Lead me right back over to the sink and state "You're not in a position to refuse." So it started up again and I am refusing to cry now, but the tears are running down my face. I felt hurt and betrayed and just....dirty. It did not end there. I was so worn out that when he demanded I sleep in the same bed as him that night, I just obeyed. This man is a monster and if you want to know whom he is to stay safe, HE IS ON THIS SITE. I will provide his Username to ANYONE who asks for it via PM. Now please, dear users...comment below and tell me if I just was too much of a wimp or if I was "demanding too much" from a spanker I trusted. I have been scorned and mishandled so many times by people from this site and FetLife due to my fetish that I am basically done with spanking. I tried being spanked by a good spanko friend I trusted recently and got HORRIBLE flashbacks during it and had to stop them because I just can't remove these terrible encounters from my brain. It was lovely being around like-minded people for these past few years, but I believe I'm finished with spanking. - Curry Edit: This man TRAVELS all over the USA for business. His victim list can't only just have me on it. Edit 2: HUGE Update time.I have gone to the Staff members of this site as a gracious amount of you told me to do both here and in PMs.The member seems to be banned now and I can now feel comfortable releasing his name.He goes by Scouse on this site. He was a very sweet and kind man and I knew him for YEARS and played with him without prior complaints. I would NOT have put myself in such a vulnerable position with him otherwise.
  7. I live in Northern California now

    1. Curry


      I grew up in SoCal. It's still Best Cal. But I do like the peace and quiet!

  8. Back in the Los Angeles area. Roof over my head, and college degree in hand~!

    1. Jenna1220


      Congrats!  That's a great accomplishment :).

    2. MisterVince


      Way to go!! I got a degree back in '92 while working f/t. It sure wasn't easy to do that. Still, it has opened doors that I wouldn't otherwise have had access to. And a roof over your head is one less worry. 

    3. Switch E

      Switch E


  9. Living in Victorville, CA. Still technically homeless.

    Just keeping everyone updated.

  10. You need MEDICAL HELP. It sounds like you're trying to ask for someone to spank you for these habits, but drug addiction is no joke, understand?? You could very well DIE behind using.
  11. Still locked out of my home. I've tried going to other family members, but my grandparents burned those bridges for me. Nasty lies about how after they changed the locks, I broke in and stole items from them.

    Its utterly preposterous...

  12. My family kicked me out and changed the locks. The entire story is since it took me longer than a month to find a job after moving back to California, they considered me as a lost cause, I guess? And so I returned home to my stuff outside near the garbage and the locks changed.


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    2. AfterGeometry


      Oh wow...your parents didn't cut you much slack. I hope you have a place you can go. 

    3. Yesumay


      We should talk.

    4. AbleHanded


      That’s horrid. I hope you at least have a friend to crash with. Anything I can do to help?

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