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  1. I have employed a bar of soap at a distance, by instructing the offender to: • Rub the bar of soap on lip directly under their nose. • Place the bar firmly in their mouth teeth tight. • Snap a camera shot of their compliance. • Send the snapshot as an attachment to an e-mail in which they share what future steps will be taken to avoid reoccurrence. Naturally an old fashion spanking would be the first choice of correction, but distance and time require on occasions other methods.
  2. Needs are a strong driving force and all are wise to reflect on their nature. Several. years ago a dear woman, who on occasion found herself across my lap for both sensual and corrective spankings ask me for a favor. The favor was to administer a sound corrective spanking to her friends husband. He was in his early forties, a accountant by profession, a father of two, and had an obsession with shoplifting. After a few requests, a date, time, and place were set. The gentleman after a brief scolding found himself balanced across my lap looking to the floor where a few of his stolen items have been pre positioned. After verbally acknowledging why at his age he was across a lap in his under shots, the correction started. Being a disciplinary spanking, a warm up was not offered. He trembled as his shorts were lowered and he heard my voice asking his wife for the brush. The application of an old hickory hairbrush to his bottom and thighs, triggered an emotional release of tears and eventually verbal promises to be good. Eye contact with his bride encouraged me to direct another volley to his tender behind and to allow steady sobbing to take over. The correction complete he was helped to his feet by his wife, who then walked him to their bedroom. My friend, who had facilitated the event, and I left their home, locking the door upon our departure. As a follow-up, it was shared that he had avoided further shoplifting adventures for just short of a year.
  3. Certainly understandable, and I encourage all Top, to focus their attention to what does their partners want and need from the experience. My humble travels have reinforced not to underestimate the impact of: • scolding….. directing your comments to points that your partner has been so thoughtful to share • staging……. take the time and demonstrate your respect for your partner’s needs by setting the time-place-scenario that will fulfill their desires. • reflection time…… do not rush the experience for your partner, allow her to get what she needs. Pause and inject additional scolding, change locations, send her and invite her to bring you an implement, and read her body language ensuring you meet her objective. Great topic, thank you
  4. I beautiful-delicious day in Pittsburgh, trust all those local to the greater Pgh Metro area enjoyed…..
  5. Validation. 🙂 • This afternoon I had the pleasure of opening an e-mail from a dear woman whom had experienced an embarrassing-overdue-witness old fashion spanking last month. She shared that over the weekend she was on the verge of allowing her trained courtroom tongue to launch an acidic logic verbal trap toward a young second year associate. The memory of her September experience, served to direct her in a more supportive and educational response to her younger associate. How thoughtful of her to share….. Cheers and continued encouragement to all
  6. Dana, I enjoyed your comment and my compliments for sharing as unfortunately there are a wealth of adults souls, who are not in touch with their personal needs. Cheers to you and continue to encourage others to commit the time and energy to their own self awareness.
  7. Fetlife, like so many other ventures has positive potential for achieving your goals. Naturally one needs to understand their wants then select their interests threads. You decide what to post and to whom to begin a dialogue. I have found FT, to be a solid source of meeting like minded souls. My advice to the successful use of the site is the same for this exceptional site….. Be true to yourself Cheers
  8. Communication-Communication-Communication • Allow yourself time to both communicate your needs and listen to your potential partner’s needs. Investing time and effort in the above step, from my experience, wildly increases long term successful relationships. Cheers and good fortune
  9. Vanilla, Focus and reflect carefully on your true wants, desires, and yes those oh so important personal needs. Cheers
  10. I firmly disagree with the thought that aging drives one away from the desire. Rather I suspect one’s tone-tastes-desires and yes needs, are directed by a combination of factors. Trust yourself to lead, you to your pleasures. Allow the wisdom of your acquired age to insure that your pleasures last by being mindful of your surrounding and connecting with like minded discreet souls. Cheers from Pittsburgh Pa
  11. My two cents related to the topic: Key factors are: Communication ~ Being in touch and having a realistic understanding with one’s personal needs & Being in and keeping a secure relationship with your partner. • My experiences have sharpened my understanding that as the above 3 items are addressed parties can successfully move forward achieving their personal needs, wants, desires all the while safeguarding their socially normal relationships and community standings. Naturally the fourth item is indeed discretion. Thank you for the topic, Cheers from Pittsburgh Pa.
  12. Encouragement to all who seek to safely fulfill their desires of an embarrassing old fashion spanking. • Prior to the wicked weather devastating our sunshine state,I had the pure pleasure of assisting a deserving and wanting mature soul. • She opened her door at the prearranged time and invited myself and her friend into her home. Pleasantries we exchanged and then in short order, the softly spoken very pointed scolding occurred. Her body language as expected communicated a combination of embarrassment and relief especially when periodically making eye contact with her friend who was our witness. Initial scolding completed, I took my seat invited the very anxious soul to balance herself across my lap. Her muscles trembled as she experienced the hem of her dress be folded into the small of her back, and was instructed to steady herself. Regaining her composure she was asked the simple question, are you ready? Her affirmative answer brought the conclusion of he long awaited empty feelings of needing, craving a good spanking. Later her embarrassment factor was pushed exponentially with the lowering of her panties to a few inches above her knees while she and her chosen witness enjoyed a difficult to verbalize eye contact exchanged, but it was indeed memorable. That moment was ended as my open palm made contact with her now bare tender bottom. Pauses occurred, providing the deserving party periods in which to catch her breath, feel the sting, and hear reinforcing scolding until the next volley. An additional moment of embarrassment occurred during the final pause, as the dear naughty soul, heard me ask her friend, to hand me the hairbrush. Application complete, there was an in place rest period, followed her being assisted to her feet and given a supported moment to regain independent balance. A sincere hug followed and the soundly spanked woman was instructed to go to her room. As she walked off, the witness and I left the home ensuring to lock the door. So to my group friends, cheers and encouragement to both attending to your personal needs and to be ever so supportive to others.
  13. Cheers and a comment of “Well Done,” to those who express themselves with sincerity and take care to avoid curbing the enthusiasm of others whom have shared a post. Forums like this offer a rather special opportunity for like minded souls to: connect, share, feel less alone, and enjoy their own personal wants, needs, and desires. Cheers to our fabulous administrative team.
  14. Travel plans are in place, oh my, for business reasons, I need to visit our fair sunshine state this coming 22nd and 23rd. Friday early afternoon, I am looking forward to enjoying an early cocktail with two, charming women. The purpose of which in addition to a Friday libation is naturally to judge the chemistry and fit of a possible more private get together. Playing the positive card, I trust the mutual chemistry will be a win. That being established, the brat, who has never been taken in hand, to use her verbiage, will leave the two of us so we might have an early dinner for two. My speculation is that dessert will be taken in the privacy of a tasteful hotel room. Followed by my dear old friend enjoying an ever so long sensual journey on my lap, prior to an impactful conversation. Saturday, I suspect around the hour of noon at a private home. There will be two nervous adult brats, awaiting for one a long over due, called on the carpet scolding, and a no-nonsense adult spanking. Then an embarrassing trip to the corner, where as she regains some return of her composure and maturity, she can listen to the architect of this get together, get her proper award, for sharing with out my prior permission, the nature of our relationship. Naturally the above is a mental template of what I suspect will occur later this month. Cheers
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