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  1. Perseverance coupled with personal motivation are the tickets to achieving your wants, desires, and needs. Those who are serious, and commit their time, will succeed. I speak from personal experiences and wish to encourage those whom find themselves craving a good spanking. A simple message, stay on target to your goals. Craft specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and most of all time oriented plans. Trust yourself and moving forward with the plan. Set several evaluation dates, which will trigger you to review your active plan. Allow those dates to give you the structured opp
  2. Wishing all an end to our Covid visitor, good health, and joy this season.
  3. Seasons greeting to all with thoughts of health, peace, and joy in this holiday season. Cheers and be well
  4. Without exception the rocking, kicking, and associated squirming of a dear soul across my lap being spanked, physically has an exciting effect. Now should the purpose of the spanking have been “correction” the physical swelling of my manhood fades as the well spanked soul rises from my lap. However, should the spanking have been of the “sexy spanking type,” well then the story is quite different.
  5. Interesting topic, As from the spanker side of the partnership, I have found it all comes down to advanced conversation. Communication is the key ingredient of the relationship and the event. I have had the pleasure of spanking and coaching wonderfully wild squirming climatic moments from those whom want that release excitement. I have assisted dear friends who absolutely do not want a sexual release. No their desires are for tears, stinging bottom & thighs, scolding, embarrassment, reflection & recovery time all focused to attaining the mental relief that they require.
  6. Well I will share with the group at my absolute favourite fantasy is indeed in my top ten actual interactions with the appropriate partner. Naturally the appropriate partner is fully engaged and equally focused to the interactions. Picture if you would a mature woman who needs an craves the release that she obtains from the following: • Standing Fully dressed in front of me explaining why she craves a long sexy spanking followed by an equally long dance between the sheets • Feeling herself being firmly guided across my lap and spanked soundly first on the material of her skirt,
  7. A smile of good health and peace to the group member on this very interesting and unique Thanksgiving Day Cheers from Pgh
  8. Greetings fellow seniors, Getting to the point, I am looking to make a long term connection with a special Pittsburgh area woman. One who is mature, discreet, and in touch with her submissive desires and needs. I am a mature, discreet, married, professional male who enjoys coaching exceptional professional and sexual performances. My spanking skills cover the territory from corrective scolding and very sound to the ever so sexy where no less than three orgasmic waves are coached to release. Cheers to all
  9. Afternoon and happy almost Turkey Day, • 1st I send a wish of good health and peace to all in these interesting times. Be safe, be careful, and be considerate to your community. • As to to opportunity........ 🙂 Should you happen to be a mature discreet woman who is comfortable with her submissive desires, wants, and needs residing in the Greater Pittsburgh Metro area. Well then your are invited to drop me a note of introduction, so that we can explore our potential. I am a mature discreet professional married male, who possesses a solid tested skill set, well suited to de
  10. Certainly is an area to be explored only after solid soul searching. My POV, boils down to communication, which is what I have found to be the core item in a relationship/marriage/partnership. •. Start the conversation after you have reached the point where you are prepared for your partner’s response. Allow the conversation to focus your actions to the multiple and credible suggestions which have been shared by other members. • Be honest with both yourself and your mate
  11. Length of exchange is related and directly tied to the following: • corrective scenario or pleasure scenario > corrective time related factors: Repeat offensive or initial.... Emotional scolding required ...... Embarrassment factor .... Journal entries or not .... Implement selection > pleasure time related factor: Just how many orgasmic waves do we want related to our time together
  12. As May concludes the opportunity remains open for the appropriate Pgh Woman to secure the spanking relationship that she both craves and desires.
  13. expression is beginning of a relationship • Trust yourself, weigh the factors, the. make the decision to move toward what you want and need.
  14. The opportunity for a mature discreet woman who is comfortable with her submissive desires and needs exists in dear olde Pittsburgh. Trust yourself and launch an introductory note. Cheers
  15. Yet another example of the deep relationship associated with a spanking relationship. Yes, at times real world pressures can direct a mature soul to seek relief from the stress / weight that sits on their shoulder via receiving and olde fashion spanking.
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