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  1. Definitely spanking on the bared bottom!
  2. Hi LadyJade, I would love to chat
  3. Self programming for c++, wow brings back memories, although never advance beyond console programming, wish I had stay with it as that spanking program does sound interesting.
  4. I would tend to agree that spanking in the workplace is interesting in fantasy but probably best left to fantasy, not in reality. Spanking games are probably better way to explore that with like minded people.
  5. Hi Nixie, welcome to the site
  6. I like the idea of having someone watch my spankings, more then likely someone will probably hear it anyway so come on over.
  7. Yeah that or static from radio as bedroom is probably best for my location, that or closet, still someone could hear regardless what I do.
  8. That's one concern I have so need some white noise options which will cover up the sound.
  9. I live in an apartment where I can hear the neighbors talking so any spanking happening here they can probably hear it.
  10. Very lovely bottom there, quite spankable!
  11. Running, swimming, cycling to lessor extent, volleyball, memories of watching female college volleyball team in their spandex wow, nice
  12. Spanking is better the reward rather then being the punishment, i.e., positive reinforcement, this way you have something to work on and something to look forward to along with the secondary objective of achieving the fitness goals.
  13. Don't feel bad, I missed out on them too.
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