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  1. Hello 👋 just a re-introduction, am a curious switch spanko who thinks about spanking probably too much. Am seeking a female curious spanko who feels the same, if you are reading this let's chat and see what happens Ideally looking for online spanking at this time but if things click then we can consider taking it to next level. If you have a few extra minutes feel free to say hello I would greatly appreciate it, thanks for reading.
  2. hi, yes same here,I think it would be awesome to meet a compatible spanko in real. I have conversed with some online over the years but they are few and far between.
  3. I eat ginger root and it burns my mouth longer I chew on it so imagine it will have similar feel in the other end. Quite unpleasant but try it and see for yourself, ginger root is widely available.
  4. You could be spanked for indecent exposure too, double the spanking fun lol 😁.
  5. Wow nice, don't see that mentioned very often either.
  6. Car spankings are also interesting too especially if outdoors somewhere secluded
  7. I also have thought about exploring spanking in small groups too, would add to the experience seeing a spanking then experience it first hand ✋ probably never happen but nice to think 🤔 about regardless.
  8. That's a good point Rubyred, something I have not considered, how the clothes are remove implies what kind of spanking it could be.
  9. If you block someone you will not see anything they say but you will still see their userid. For second part of your question, probably easiest to send private message to an administrator.
  10. I really like the idea of having female spanko friends who would care enough to take me over their knee for something, and I can do the same for them too, if only
  11. I have been a spanko forever it seems looking to cross the barrier from online to real sessions, this site is probably my last opportunity so definitely would like to keep in touch.
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