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  1. NEW STORY ONLY ON Patreon
    Red Hot Cheeks Spanking Magazine
    From spankred3d - Sore Losers 

    A large sum of money for entering a competition. A silly bit of fun. The girls decided.

    With the phone balanced opposite. Lisa starts to spank her friend over the knee. Both girls, wearing the same cute outfits. However the camera is just propped up & The results were less than what they had hoped for. Some strange cropped images. None of which, made a prize-worthy spanking picture. They decide to swap over & use a selfie-stick. Lisa's turn to hold the camera & get her bottom smacked by Janet. This is still not working!

    ...After seeing the competition for the best spanking photo, the girls got to work trying to produce a worthy picture. Having some difficulty getting a good picture. 

    Oblivious that both their Mum's are outside the bedroom door, listening! Janet enjoys spanking Lisa, as she tries to hold the camera on the telescopic stick...

    #sorelosers #spankred3d #smackedbottoms #spankingphoto #rehotcheeksspankingcomics #barebottomspanking #Patreon #spanking #caning #teenschoolgirls #smackedschoolgirlbottoms #smackedass #paddledbutts


    1. spankred


      Mother Knows Best, as Zander found out. When introduced to his kinky new girlfriend's Mother. A large collection of spanking implements were laid out on the coffee table. Rosalind's Mother (A.K.A) Mrs. Smax or Mable, brought the slipper down hard on his bare bottom. This old single slipper had not been worn on a foot for many years. 

      The Spanking Slipper

      The slipper was Mrs. Smax's favorite implement. Used on Rosalind when she was growing up. Who is watching intently as the slipper lands skillfully across her boyfriend's bare cheeks? Remembering how much it stings. As she knows, only too well.

      More from this here...



    2. Shamedagain


      Lucky lad 

  2. You are very good with it. However I do know for a fact that it's been across your little pert cheeks more than a few times. LOL


  3. image.thumb.jpeg.0d0f8877deccd4f976bc7518d4d7dd65.jpeg
    RED Hot Cheeks NEW  Spanking Toons coming soon
    Starting December 2022

    A full on, spanking comic book.

    Updated every week with a new naughty adventure.

  4. A very Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends xxx


  5. I can Take It Part 2 Can She Take A Basement Caning

    Take A Basement Caning is the second part of Linda’s challenge. In the other first part, Josie had to kneel on the chair in her bedroom. While her friend whipped a riding crop across her bottom. The challenge was set when Josie laughed at the idea of spanking. In a drunken girly night out she had said that only a woos would cry from a spanking. The conversation leads to a challenge. The challenge anti kept going up. As her friend Linda slowly lead the conversation into a wager. After a few nights of drinking after work. 



  6. https://spankred3d.com/i-can-take-it/


    She Said To Linda “I Can Take It”
    I can take It, she said to her friend Linda. After a rather kinky conversation. A few drinks after work. Talking about spanking. Josie exclaimed with a giggle. Spanking was something she got when she shwas young. Linda had admitted that she was a bit of a dom. She thrashed some of her boyfriend’s with a riding crop. However, they were very wimpish. They had screamed after a few light taps. Josei had laughed at this & made a daring statement. That she wouldn’t be such a baby. 

    I Bet I Can Take More Than You Sissy Boyfriends Could

    Linda Explained how she loved the sound that the crop made. The swish, followed by the sound of the whip swatting their bottoms. The conversation turned to a bet. Linda said to Josie that she would not be able to take a few wacks across her bare bum. As the wine flowed. Josie said she wasn’t scared. She reconned that she would be able to take fifty. Linda continued to taunt her saucy friend. Betting her some money. The sum of 50 pounds. However, if she didn’t take all fifty. She would get nothing. 



  7. A stinging baby oiled bottom from a naughty artist. (yes it did sting , a bit). 

    caningme-001 (2).jpg

  8. How else is she going to pay the rent? 


  9. Sorry to see that your chatroom is not working correctly. ArrowChat is notoriously difficult to configure. If you need any assistance please don't hesitate to ask. The ArrowChat software may require an update to V3,07 or you may have a Server issue. You should take it up with your host :) Hope everything works out 

  10. Thought I would cane my pretty little young girlfriends bare bottom today after chatting in the new free chat room 
    spankred.com FREE 

    1. Child of Light

      Child of Light

      Nice to see more spanko communities :) We use the same chat system, very cool! 

    2. spankred


      Yes I am trying to be careful with my advertising pugs and not offend anyone ... great sites like this one need support and I have enormous respect for sites like spankingneeds.com and the work they do and also the amount of money it costs to set up. I will be advertising this site on my own chatroom along with all other FREE spanking community sites because they are all my friends ...(hopefully)

  11. The Punishment At This School Is Lines 

    When the two girls asked what kind of punishment they would get at the new school, the other girls said “Just lines” . Then they giggled as they walked away. Mary-Lou & her friend Sally smiled. Think how much they could misbehave & be naughty without the threat of any real punishment. Such as a spanking, slippering, the strap or even the cane.

    New Punishment Picture Story Set

    This week I am uploading this new story set, starting today as the picture sets render on my computer (takes a little time) here are some shots of the scene sets. These are unfinished and just a rough working set of images to give you a sneaky little peak so keep checking back as I upload this new story and others.


  12. Baby-Sitter-001-spankred3d.jpg

    A new way to keep her in check. It starts out as a game when Auntie puts her over the whipping horse for a bit of fun & straps her in tight using the manacles & chains to make sure she is secure but cumfy. Then sets up the automated spanking & caning machine “The Auto-Caner”.

    Left tied up, caning machine read to go, Auntie laughs and tells her young niece that she will be back in a while because she has to go out for a bit. Leaving her tied over the horse and the the caning machine poised and ready to whip her cute little bottom. Armed with her tablet, auntie leaves the WiFi operated Auto-Caner an her cute Niece alone together & heads for her part time job.

    For more on this story click here

  13. Happy St Patrick's Day from spankred3d.com 


    For More Spanking Pictures from this set 

    Click Here

    1. Christy


      Same to you.

  14. This is how the artwork at spankred3d.com is created


  15. Hold on for your money, because the winner will receive a nice cash prize and probably a very sore bottom. No ties no restraints just hold on for dear life while some selected people thrash Susan & Chelsea’s bare bottom with a cane , paddle, strap, crop and a whip. Who do you think will win this ?

    Susan or Chelsea ???


    For more on this story click here

  16. Stinging In The Rain

    The Kanes Prequel (Wet hot Bottoms)

    How did the girls get to meet the Kanes & get put in school uniform, tied over a saddle stand then caned for the afternoon ? 

    The story continues at the start. Out partying and tarting about the girls get caught out in a freak storm and have to run for shelter. What do they find and how do they meet the Kanes.. …..?



    For more ....... Stinging In The Rain

  17. A very Happy Thanks Giving to everyone 
    Click here for a spankred3d promotion 

  18. Hello everyone ;o)

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