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  1. NEW STORY ONLY ON Patreon
    Red Hot Cheeks Spanking Magazine
    From spankred3d - Sore Losers 

    A large sum of money for entering a competition. A silly bit of fun. The girls decided.

    With the phone balanced opposite. Lisa starts to spank her friend over the knee. Both girls, wearing the same cute outfits. However the camera is just propped up & The results were less than what they had hoped for. Some strange cropped images. None of which, made a prize-worthy spanking picture. They decide to swap over & use a selfie-stick. Lisa's turn to hold the camera & get her bottom smacked by Janet. This is still not working!

    ...After seeing the competition for the best spanking photo, the girls got to work trying to produce a worthy picture. Having some difficulty getting a good picture. 

    Oblivious that both their Mum's are outside the bedroom door, listening! Janet enjoys spanking Lisa, as she tries to hold the camera on the telescopic stick...

    #sorelosers #spankred3d #smackedbottoms #spankingphoto #rehotcheeksspankingcomics #barebottomspanking #Patreon #spanking #caning #teenschoolgirls #smackedschoolgirlbottoms #smackedass #paddledbutts


  2. You are very good with it. However I do know for a fact that it's been across your little pert cheeks more than a few times. LOL


  3. image.thumb.jpeg.0d0f8877deccd4f976bc7518d4d7dd65.jpeg
    RED Hot Cheeks NEW  Spanking Toons coming soon
    Starting December 2022

    A full on, spanking comic book.

    Updated every week with a new naughty adventure.

  4. A very Happy Thanksgiving to all our American friends xxx


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