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  1. Baby-Sitter-001-spankred3d.jpg

    A new way to keep her in check. It starts out as a game when Auntie puts her over the whipping horse for a bit of fun & straps her in tight using the manacles & chains to make sure she is secure but cumfy. Then sets up the automated spanking & caning machine “The Auto-Caner”.

    Left tied up, caning machine read to go, Auntie laughs and tells her young niece that she will be back in a while because she has to go out for a bit. Leaving her tied over the horse and the the caning machine poised and ready to whip her cute little bottom. Armed with her tablet, auntie leaves the WiFi operated Auto-Caner an her cute Niece alone together & heads for her part time job.

    For more on this story click here

  2. Happy St Patrick's Day from spankred3d.com 


    For More Spanking Pictures from this set 

    Click Here

    1. Christy


      Same to you.

  3. This is how the artwork at spankred3d.com is created


  4. Hold on for your money, because the winner will receive a nice cash prize and probably a very sore bottom. No ties no restraints just hold on for dear life while some selected people thrash Susan & Chelsea’s bare bottom with a cane , paddle, strap, crop and a whip. Who do you think will win this ?

    Susan or Chelsea ???


    For more on this story click here

  5. Stinging In The Rain

    The Kanes Prequel (Wet hot Bottoms)

    How did the girls get to meet the Kanes & get put in school uniform, tied over a saddle stand then caned for the afternoon ? 

    The story continues at the start. Out partying and tarting about the girls get caught out in a freak storm and have to run for shelter. What do they find and how do they meet the Kanes.. …..?



    For more ....... Stinging In The Rain

  6. This is one of many pictures by the amazing pencil drawing artist Mr George J Churchward, who sadly left us in the Millennium.
  7. This is a picture story I did with two Moms & 2 Daughters, who were caught spanking each other and taking pictures to enter a photo competition. Both the Moms decide to assist by warming up their daughters bottoms and getting the best picture possible ....a winner Full story is at my sire http://spankred3d.com/archives/531 I do like the family spanking idea Pete
  8. A nice selection there
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