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  1. Beautiful bottom ready for warming
  2. maybe you can help me.  i tried to create an account on spankred and then when i tried to log on it said account disabled. tried to create another account and it said it couldn't cuz my email address was already on file.  What can i do?


    1. spankred


      Oh dear ... don't know why that has happened ... email me your details and I will investigate it for you :) artists@spankred3d.com ...sorry for inconvenience 

    2. YoungMan


      yes, the exact same happened with me , found a solution for it ?

    3. spankred


      All seams to be running ok ....the only thing that people seam to struggle with is replying to the validation email... if you have a silly spam setting that does not allow certain addresses and business emails then your account will be frozen until you validate. If you do not get a validation email this could be the reason. However you can always contact me and I will look into the reason and validate you if necessary.

  3. spankred


    Nice caning, i love the vaulting horse 🙂
  4. Such a sexy bottom nicely whipped with a switch ...love it
  5. Again, great lines and a nice bottom
  6. Not just WOW ...but "Owwwwwww!!!!" as well , nice picture
  7. Beautiful switched bottom , outdoors. I am massive outdoor spank fan Wonderful picture
  8. There are a million reasons why we all get into spanking when grown up :)
  9. Want to see the achieve pictures from spankred3d.com but on budget ? Go to my Patreon Page and get a months subscription from 5 euros https://www.patreon.com/user?u=32372310

  10. Thought I would cane my pretty little young girlfriends bare bottom today after chatting in the new free chat room 
    spankred.com FREE 

    1. Child of Light

      Child of Light

      Nice to see more spanko communities :) We use the same chat system, very cool! 

    2. spankred


      Yes I am trying to be careful with my advertising pugs and not offend anyone ... great sites like this one need support and I have enormous respect for sites like spankingneeds.com and the work they do and also the amount of money it costs to set up. I will be advertising this site on my own chatroom along with all other FREE spanking community sites because they are all my friends ...(hopefully)

  11. spankred


    wow ....wonderful spanking pic , lovely red hot bottom...thanks :)
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