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  1. spankred


    Yeowwwwww someone got good 😏
  2. spankred

    images (1).jpg

    A picture paints a thousand words, this is definitely stating that someone is about to get a sore bottom.
  3. A very Happy Thanks Giving to everyone 
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  4. spankred

    Spanking Artwork

    Sure what would you like to know ? I can explain the subject matter, story lines, how the pictures are made etc. Where I get the mad ideas from 😎 Also do a lot of commissions and can also put them into comics and illustrations for books etc.
  5. spankred

    Spanking Artwork

    Hi there i am Pete from the UK now living in Greece A 3D artist that specializes in spanking and B.D.S.M. Most of my work is displayed at spankred3d.com & Sissyboy Spanking I also do a lot of commission work for private collectors, story writers and work for promotional adult sites. I can make banners and graphics and complete stories in 3d pictures. If anybody would like to chat with me about spanking scenarios and scenes that you like it may help me with ideas for my drawings. Also its nice to talk about SPANKING 😃 I have been interested in the subject of spanking & punishments since forever like many others. I do enjoy talking about it and doing it. If you would like to correspond with me ask me literally anything please feel free. A black & white version of picture from some of my earlier work made into section called "Spanking Faces" about the expressions by some people getting a warm bottom and those who like to warm them.
  6. spankred

    While_The_Cats Away_2_03.jpg

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    While_The_Cats Away_2_02.jpg

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    While_The_Cats Away_2_01.jpg

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  12. spankred

    Fantasy Spanking Scenario's

    I like the rules that you guys have put up Keep them coming please 1st person to lay out the definitive rules to a spanking & caning competition will get FREE access to : http://spankred.com/3d It's all explained here http://spankred.com/spanking-competition-001.htm
  13. spankred

    Artist needed!

    I'll see what i can do ;o)