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    1. spankred


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  2. Here are another 2 of my favorite GJC pictures 😃 fantastic work. I have a small gallery of his work here http://spankred3d.com/archives/7720
  3. The Punishment At This School Is Lines 

    When the two girls asked what kind of punishment they would get at the new school, the other girls said “Just lines” . Then they giggled as they walked away. Mary-Lou & her friend Sally smiled. Think how much they could misbehave & be naughty without the threat of any real punishment. Such as a spanking, slippering, the strap or even the cane.

    New Punishment Picture Story Set

    This week I am uploading this new story set, starting today as the picture sets render on my computer (takes a little time) here are some shots of the scene sets. These are unfinished and just a rough working set of images to give you a sneaky little peak so keep checking back as I upload this new story and others.


  4. A nice night in and a stinging hot striped bottom
  5. A nice collection of tools there
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