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  1. Hi you! I've missed you as well and have thought of you and our time together fondly. Sorry I never had the chance to steal your iPad again (ha ha) before you moved so far away, but hope you are doing well. Thanks for the encouragement, you know all too well how difficult it is out here!
  2. Hi there, searching for a Top play partner for spanking/discipline sessions. I enjoy some roleplay, especially being spanked by Uncle or Big Brother. I have a need to be disciplined and put in my place. Absolutely no sex, sexual overtones, lewd, bawdy, or vulgar talk/behavior during sessions, please! I'm a BBW in my mid-40's, if you can get the job done and think we'll have fun together, your age/appearance is inconsequential.
  3. TRIP TO GEORGIA CANCELLED, SORRY! WILL BE WHERE I ALWAYS AM, IN FT. LAUDERDALE... If there is a way to delete a post I don't know it.... ....would love to meet a Big Brother with father figure inclinations for fun and creative spanking roleplay! I just became a fan of Sons of Anarchy, so rugged, well-tattooed gentlemen on Harley's will take first consideration! Just kidding about that! I'm a BBW who brings creativity and energy into roleplay and values the same in a strict older brother, please respond for my email, thank you!
  4. i hpe ur boredom ends

  5. Greetings all! I am a seasoned Domina, specializing in domestic discipline roleplay (mom, auntie, teacher, neighbor) who, from time to time, likes to take a good spanking as well. Good, clean, roleplay fun is what I'm after, so if you think you can play the caring and strict big brother, then I'm willing to barter one for one roleplay or sessions. If however, you are willing or would enjoy being the big brother without the barter, and just love smacking large bottoms, then I would have no objections!(yes, I know, snowball's chance in hell...) I try to bring as much realism as possible to t
  6. Hi, I am new to this forum and this site. I am in the Fort Lauderdale area. How can we communicate further if I am interested in learning more? Thank you
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