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  1. I am a switch for both males and females, but I have found that outside of paying a pro dome, female spankers are very rare indeed, perhaps nonexistant
  2. NJ Male switch for both male and female. Anybody in the area?

  3. Located in Essex County NJ. About 90 min from your general area
  4. North or Central NJ. Experienced switch for male or female. All desires and limits discussed and respected. Cannot host. If interested and can host, let me know. Hope to hear from you.

  5. JohnT4774

    Spanking Game

    Try this if you have two willing switches. Leave the jokers in a deck of cards, shuffle. First person turns over three. Add up the face value 1-10, pictures 10, aces 15, jokers count for 10 PLUS the double the total of those three cards. Second person decides on position and implement and spanks the first the total of the three cards. Then the roles are reversed and the first spanks the second after the ensuing three cards are turned and totaled. Continue until the deck is completed. The challenge come in the thought of knowing whatever you give is coming back to you. Most times things begin to escalate and there are two burning bottoms at the end of the game. Enjoy!
  6. Looking forward to real meets with any NJ Tops or Bottoms, male or female.

  7. All of us have had the shame and guilt doubts, afraid of being 'outed' and how that would cost us socially and professionally. But I believe if you are honest with your desires, act them out in a safe and secure, private setting with a sane and understanding partner, realizing the interest will most likely relive much of the inner tension, let you relax and understand the fetish and become more actualized person rather than a shadow dweller. My argument has always been, I don't drink, don't gamble and have never used drugs. If anyone should be ashamed and cowed it should be those who do, not me. I waited years to find physically act on the interest. I believe I am better for finding out what seemed so foreboding and shameful was just a part of me rather than a negative force over me. By the way, I've met many, many extremely intellegent and insightful people through the experience.
  8. A game where you can both win and lose Turn three cards over from the deck, add up the points (1-9 face value, pictures 10, Aces 15, joker 20) and spank your partner that many times. But be careful, the next three cards will determine how many you will get! Continue alternating until the deck is done. Of course you can choose any implement and position you like, but your partner will have the same choices. I believe it's 420 total. Things tend to accelerate as it moves along. YEOWW!! what fun!
  9. JohnT4774


    If I was younger I'd be there in a flash
  10. Anyone in New Jersey, male or female to spank or be spanked? Or both?
  11. Anyone in New Jersey, male or female to spank or be spanked? Or both?
  12. Let me know how you do. Female spankers are tough to find beyond the pros
  13. I switch for both male and female. I will stand up and be counted if I can then bend over and be held to account
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