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  1. Just feel really lost

    1. Alex Canute

      Alex Canute

      I feel the same way.

  2. I think parts of it way too easy some parts are a bit harsh and mostly way to convenient to where you like it and not a plan to better behavior imo only.
  3. Happy New Year

    1. oklahomaspankee


      Happy New Year Red!!!

  4. He asked to get cussed out I am sure of it

  5. It may have just been a cry for help besides he asked to cussed out I am sure he did

  6. wanda sykes is not funny

  7. even Danas are very staged and very scripted
  8. I am so addicted to coffee soda and Nachos oh and chocolate

    1. nicoleS


      Lol...should you check yourself into rehab, or should someone intercede on your behalf? You know, that stuff can kill you...lol

  9. If Its for real punishment usually if respect is part of the real deal most wont If its just a production then great youve added nothing but someone to get off on and imnsho its not real just a stage
  10. Ya Know I ve been told a time or two mind you that I dont have to say everything I think...but really I think with out me saying some things they are just jealous cuz they cant think of something to say and I can

  11. i am looking everywhere for the person I know I am to be. it seems I can no longer see him. The one who found happiness and looking out above the sea a reason to live free. For the search in me the happiness I seek is not about we; perhaps you never heard my plea . Maybe I am just out of control so that maybe these words can flow. I just wish youd listen to me and quit suspecting me of every evil vile thing. You think I am looking for sex but if you could only ask others but especially my ex.

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