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  1. When I was very new to the lifestyle maybe 19 or so, I was spanking a friend from college at a motel and in the early stages of the spanking when she was just getting vocal we had a knock on our hotel door that sent us scrambling, her to cover up and me to answer the door.  It was the lady from the front desk who stated that although she was sure that the spanking was well deserved, we should try covering up the noise with the TV. She even suggested the Spanish tv channel because that has shows with a lot of yelling in them.

    For reference this motel room had a nice living room area with tables and chairs and a couch and then a back bedroom area. We were doing the spanking in the front living room area because the light from the window reflected nicely on her bare bottom (I was young as I said).  We quickly realized that doing it in the bedroom area provided more sound cover. 


    There is a follow up to this story, a few weeks later we went back to the same motel and the same lady was at the front desk. She smiled when she saw us and she assigned us the room at the far end, away from anyone else. It wasn't busy so there was nobody within 6 or 7 rooms of us.  


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  2. Welcome,


    The answer is simple, if both consenting adults want the spanking to lead to other things (including sexy time) than it can/will.  If one or both doesn't, then it shouldn't because consent is everything*


    *I am ignoring CNC relationships here because the consent is given as a result of the type of relationship both parties are in.


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  3. As a spanko for me, yes it's sexual.  Spanking is my number one kink/fantasy.  It is the most frequent "adult video" that I watch.  


    That above being said I think it's important to point out that spanking doesn't have to lead to sex, and it can be done in a completely non-sexual manner to a female mentee and still be something that turns me on when I think about it. 


    Spanking doesn't replace sex for me, but I find that spanking enhances sex.  Anal for example is better when the bottom is red and sore.  


    I truly define spanking as sexual and as a fetish for the simple fact that I have to have it in my life.  I can't deny who I am or that I enjoy spanking women. 




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  4. You saying you are wired this way tells me everything about your happiness. I would (as a fellow spanko) NEVER stay in a relationship where my spankings needs weren't getting met. I would be miserable and I wouldn't tolerate it.


    It's not fair that he pulled a sudden switch on you like this (unless the reason is outside of his control such as medical), and you definitely shouldn't tolerate it.


    That being said I wouldn't suggest you cheat on him by going outside of the relationship without his approval either. The fact that you are willing to go to such lengths, the fact that you are wired for spanking should tell you something about how you feel about your relationship currently.


    I urge you to sit down with him and explain again your needs and that you are willing to go to any lengths to get them met including ending the relationship. I am sure you love him, but that love can easily turn into resentment at being trapped and unhappy. Life is too short for that.

    I wish you the best of luck.

  5. 5 hours ago, Zhal said:

    That might make me consider FetLife again too.

    It definitely has improved the site.  Getting verified also helps you talk to people.

    4 hours ago, OhRedhead said:

    The verification process used on Fetlife would be great here too.  I just completed it a few months back and it seems solid. I imagine that will make catfishing much much harder. Won't do anything for ghosting though.

    Yeah, I would like to know the people I spoke to here are real from the jump. It's easy to find out, but I think it would improve the site. 

  6. 14 hours ago, Redwombutt said:

    Why is it that when someone brings up a topic about public spanking, so many people act so prudish? Life is too short to be so stuck up, live a bit, have fun, be proud of who you are. My wife often gives me a good whack or two if I act up in public and nobody ever says anything. I may have said something she didn't like, as I am very anti political correctness, (as most Aussie men my age are), and a good laugh is a good laugh. Have fun and live life.

    For me it's about consent. As in unless you at some sort of party or event, nobody in public consented to watching you be spanked. You are forcing your kink on them.  



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