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  1. Spending one on one time with ee's is always fun even if I have to spank them.

    1. ReadyOrNot


      you mean "especially" if you have to spank them :) jk

    2. SpankerGeek
  2. Go away Hurricane Matthew!

  3. It would be a lot easier for people to find each other if everyone put their location in their profiles.

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    2. JoKitten


      Region/State/Province might work without giving out too much maybe?

  4. When life throws trouble at you, remember to keep smiling.

  5. Thanks for my new avatar Supermedic

  6. It feels good to be back on here.

  7. How come your profile has two ages and one of them is sometimes wrong? This thing has my birthday, it should be able to get both ages right.

    1. sparklegirl87


      Maybe one is the age when you started here and the other one gets updated with your birthday date?

    2. Movingforward


      Yeah, I think when you sign up, there's the birthdate option, but also an option to just enter your age. I think that if you put in an age, it's permanently that number, but the birthdate will continue to be accurate. That's what I was thinking anyway :)

    3. spankmeal


      Members can, and should update their age once a year - and also check that their email is valid and update their "About me"

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