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  1. Favorite smell is a brand new book Last favorite smell is anything to do with smoking or vaping.
  2. FetLife is very good IF you know how to use it. If you use it as a kinky Facebook it's a great site. If you try and use it as a dating site, well your going to struggle. Although full disclaimer I did meet an ex through that site and it worked out well for a while. We just had different goals and that is what killed the relationship.
  3. If you mean sexual in terms of wanting to have sex then yes it isn't sexual. However, definitely straight guys get a sexual thrill out of spanking women. We wouldn't do it if we didn't enjoy it. The mentor enjoying it doesn't mean they aren't a great mentor or that they are looking for reasons to spank you. I have found that EE's typically provide plenty of reasons to spank them with having to "look" for reasons. Most important thing of course is does this help you? If so and you feel comfortable keep doing it.
  4. No it doesn't always need to be naked. And in fact with most ER/EE it won't be naked just bare bottom.
  5. A suggestion for those who feel that they need to indulge in spankings ina semi public area. Do it in a car at night in a empty area, or do it in a parking garage with something covering your window and in the corner away from other cars. I have done both and it provides the feeling of the risk of a public spanking which the spankees I was working with wanted, without any real risk of exposing the public to a kink they didn't consent to. It's sort of like how people have sex pulled over in cars. Sure someone can approach (although in the spankings I gave we would have seen someone coming in plenty of time to pull pants up) and try and look in the window, but at that point they are making a choice to interact with you. It is not and is never okay to force strangers to experience your kink, and that goes for any kink. A lot of spanking parties and events don't even allow fully public spankings (at least not bare bottom) and this is a party full of consenting adults. Another thing that was sort of mentioned that I want to highlight again, even when two or more kinky people are meeting in public say at a mall food court, it is important to keep the conversation appropriate for a public area. It's okay to tease, but it isn't okay to outright involve others in your kink by being graphic about it.
  6. Welcome, You could join the local Florida group.
  7. I have said this but not where others could hear. Still gets the same flushed reaction.
  8. 2013 Although I am not on it as much as I used to be. I have met a lot of great people and some great friends here.
  9. Please don't use spanking as a substitute for actual treatment for ADHD. That is not a smart idea.
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