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  1. SpankerGeek

    Update on Site [Change of Ownership]

    Thank you very much!
  2. SpankerGeek

    Poll: Do you prefer bruises, or just a reddening??

    It doesn't actually matter to me. I am good either way. I don't mind leaving bruises, but I am also great with an ee who doesn't want any bruises.
  3. SpankerGeek

    Favorite Implement

    Hairbrush is my favorite. It just feels amazing to use and it feels "correct" as well. Whatever that means.
  4. SpankerGeek

    what do tops get out of it?

    Speaking on a personal level, the control and power exchange is something I enjoy and I would guess that most to all spankers also enjoy. Do we also enjoy (for those of us who do) spanking bare bottoms? Of course we do, I have never denied that and anyone who does is lying. Because, the truth is if we didn't get something out of it we wouldn't do it as spankers. Now that being said, it doesn't have to be sexual, and it often isn't actually. Unless I am in a long term relationship, I don't link spanking and sex. As a mentor it is much more about the power exchange, control and the desire to help others. I think that some dismiss the idea that wanting to help people improve their lives is a real motivation, but I can tell you that for me, I greatly enjoy watching the women I help grow and achieve their goals. I don't think the age gap matters as much personally, although some do disagree with that. I also don't think it should jump to sexual or that it has to be anything but discipline. All of the above being said, everyone owes it to themselves to be safe and to take all of the measures needed to make sure they are safe. Take the time to build that trust and build that relationship. However long that takes.
  5. SpankerGeek

    Discipline ONLY relationships?

    Yes they exist. I have done them, and it can work. The key as always is clear communication. Be up front with what you want and be clear and firm about those things.
  6. SpankerGeek

    Older men

    I think life experience matters far more than age. I know women in their 20's who are far far more grown up then women in their 30's or 40's. It all depends on what you have gone through in life and how that has shaped you. I am not going to speak for guys, because I can only speak for myself there.
  7. SpankerGeek

    Hi, new here :)

    Welcome to the site. Please be safe and be careful. This is a great community, but in the end the only person that can ensure your safety is you.
  8. SpankerGeek

    Does (spankee) size matter? ;)

    It can matter in terms of how the spanking is conducted. Otherwise no it shouldn't.
  9. SpankerGeek

    Am I in the right place?

    I think you are exactly in the right place. And what you describe is perfectly acceptable within the community.
  10. About Skype, it comes down to trust and what you are comfortable with. Pictures after (or while it is going on) can work, as can strictly doing it on the phone. However, best results are typically through Skype IF you trust the person you are doing it with. As some suggested you can take steps even on Skype to make sure only the bottom half of your body is ever shown. Unless you have major identifying marks, even if pictures are taken, 99.9% people will just see a butt that has been spanked and will have no idea who it is.
  11. SpankerGeek

    What hurts the most?

    Bath brush hurts plenty even when self-spanking from what I have been told.
  12. SpankerGeek

    How good are you?

    Best advice I can give you is to have someone you trust who can help hold you accountable and make sure you do a good job with the self-spanking. That could mean them watching on Skype, or it could mean them giving you directions. It just depends on what you need and are looking for.
  13. SpankerGeek

    Looking for partners

    Are you looking for one off spankings or an ongoing relationship/mentorship? That information is pretty important.
  14. SpankerGeek

    In Search of a lexan Paddle

    Also check e-bay.
  15. SpankerGeek

    A fellow spanko from Florida