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  1. She has the right to work with whoever she wants. And it probably won't be an asshole like you.
  2. It's cheating without question. If it wasn't would be no need to go behind the partner's back.
  3. I have ended one discipline relationship because she broke my trust through repeated lies. It wasn't easy but I realized that she wasn't really gaining anything from the relationship besides attention. And I won't work with people who lie to me.
  4. HOH's don't make mistakes. At least I don't in all seriousness it's communication and respect. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. If I make a mistake I own up to it and we talk about it and move on. The biggest mistake I see people make is believe in the fantasy of an HOH relationship vs the reality of one. Almost anything from a book or movie is not how life actually works.
  5. Don't look for kinky people in a non-kinky pool. Use sites like this or FetLife. Your luck greatly improves. I have two wonderful women that I am dating and I met both of them on sites like this.
  6. I would never pay for (or charge) for a spanking. Honestly, for younger males if they learned how to approach women and treat them like people and not fetish machines they wouldn't need to pay either. I didn't blame women for charging, it's an easy way to make money off of desperate (mainly guys) people.
  7. Welcome, the site had a large safety section you can check out. I suggest doing so. Have fun but be safe.
  8. Because you are female and want online only meaning you can be engaged by anyone (not saying that you would select anyone) because time is less of a factor when done online.
  9. I have had a couple of run ins with airport security and had spanking implements like paddles pulled out and put on a table in the middle of an airport. Airport security was amused, well the first woman wasn't she was a bit horrified picked up the paddle and asked what it was for. I told her to spank my girlfriend (the woman I was dating at the time). The supervisor came up and said let him go get on a plane, he isn't going to highjack a plane with a paddle. And she helped me repack my stuff and told me they search bags with sex toys (or worse) all the time. The one who searched my bag was new and that is why she freaked out. The second time when my bag got pulled for a random search I let them know ahead of time that I had "toys" in the bag and they took me to a closed area and the search went much quicker. The guy even correctly repacked my bag exactly how it was before. 5 minutes tops no conversation, a quick check and being told I am good to get on the plane.
  10. Especially if you are going to sound bitter about it...great way to get positive attention.
  11. That's more what FetLife is for.
  12. SpankerGeek

    avaUK slippered.jpg

    What caused this?
  13. Never had any issues with giving spankings in a hotel. Turn the TV up and you are good.
  14. I have met several wonderful women from this site and I hope to meet many more in the future.
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