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  1. SpankerGeek

    avaUK slippered.jpg

    What caused this?
  2. Never had any issues with giving spankings in a hotel. Turn the TV up and you are good.
  3. I have met several wonderful women from this site and I hope to meet many more in the future.
  4. This is a complex question. Putting aside the communication answer, I would say that personally it would depend on the relationship. This is assuming full consent in both situations because without consent no spanking happens. As a mentor I would never spank a mentee without their explicit agreement. If we couldn't agree on why they were getting spanked I wouldn't do it. At that point it's clear we have had a misunderstanding in what the rules are. And that needs to be talked about. However, as an HOH in a relationship I would do whatever I felt was best after listening to w
  5. Hello and welcome. That is also my goal, I hopefully will one day be in a DD relationship where I am in charge.
  6. A few friends know. But as for family fuck no.
  7. Yes, I have given bare bottom car spankings. I gave one last week actually. I give them at night in a suclueded area.
  8. PSA: His hand spankings hurt almost as much if not more than the freaking hairbrush. 😅

    1. Arkie1999


      That is So TRUE!!!!!!!!!

  9. Funny seeing you here. It's almost like I told you to come here... For those who didn't get the sarcasm, I am already working with her.
  10. I have found several on here and other sites. It works out great if you take your time.
  11. This is a really bad idea unless you are 100% sure. Especially as you are coworkers.
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