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  1. As a spanker I get the same sorts of feelings as the day that I am due to give a spanking approaches. It's a building sense of excitement but can also be nervousness.
  2. I share as much as I can, but of course I have things to lose if I got outed. Protecting privacy is normal and it's definitely an expectation I would have of anyone I worked with. Even if they were completely out, I would expect them to respect and value my privacy. I wouldn't be okay with my face posted here, either in a group photo or anything solo.
  3. Hello I live in Nashville. I will send you a message.
  4. Will be interesting to see if he actually got you to black and blue
  5. @Child of Light you will want to see this post. @abitlost Child of light is the site owner and you can trust her with the details of what happened. She will take appropriate action as it relates to keeping this site safe.
  6. It's completely cheating and for those who think otherwise, if the behavior is okay then why are they hiding it from their other half? It's a huge violation of trust and I wouldn't tolerate it in my relationships. If I found out a partner was indulging in a fetish behind my back it would be a deal breaker for the relationship. Best advice in every situation is to communicate and be up front with your needs. If they refuse to allow the needs to be met then you need to seriously ask yourself if this relationship is right for you?
  7. Have you met her in person in a public place yet? If not I probably wouldn't give someone who cancelled twice on me a third chance. I don't like having my time wasted.
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