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  1. I have given spankings in the backseat of the car. It works out well.
  2. It definitely has improved the site. Getting verified also helps you talk to people. Yeah, I would like to know the people I spoke to here are real from the jump. It's easy to find out, but I think it would improve the site.
  3. Audio and video chat helps a lot with proving who you are talking to. Also on FetLife they have a verification process to prove people are real. Maybe this site should consider the same.
  4. SpankerGeek

    My spanking implements

    Some of my implements
  5. Spankings I have given, just a small sample. All pictures are posted with the consent of the spankees.
  6. I am also located in Nashville and I can host. I mentor so it wouldn't need to be one of discipline either.
  7. For me it's about consent. As in unless you at some sort of party or event, nobody in public consented to watching you be spanked. You are forcing your kink on them.
  8. It helps me with my stress. Also as a spanko I can't not spank, the urge is not something I can control or even want to control. Spanking puts a smile on my face. Because I also enjoy helping people I knew that mentoring was natural for me to do because it covers both bases.
  9. This was amazing and my favorite so far. Can't wait to see more.
  10. Here you go... http://corporalpunishmentblog.com/?cat=74
  11. There are spankos all over Tennessee, depending on where you live.
  12. This definitely works as a spanker. I know I feel a lot better after I give a sound spanking.
  13. Spanking alone doesn't change behavior. HOWEVER, spanking combined with a willingness to change and the needed support to bring that change about, can indeed change behavior.
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