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  1. Funny seeing you here. It's almost like I told you to come here... For those who didn't get the sarcasm, I am already working with her.
  2. I have found several on here and other sites. It works out great if you take your time.
  3. This is a really bad idea unless you are 100% sure. Especially as you are coworkers.
  4. Don't do this. It's a bad idea. If it does work out that just means they weren't aware of their desires not that they don't have them.
  5. So I want to say that no safe word is in some situations fine BUT....this site has so many new people that it concerns me because that is the exact opposite of what a new person should be hearing. For experienced people however, I can see that argument. I wouldn't suggest outside of a committed relationship however. Also...use of a safeword doesn't have to mean the spanking is over. It simply means to stop and talk about whatever the issue is.
  6. It's really simple. If people are threatening to kill you/other harm AND you have proof, turn them in. I promise you that Child of Light will take action. I have known her a long time, she won't tolerate any sort of nonsense. Also, again assuming this is true they are a big danger to the community and need to be removed.
  7. Agreed. He couldn't be further away from what a fetish is.
  8. Yes it is possible to be partly submissive. It isn't an all or nothing thing.
  9. Nice butt on the one on top
  10. I am a big fan of aftercare, but I always ask the spankee what they like it.
  11. I don't. Unless I am attacked directly which hasn't really happened people can think whatever they want.
  12. Start with your hand. Feedback is important.
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