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  1. Intrigued

    Incorporating them how? To me, age play and CDD are different things. Not that they can't both go on, but I struggle to see the crossover of age play and discipline. Maybe you could explain it?
  2. Here's a silly, but maybe fun question:

    I typically use whatever the spankee wants as a safe word. If they don't have one I provide one for them.
  3. All or None thinking

    I can't really give advice on the bedroom one, because I would say go till it is clean. If I was your spanker for the bedtime, your spanking would be worse the later you stayed up past your bedtime. If you need to stay up, maybe ask first.
  4. Spanking Workshop

    Sometimes I feel like the Spanking Needs forum should get together and host a spanking party/ workshop. Ah, if only one of us was rich enough to pay for everything... Back on topic, I would hold a workshop on the practical side of spanking, how to spank safely and the different methods. It amazes me in talking to newbies how little they sometimes know about this part.
  5. Welcome to the site. Good luck in what you seek and stay safe.
  6. Need to find spanker

    You might want to repost this in the general section, it would get more views.
  7. Wisconsin, Single Female, TiH, CDD

    Hello and welcome to the site. I echo the eariler advice about being careful. This is a wonderful site, but it has its share of creeps, just like every place on the internet. I am also interested in finding a CDD relationship with someone, and I also mentor and help out women in need.
  8. The point being that it is possible to spank without any sexual feelings.
  9. I would totally disagree with that. It is possible to view ee's as little sisters which is what I do personally, and have zero sexual feelings towards them. Maybe YOU can't do it, but don't speak for anyone else.
  10. It's hard to find a S.O. who JUST spanks!

    Nothing you want is unreasonable.
  11. new looking for online mentor

    Welcome. Be safe in your search, always get to know someone, even online.
  12. Smart mouthed Ees

    Isn't that all of them? At least in my experience.
  13. How to get over the fight or flight response

    I think this comes down to trust and comfort level. It just takes time.
  14. Hi. New here.

    It is possible in a relationship where both people want that. Which in an ideal world is talked about before the relationship gets very serious. In my experience with my ex, we set the rules together. We agreed that I was in charge, so, if we had a disagreement I made the final call. She trusted me to take both of what we needed into consideration before deciding. Each relationship is different, and no "correct" way exists to handle disputes. What are your other questions? I will see if I can answer them. If not, I am sure that someone else here can.