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  1. It's hard for me to answer your question as the former owner and founder as SN existed on a private server that while quite expensive ($340 a month) hosted other, larger communities.SN was/is a passion project that got a free ride thanks to the other sites generating income. I'll leave it to the new owners to disclose what they want about costs but it's never cheap to manage community sites as you have to use high-end servers to be able to handle the load of many people posting, chatting and searching at the same time.
  2. Love it! Waiting to see how it ends!
  3. Apparently I am a teenage girl as I am crushing hard on Ed Sheeran's music... but also like Sam Smith, Chris Stapleton and Bruno Mars. Currently I have "Straight Tequila Night" stuck in my head (don't know why, haven't heard it in years.)
  4. The southern Snow (pollen) is thick this year! Had a migraine for the last 3 days, finally went to see my doc, got 3 shots in the butt and a script for my migraine pills. Honestly a little "drugged" feeling at the moment lol. Having the steroid shakes from shot #3 doesn't help.
  5. Is it wrong that in my mind you posted that while holding a cup and saucer with your pinky stuck out?
  6. Ever have very specific cravings? Last night I got a crazy hankering for some Chips-ahoy brand chocolate chip cookies. Haven't eaten them in probably a decade, and never really liked them, but it was all I could think about last night. tldr: I bought some cookies
  7. The Links forum is one of those places I created to keep bothersome posts corralled so members could choose to view them or stay out of that sub. Similar to the erotic forum. Not the focus of the site, but there to keep sexual posts out of the main subs.
  8. I like mine with this creamer. Love the caramel. To be honest I use too much, and it's more a Frappe than coffee lol.
  9. The server is making decisions on it's own. The robot uprising is coming, we were warned! Glad to see the site back up, I know patches don't always go as smoothly as the coders expect.
  10. You can also go to your own profile, and there should be a text box to post a status.
  11. Planning a lazy Sunday. Chili simmering on the stove, and Netflix ready to go!

    1. AfterGeometry


      Doesnt get much better than that !!!

    2. Ill Tempered Brat

      Ill Tempered Brat

      Sounds like a perfect Sunday 

  12. There should be a text box at the top of the status block for you to enter your status.
  13. Not too much. My insurance limits me to 12 visits a year for mental health, and 6 of those goes to my prescribing psychologist. P.S. Have I been on the internet too long if - for a split second - I wondered why Cock and ball torture would help with anxiety?
  14. I have found that there are two main reasons why my spanking needs have not been met in years: 1. People who don't truly understand my needs and try to steer "negotiations" towards sex when spanking is not sexual for me at all. (Being asexual nothing is really sexual to me anyway.) 2. My social anxiety when it comes to actually meeting a stranger. Reason one I am totally fine with. I don't want to engage with someone who I have a reasonable fear will try to abuse the session for their own sexual gratification; or put myself in a situation to be taken advantage of. Reason two I wish I could get over. There have been a few times where I've talked to people who seemed to really understand and be willing to help me, but when it came time to "make the appointment" I fall away, scared to pull the trigger - not out of fear of the spanking, but my own anxiety at actually letting go of control to another person. I should add that I have mental health issues, and am getting treatment for both depression and anxiety, so it is more than just "in my head" but I still wish I could overcome it a bit more and be more social. Does anyone else struggle with this?
  15. Friends was changed to Followers by Invision so I'm not sure it's something that can be restored, unless CoT can custom program it, which would make software updates difficult.
  16. Yeah, but I'd want to temper the illegal drugs with making it okay to discuss legal drugs and medications - such as someone discussing their depression treatment. For many of us, spanking is just one tool in the woodshed of behavioral and mental health On alcohol, I'm mostly okay with it, though drunken/abusive behavior wouldn't be tolerated of course.
  17. A huge thanks to @Child of Light for buying and preserving the site! Without getting into too many details I could no longer afford to give SN either the time or money that it needs, and the maintenance of the site now exceeds my technical abilities. I believe the site to be in very capable hands, and am pleased to remain a member and help in any way I can.
  18. Mike Male Mid-Life Crisis Zone Birmingham, AL Spankee Male
  19. Currently planning to update our HTML pages that make up the front end of the site. I am open to suggestions for revisions, additions, and advice. I'd also love to get some new true stories about how spanking has benefited you: Send those to spankmeplease@me.com
  20. Adding "adult" would drive more spanking porn seekers here I think. A sudden name change would also make it hard for people to find us
  21. Usual site rules apply (No kids, no nudity, no blood, no poop.
  22. We have added the Blog feature to the site, allowing members to chronicle their discipline and accountability, or just their daily life.
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