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  1. Greetings from Greater Boston

    welcome...Merrimack Valley spanker here...
  2. Female Spankers in Boston area

    I am also a male spanker, just saying hello. You seem to have the male spanker thing already covered, but just in case....lol.... I do hope you find what you're seeking. F/f spanking, from my perspective, is hot hot hot. Best, Seat
  3. Advice on...

    personally I love the kicking and squirming...I'm a big guy so its never an issue holding the spankee in position as she squirms and jumps about...as CollegeGirl said I think it's unreasonable to expect a spankee whose behind is on fire (and I always spank to that degree....pun intended) so wiggle away spankees....I love it.
  4. Advice on...

    practice, practice, practice....
  5. Using Oil on Leather Implements

    I brought an old razor strop back to life....used linseed oil....worked it like an old baseball glove.
  6. Hi from New Hampshire

    hoping to meet you here sometime very soon.
  7. Whatever happened to Niki Flynn?

    She is retired from spanking videos. I don't have a clue as to where she is or what's she's doing. She made a lot of great videos though.
  8. Hello from a spanked girl in MA

    Hi Mary, I am M, 56, and also from MA. I would love to chat with you and share my interests and experiences with giving spankings to women. I am not interested in any sexual activity but I do enjoy giving a significant and memorable spanking. If interested let me know. I am on this site from time to time but also use yahoo messenger. I am Seatscorcher there, and my email is Seatscorcher@yahoo.com. Best to you in your search, Seat
  9. Favorite Spanking Impliment

    all time favorite would have to be a hairbrush
  10. So whats wrong with a small butt?

    Your gym-perfected bottom is very desirable.
  11. no idea but I approve!!
  12. Bipolar Misunderstood

    I have a daughter who is bipolar, I understand.
  13. Hello from New England

    Howdy neighbor...you're a welcome addition to the site.
  14. How old were you when you realized...

    early childhood...I can vividly recall spanking fantasies, as voyeur or spanker, as young as age 5. Neighbor friends, TV and movie characters.
  15. Cream or oil after spanking

    Edited my comment....everyone can settle down now, I hope?