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  1. A real funny old day,things went well,things went bad!

    1. bratchick


      Well I certainly hope things are better tomorrow!!

  2. Have a great weekend my friends,whatever you get up to! I am going to look at an old castle!

  3. had avery nice day...for a change,everything seemed to have went my way.

  4. I have always believed that scolding is an art form.It builds the expectation of what is to come.Something I do myself.
  5. Doing some DIY,hanging some new doors in my bedrooms,anyone want to lend a hand?

  6. Available for mentoring!

  7. "It should have been completed two days ago;what is your excuse this time?",he said sharply.Gillian stood there,eyes lowered,staring at a small coffee stain in the carpet,she had caused that too. "Well!.I'm waiting,I will have an answer young lady!,he said getting irratated by each passing moment of Gillian's self imposed silence. Suddenly he pounded his fist on the table,she jumped and looked at him,she could feel alarm rise in her;this was going to be a purely disciplinary spanking,nothing playful about this.Her palms felt sweaty and her mouth was dry.The thoughts of being over his knee always excited her,but this time was different,she knew she had messed up and seriously messed up at that. "I...,"she began but he cut her off. "Come over here and bend over the table;no cosy over the knee session for you today,I'm afraid;we will go straight to the strap." She stood still,her heart began to beat faster,she suddenly felt apprehensive,this was going to really hurt;he was angry...her Mentor was angry. He moved swiftly forward and caught her left wrist.He pulled her over to the table and roughly bent her over. She stared down at the table,still not saying a word.She glanced around quickly and could see him take his belt off from around his trousers;only once before had he used his belt,but it was done out of experimentation,she had liked it...sort of. She returned to staring at the table,an emergency vehicle went speeding past in the street outside and somewhere she heard a dog bark.It was funny,she thought,everywhere life went on as normal,but whenever she was being punished she seemed to be in her own world,a world of pleasure and pain;a secret,fantastic world. She closed her eyes,she could feel him moving behind her.Her mind flashed back two days when she had realised that she had forgotten to write her assignment for her University course. You see she had spent the past month drifting in and out of lectures.Any lecture she did attend she was only there in body not mind. By night she had just sat and watched TV,procrastinating, or had went to a bar or nightclub.It was always the same,she felt it hard to apply herslf.There was so much to the world,she wanted to see it all,not just disty old lecture halls and boring old farts at the top giving a long winded discourse on "An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding",by the Philosopher David Hume.Understand this,she had thought,and formed a mental picture of making love to her Mentor on a beech,in full view of everyone.The month had moved on,too fast,she thought and before she knew it she had been summoned to the lecturer's office.He had asked for her assignment on "Pangloss" the wiley old Philosopher in Voltaire's "Candide". All she could think of was what "Panglos" would have said: "...everything happens for the best...." That was no excuse and she was given a two week extention to write her assignment or she would have to face a University disciplinary board. She had left the university in a state of panic.She had boarded a No.8 bus and went straight to see her Mentor. She had explained to him what had happened,he listened,he was not happy. He had lectured her on her behaviour of late,he really told her off;it was like being caught by the Head Nun at her convent school all over again.Then he had said she would have to be punished,and then,only once she had been punished and was contrite ,would he help her with her assignment. His discipline always guided her,he was so good to her;she needed a good scolding and a firm hand,he offered both. It did help that she found him attractive,despite the twenty something age gap and his balding head. She opened her eyes expecting the first slap,she glanced around, he was staring at her bottom,she could see he was aroused. He saw her looking;"You naughty girl," he simply said. He moved towards her and rested the belt on the end of her back.She stared at the desk again.She felt his hands grap hold of each side of her tight,figure hugging navy skirt. He gently began to raise her skirt up,revealing each inch of her bare white thigh's and the rounded shape of her bottom.She felt a slight draft on her bottom and bit her bottom lip in expectation of what was to come.Next he caught hold of her black panties and began pulling them down over the shape of her well rounded bottom.Her panties were lowered to her kness, but her legs were smooth and they flittered down to her ankles.He took the belt in his hand and folded it in half."You deserve everything you are going to get,Gillian," he said.She caught a hint of excitement in his voice. She felt a rush of air as he raised the belt shoulder high and brought it down,with great accuracy, across her bottom. She squeezed her eyes shut and gasped.."Sorry!" she exclaimed. "I know you are,Gillian,but this needs to be done!" He brought the belt down again;her bottom began to sting,she felt it go all tingley.The belt came down again.The sound was like a whip cracking in air."Fuck!",she screamed out.She lowered her head to the desk,placing her forehead on the cold wood.He stood there,not moving.Her breathing had quicked and she felt a stinging sensation dancing around her bottom. "Compose yourself,Gillian;we are not finished yet," he said softly.While he disciplined her,he always cared about her.He was caring and he was her master;she would do anything for him;he had helped her so much. "Yes...yes,Sir," she said,trying to catch her breath and compose herslf;she wanted so much to bring that "couldn't care less" attitude to the fore again but her stinging bottom warmly reminded her that this was no time to play games,this was discipline,the discipline that she sorely needed;she had to use this discipline to motivate herself,she had to write that assignment.The words of "Panglos" in Volatires's "Candide" came to mind;"...everything is for the best in the best of all possible world's". It was true she decided,this discipine she was receiving was for the best,no matter what.She suddenly began to understand Voltaire.Without warning her bottom stung like hell again as her Mentor brought the belt down again.Her whole body jerked. "Stay still,nearly done," he said.She felt his warm,strong hand on her bottom,rubbing lightly,it felt so soothing,she closed her eyes,she felt wet;there was that image again,he was taking her in the back seat of his car in the forest,right next to the picnic area. Suddenly the belt came down again,he was swinging it from right to left,like a sword.It felt like a sword as each lash ripped into her,she screamed but she knew it was screams of excitement."Oh yes...YES!!!,she screamed. A few more strokes were delivered,she could hear him breathing heavily and she thought she heard him mutter.."Oh yes,",also.The belt was swinging,she was swaying her hips from side to side,the pain felt delicious,her bottom felt so hot,but it felt so good,she never wanted it to stop,the pain and heat,coupled with the sound of his voice,admonishing her,was driving her into a different realm,a realm of such pleasure,it was like nothing she felt before.She felt herself orgasm and heard herself scream out in pleasure,her legs shook and she put her head on the desk.She scratched her nails on the velvet cover on the desk and as the orgasm thundered through her she knocked his books off the side of the desk...the belt came down one more time.Whipped to orgasm,she thought,didn't think that possible.She suddenly felt tired,then his soothing hands on her bottom again."Good,girl,good,Gillian,you needed that release!" he said calmly. He sat comfortably,she sat a little less so.He looked at her." Now,lets begin; Francois-Marie Arouet,1694-1778,was also know as Voltaire and he wrote "Candide" in 1759...." She sat there listening, but she already understood "...everything is for the best,in the best of all possible world's...." Gillian completed her assignment in four days,lucky girl!
  8. Grief is the cost of loving!

  9. The remedies of sorrow are love,courage and time!

  10. A nice day today,relaxing and happy. Good to know a special person who cares so much...bc.

  11. In the distance the church bell sounded.Gillian got out of bed,she still felt all bocked up;this head cold was driving her mad.She didn't sleep properly,tossing and turning all night,waking and blowing her nose and then sleeping again but only for a short while.She looked out the window of her apartment,it had stopped snowing but the roof tops were covered in white,the city looked like something out of a fairy tale.In the street below the morning rush hour had started,traffic was building up already.She was thankful,in a way,that she was feeling unwell and could spend the day in her cosy apartment...perhaps watching TV.As she turned from the window she noticed the book on the table.Two days ago she had met with her Mentor and before he spanked her a conversation had taken place about spanking literature.She had watched as he went to one of his book shelves and took down an old book,he had blew the dust from the top of the volume and turned to her and smiled."Read this,see what you think;bring it back next time you come to visit",he had said in that accent she loved.She now picked the book up and read the title,she passed a finger over the raised lettering..."NELL IN BRIDEWELL".What was this about,she thought;why does he want me to read it? She opended the book and after the blank page she read a brief description which simply stated; "Description of the system of Corporal Punishment in the Female Prisons of South Germany up to the year 1848". She stood there for a few moments,was this just going to be a historical account or a story,she liked stories,especially about corporal punishment. She brought the book to her bed,wrapped her duvet around her and opened the book.She took a moments glance out of the window and noticed it had began to snow again;she turned back to the book and began to read. As she read she realised it was a story about a young girl,Nell, sentenced to prison in Germany but not just any prison but a House of Correction,where floggings take place everyday and every prisoner is flogged upon entering and leaving the prison. Gillian began to get very interested in the fate of Nell and as she read she felt her eyes get heavier and heavier.She read about one of the prisoners getting flogged and how the wealthy could enter the prison and watch the punishments take place for a small fee,many were very perverted in nature and got off watching the girls being flogged. Gillian was now struggling to stay awake.She had to continue and read the account of Nell's friend being flogged for the gratification of the spectators.Nell was due to be flogged when Gillians eyes finally closed. "Wake up! wake up!!! came the soft voice,there was a twinge of nervousness in the voice that made Gillian jump."Answer him or it will go worse for you"! came the voice.Gillian looked to her right,the girl standing there had long black hair,her face was round but streaked with tears,she had been crying a lot.Gillian looked around the room she was now in.There were faces she did not recognise,stern,hard faces.The man sitting at the end of the room boomed .."How do you plead,young woman,guilt or not guilty?",his voice filled the room and shook Gillian to her core. She stared at him,he was wearing a white legal wig and a long black gown.She was confused,what was happening?."You silly girl,you will serve twenty days and receive a flogging for your insolence," the judge said,again his loud voice shook Gillian."Take her away!" Gillian and the girl with the black hair were taken away to a horse drawn carriage.As the carriage swayed and jerked its way over the cobble stone streets Gillian looked at the girl with the black hair."Where are we?,who are you?",Gillian asked. The girl with black hair stared at her,looking a bit confused. "You are in Germany,are you alright?,my name is Nell!",the girl answered,still staring with dark eyes at Gillian. Before Gillian could say anything else the carriage came to a sudden halt and they were both dragged roughly out. Gillian looked up and in front of her was the most austere building she had ever seen.The building looked forboding and the slate grey sky made it look more imposing. Gillian and Nell were dragged inside. The sights and sounds inside the prison made Gillian swoon,she no longer felt her feet on the floor as she was whisked along a dark corridor behind Nell and then quite by surprise into a bright room,a room with candles every where.Gillian looked around the room,there was about thirty people,mainly women, standing around a wooden bench.All the people were wearing powdered wigs and the women looked at her with smiles of satisfaction.Before she knew what was happening she could see that Nell had been stripped and was now tied face down to the wooden bench in the centre of the room. The crowd drew nearer."I bet she will take only twenty strokes," one voice cried out. "I will take you up on that bet," another voice shouted.There was now a buzz of excitement and raised voices as money began to exchange hands. Gillian watched in terror as a large woman wearing a blood stained apron walked through the crowd.The crowd of people seemed to be in awe of this woman.Gillian heard a voice whisper.."It's Bertha,the governess,she is to adminster the whippings today." Gillian stared as Bertha went to a bucket of water and took out a birch rod made of twigs of varying sizes.The rod was held up for all to see.Gillian heard gasps from the crowd as Bertha walked over to where Nell was tied.The rod was raised and in a flash the room was filled with Nell's screams.Gillian tried to struggle but she was held tight by hands she could not see. She looked around at the faces of the spectators,they were all cheering and laughing,more money was exchanging hands. The rod came down across Nell's bottom again and again,the spectators cheered on Bertha.Gillian noticed one man touch himself and look at her and smile. She quickly looked away but was met with the sight of the rod landing on Nell's red bottom. Gillian noticed that Bertha was smiling and every now and then licked her lips in satisfaction.The rod came down again and Nell's screams filled the room,over the cheer of the spectators. Gillian struggle again but the invisable hands held her tight,she was being forced to watch what was happening to Nell,what was about to happen to her. Bertha showed her experience with the rod as it landed again,causing Nell to struggle violently against her bonds. The spectators cheered even louder..Nell was screaming continuously now. The rod came down again,all this time Bertha did not speak,just licked her lips and stared at Nell's red and weal covered bottom.Gillian tried to close her eyes but she kept opening them and seeing the rod come down again. Then Bertha looked at her and still staring indicated to some unseen person to release Nell. Nell was dragged to the side moaning in pain. Gillian was stripped of all her clothing.her eyes were drawn to the man who was still touching himself.Gillian was led to the bench and strapped down."Please...please don't do this," she cried.She craned her head upwards and saw Bertha standing over her,birch rod in hand. "Now,little missy,you will feel repentance," it was the first time Bertha spoke. Gillian braced herself,she clenched her rumps together,instinctively.The rod came down and she screamed;suddenly she was lying on the floor.Her cat was gently licking her face.It took Gillian a few moments to realise where she was.She was in her apartment.She stood up,covered in sweat.The book was on the floor.She bent over and picked it up. Enough for one day,she said to herself. She placed the book back on the table and made some tea.She stood by the window,it was now dark but she felt suddenly awake and in need of some fresh air.
  12. Looking for a lady to mentor.private message me if you wish!

  13. Looking around and seeing many ideas for more spanking stories!!

  14. He stood to one side and held the front door open for her.She walked past him, he got the scent of vanilla or something.She had her brown hair tied up in a pony tail and he was surprised to see that as she passed him she was slightly taller than he was. He closed the front door and ushered her into his living room. He could see her eyes scan around the room,taking in as much as she could."So many books!" she exclaimed. "Yes,I like to read...alot",he smiled. She stood there,he felt a little self conscious.She was wearing a white blouse and blue faded jeans.The buttons on her blouse were not done up fully;he noticed this and suddenly wondered what was on her mind;he dismissed the thought.She noticed him looking,she must have; a little smile appeared on her face. "Please sit down,can I get you anything...tea,coffe?" he asked. "Coffee would be nice,thank you." "Make yourself at home,I'll just be a minute," he said as he left the living room and went into the kitchen.He began to make the coffee,damn,clean cups.he washed the cups quickly at the sink,put the pot of coffee on the tray with the cups and went back inside.What does she want?,the thought suddenly came into his mind.He was about to find out. She was sitting there flicking through a history magazine.She looked up and smiled as he came in."Into history too,I see?" "Yes,just...just like to keep the brain going," he said awkwardly.She took a coffee,again smiling.He sat opposite her and there was that brief moment of awkward silence.She smiled and then said,"I guess you are wondering why I called?" He put his cup down,"Just a little,I hope everything is going good at University for you? Keeping up with all the work and assignments,I hope?" he said mockingly chiding her.Her eyes flickered and a smile appeared on her face. "Glad you said that,I was hoping to pick your brains about one or two things;concerning Philosophy.I mean the day you gave me the lift in your car we really had a good talk." She went silent as if thinking of what to say next or indeed how to put what she was about to say next. "I just cannot understand the whole concept of the "Floating Man",I mean how can we always be aware of our own existence,especially if we are so bound up in everyday life or indeed in a loving relationship,would we not be into the other person so much that we would forget about existence,our own lives;I mean lovers sometimes find it hard even to eat...don't they?" He was taken aback,this was not what he was expecting.He knew that for her,the concept of the "Floating Man " would be something that she was taught at the start of her course at College;it was a foundation stone for anyone studying Philosophy.He took a deep breath,was she using this as an excuse to say something,to lead on to something else? "Okay,in part you are perhaps right but the Philosopher Avicenna wants us to understand that even if we loose our senses,if we are blind folded,naked and just wondering or floating about without touching anything or anyone,then we still have a sense of our own existence,we know we are still here." "I see," she answered," Think I need to hit the books again; you are so knowledgeable about this,perhaps you could tutor me or indeed just let me bounce ideas off you?" "That's okay,I would always like the chance to speak to someone else about my love of Philosophy." There was silence again then..."maybe if I didn't concentrate on my studies you could take me in hand,like my Mum or Dad would if they were here.I work best when I am made to." He sat there,unsure of what she was alluding to. "I use get spanked by my parents when I did something wrong,if I didn't concentrate at school especially.I don't want to let them down,so I want to do my best for them,but I feel I need a little guidance and correction",she was now staring at him,he couldn't take his eyes off her.He felt a little aroused by the mention of her being spanked,after all she was such an attractive girl,some one who not only was intelligent but very sexy.He sat in silence. "I don't want to make you feel uncomfortable,I am sorry,I hope that this will not take from our friendship,you have been very kind to me." "No..no ,not at all,we all need a little direction in life," he said,all the best he could come up with. She suddenly put the coffee on the little table and stood up,she walked over to him and stood directly in front of him.He breathed in deeply,it was vanilla,her perfume.He felt himself suddenly come alive and as he became hard he felt his penis pulse.She must have seen a bulge appear in his trousers,if she did,she said nothing.They were now staring at each other. "Can I go over your lap,can you chastise me for not concentrating on my work?" she said,meekly. He nodded,lost for words.She came around to his right hand side,looked down at him and smiled.Without warning she unbuttoned her jeans and pulled them down,she was wearing white panties;before he could say anything her panties had slipped down her soft,smooth thighs.He glanced up at her and then to the soft mound of brown hair between her legs.She was looking more serious now.He could see something else in her,this was not her first time,it certainly was his.She lay down over his knee.He felt his penis throb and he looked down at her firm,pert bottom.He thought he noticed a little bruise that was in the process of fading,she had got spanked before,for him there was no doubt.Her blouse had come up her back a bit when she went over his lap.Her back was so smooth and tanned.he gingerly placed his left hand on her back.His right hand had went on to her bare bottom so quick that he had done it out of share instinct,he couldn't help it. He gently rubbed her bottom. "I have been so naughty,Sir,I deserve what you are about to do to me," she said,clearly. His penis throbbed again..He slapped her lightly.His hand came down again,lightly. "Harder..Sir,please,Harder!" she said suddenly and forcefully. His hand came down ,this time with force,she squeeled.He brought his hand down again,trying to find a rhythm but his cock was now throbbing so much,as if telling him that he wanted to be inside her. He spanked her again and again,finding his rhythm now.He watched as her pale bottom began to change colour,turning a bright pink,then turning to red.She kicked her left leg when he hit a certain spot,he knew she must be hurting but again came the order;"Harder,please Sir,harder!" He continued and done as he was directed,she didn't need to ask him again.He spanked her hard and to his surprise he began to tell her off,scold her for not studying,for adopting a "couldn't careless attitude" towards her studies.She agreed with everything he said.She was kicking her legs and her squeels and moans soon turned to screams.He found that he was enjoying himself,the sexual rush that he was feeling was something he had not felt in awhile,certainly never like this with a beautiful twenty something young girl over his knee.The feeling was amazing.His hand came down a number of more times and by now her bottom was really red,it looked sore,but she didn't seem to mind.He felt his penis pulse and then felt damp.He stopped spanking and began to rub,she must have noticed something,she must have felt him cum.He had been caught up in the moment so much,the pleasure he felt was something special. He asked her to stand up.She did and immediately put her hands to her sore bum and began to rub slowly,then more vigorously.She did smile at him.Without saying anything she turned and walked to one corner of the room,she faced the corner and he watched as she continued to rub her bottom,her sexy,pert bottom was now glowing red. He couldn't help but just touch himself;what an experience,he thought! Before she left she pecked him on the cheek again.He sat at the kitchen table once she had gone,still picturing in his mind what had happened,still slighty out of breath from the excertion.His phone buzzed,a text message;"THANK YOU,SIR.SAME TIME NEXT WEEK? ,GILLIAN!". He sat there for a brief moment before texting her back."YES,GILLIAN.BEHAVE IN THE MEANTIME OR ELSE...." A moment later his phone buzzed again..."I WILL NEVER BEHAVE LOL!!!!" He was already looking forward to her next visit.
  15. Sitting in his living room,drinking tea,he began to think back as to how it all began.It had been about eight months now since he had picked her up hitch hiking in the pouring rain.He was much older than her,guess she was trusting of his age and demenour;she accepted the life. They got to talking on the journey and even stopped for something to eat,his treat.She was on her way to the city,to attend University,he was driving back to the city from a camping trip,something he liked doing a lot.The car journey passed all too quick,they had so much to talk about and he found her very interesting.One of the subjects she was studying at University was a hobby of his,he read a lot of books on the subject;he got the impression that she found his knowledge surprising.On more than one occasion he had caught her looking at him as he drove,when he looked ,she would look away really quick.He smiled inside. Finally they arrived at her student residence.She didn't get out of the car straight away,she looked at him,leaned across and pecked him on the cheek.He looked at her and felt a real liking for this girl whom he had known for only about three hours. He took a chance and offered his phone number,she was alone in the city,didn't know many of the girls whom she was sharing the halls of residence with;he told her that if she ever needed a friend to talk to or some one to help with anything at all ,then she was to feel free to call him.She smiled and thanked him and placed something on the dash board of the car,"I wrote this earlier,hope you will accept it?" She got out of the car before he could say anything,she turned,waved and disappeared in through the doors of the halls of residence. He took the little slip of paper from the dash board,it was folded a few times,obviously in a nervous way,he unfolded it and saw she had written her phone number and her name,Gillian. He smiled,you bloody fool ,I am old enough to be her father,he thought.he put the car in gear and drove home. As the days went by she faded from his memory.He became very busy at work and every night when he returned home he was just fit for bed.It must have been almost a week after they met when his phone rang.He answered it,not really thinking about who it could be.There was a brief moment of silence,he asked,"Who's there?",still silence.he was just about to hang up and then a voice said: "Hi,I hope I'm not out of order ringing you...it's Gillian,remember me?" He had to process what he was hearing first,then everything came together,bloody hell!,he thought. "Hello,how are you,good I hope?" he asked. "Yes,yes,just thought I would give you a ring and thank you again for your kindness..it was really sweet of you," she said in a chirpy,young voice. "Don't mention it,it was my pleasure: everything going okay at college?" he enquired. "Yes..fine,I think," she giggled; he was just about to say something when she came out in a confident tone and asked;"Could we meet?" He was uncertain as to whether he heard her correctly at first. "Oh God,I am sorry,I should not have asked,I...." "No,no,that's okay,yes,I would love to meet,when?" "Could do with some advice and maybe a hug,could I call around to you,or do you live with someone?" "No,I live alone..please feel free to call around anytime." "Thanks,I am sorry about this but I get the impression that you are wise and well I could do with some advice,you said I could call you anytime." He only said that to be nice,he never thought that she would actually take him up on it. "Yes,of course I did,I meant it,come around and visit anytime;if I can help I will." "So....what's your address,can I call this evening?" The suddeness took him by surprise,momentarily he was lost for words. "Yes,come round this evening,I will be at home." He gave her his address and they both hung up. For a awhile he sat there,wondering what just had happened,had he done the right thing? He stood up and walked into his kitchen,he made some tea and sat at the table. He tossed around the idea of ringing her back and telling her...tell her what exactly? He did find her attractive but there was an age gap.he quickly moved these thought from his mind and allowed reason to take over,his reasoning led to self control and he began to put his thoughts in order.She is only looking for some help or advice he thought,nothing else.He sipped his tea but the thought of finding her attractive and having a young woman ask him for advice,especially this young woman,made him feel a little aroused.He thought of her smile,her figure in those faded blue jeans she had been wearing that day;and then there was the same interest,the interest they had talked about for most of the journey,their shared interest in Philosophy,what she was studying at University.He stood up,just to see a taxi stop outside his living room window.She got out,paid the driver and walked to his front door;the bell rang and his heart missed a beat.He took a deep breath,went to the door and opened it.She stood there,smiling."Hi,thank you for seeing me!" he welcomed her inside.
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