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  1. Hello and welcome....I am in Kentucky.....write me.....we can chat about what you need.
  2. Looks like a real "burner" of an implement. Play safe or discipline with care.
  3. I agree with all of the above postings......I wish you the very best and I truly feel for your situation.....although I am single currently, I know I could not have a real love relationship without spanking in it....and in it to the depth that I crave. It just cannot happen that way for me....I would be "giving part of an important piece of myself up" if I was too "deny it". You must have compatibility in all things.....you can disagree on aspects and compromise on certain issues, but never compromise on a "need". My best to you and those in similar situations reading this posting / thread.
  4. Welcome Melissa, feel free to explore around here and ask questions.... this is a great community to ask questions of and get feedback / advice. MWU
  5. I have just returned and I plan on staying around if needed. Please see my profile for further information. More information will be added as time allows. Females welcome to contact me only. Sorry men. Everyone be safe and enjoy. That is priority number one !!!
  6. To me I prefer a younger woman as a spankee when I am the Spanker.....but it is not a "deal killer"..... I say chemistry is the most important and open communication rather it be platonic or otherwise.
  7. I will echo the same as the others here katiebee.....you are very lucky and fortunate to find someone like your boyfriend who is willing to explore with you and start to meet your needs with understanding. Congrats.
  8. Hello Group, I am a white male / 40 / single / never married / no children....in good shape / kind / fair / firm / understanding....a great listener.....I have years of experience in giving and receiving spankings... mostly with women.....I am looking for a "friends first" type of relationship with a female that is open-minded / non-judgmental and looking for "her" male counterpart / spanking friend. Write me and let us start a good intelligent conversation about this "Spanking Need" of ours. The Best To You All. MWU
  9. MrWarmUp

    Mid South

    Hello.... I am a 40 year old male Spanker....with a vast knowledge of Spanking for Discipline / Fun or just because issues / reasons. Maybe you just need and enjoy the feeling of being spanked over a caring lap.....maybe you want a release of emotions / tears....or just a good hot butt. There are a vast array of reasons !!! Tell me yours and be open with me. I am wonderful with new partners / relaxed / caring / understanding / firm yet fair....I am very open and honest and expect the same from a potential new partner. I can do role-play / scolding / no anger and nothing that crosses your li
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