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  1. I just moved from San diego to the midwest lol, good luck finding who you are looking for!
  2. Lexi do what you feel is right. This behavior is a pattern though, and not one that will change
  3. ummmm hi!! 

    1. stormmason


      How did I not see this????? 


      PM meeeee

    2. stormmason


      So much has changed since our last talk good lord! 

    3. LexP


      I initially thought you were ignoring me! Lmao as soon I saw your profile I had to comment! I see your in in a different state now! Would love to message more, catch up if you are willing!?

  4. Back from a bit of a hiatus, needed to clear my head 

    1. joespanker93


      hope all is okay now man

    2. Jaded


      Welcome back. 

  5. Yes I do. Especially if it's because of a certain instance (being scolded and humiliated before the spanking because I wasn't applying myself, ten fold if it's related to school or writing).
  6. Ahhhh that makes sense lol
  7. Not a crap pic at all
  8. Take your time, and find the right person for you
  9. I am curious if there are any practicing wiccans or pagans here that do spankings or floggings in rituals. I have been reading up on certain aspects of rituals (my field of study is folklore with a background in classics ) and a lot of BDSM related activities have seemingly trickled into neo paganism and modern wicca.
  10. Hope everyone's Christmas is better than mine 

    1. AfterGeometry


      Everyone's experience is entirely subjective.   What could be a horrible Christmas for you, could be a blessed Christmas for somebody else, and vice versa.  

  11. Made it to Vegas! 

  12. Life is Beautiful next week, so excited 

  13. Birthday tomorrow! 


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    2. redzonedefense_F


      Happy Birthday a little early!

    3. joespanker93


      happy early birthday. Mine is Wednesday!

    4. Powpaulie


      Happy birthday! Enjoy your day! 

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