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  1. Hi old salt, you name is very descriptive.  I would like to hear about your most memorable spankings given to others.  Are you a switch or just a spanker?

  2. oldsalt


    just begging to be put acress my knee - and thoroughly warmed?
  3. a BIG welcome to our friendly little play space. Have fun....
  4. hello and welcome to this wonderfull playspace. Have fun. Enjoy......
  5. Hello & Welome to this wonderful little playground! Hope you have lots of fun, meet interesting people and learn all you want to about spanking.... 😎
  6. Hi Spanko At least there are two of us here...
  7. oldsalt


    nope - sorrt....
  8. Be delighted to give you a great spanking - or a little trial of my new implements bought yesterday fron an equestrian store! Strange grinning look from the gorgeous woman beside me at the checkout. Asked me if I has a horse. I said "stupid question". But the truth is we are on opposite sides of the planet!! Good luck.....
  9. welcome to our littlr play space. I hope her trip does not reqire lots of sitting about....
  10. How nice to meet you. Hope you are not really too miss behaved? If so you really need a good spanking...... Someone closer perhaps?
  11. You sound like a terribly bad little girl who certainly needs her bottom well spanked.

    For distant naughty girls I offer my remote spanking....

    Simply tell me what you have done that is so bad and I will tell you exactly what I will do to you to rectify your problem.

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    2. Gator


      its very entertaining this new site feature :D

    3. oldsalt


      I must be loseing it in my old age - and that might be the cause of her not answering my messages?

      (Don't count  on it Gator.  Have a good few yrs left in me yet!)


    4. Gator


      thanks for being a good sport oldsalt! ;)

  12. A quivering grown up guy who enjoys online fantasy type roleplaying with imaginative like minded girls. Think we could have some fun times - from opposite sides of the world......... Wot you think?
  13. Even good girls deserve a spanking quite frequently. If it is not happening for you simply try being just a little bit bad. it WILL happen for you!
  14. Great to see you here & welcome.

    Good idea - situation circumstances changes, become a regular.....


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