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  1. I posted to you on the thread and it was sent. Did you receive it ?
  2. I wasn’t sure what happened back in the fall. I have had several ee’s. I only see 1 right now but she is like a daughter because she is younger . She was in prison for gang violence . Served 3 months . That was a long time ago. She is 49 and works as a deli clerk. Gay. In and out of relationships . Been seeing her for 6 months . It’s going well. You still see all 3. Has anything changed ? How is Kim. She has always been most intriguing to me. Do you still look for new persons or not anymore ?
  3. How have you been? I was looking to reconnect. Are you seeing the same people ?
  4. I talk to. a man online I have never met, but has the most amazing spanking partner that he calls his paternal soulmate . She is not an ee but from a damaged past. They are like father daughter and have a relationship outside of spanking sessions. He spanks her to toes her to react differently form all the fears she has . She has anxiety and he pushes her past her limits to teach her. But he hugs her and loves her . He loves her more then he loves to discipline her so their sessions are intense physically for her but emotional for them both . They are both married and over 20 years apart. I love to hear about his sessions with her as they are indescribable to anything else. I have been talking with him a few years and I am amazed at this realeinship. The found each other with "Kim" was self destructive and instead of her finding someone to hurt her, she found someone to love, her, guide her and use discipline as sort of a therapy for her. Spanking her is airs for him and not erotic for her but necessary. . He saved her life . She is a very educated woman but scared and damaged . I wanted to share as I have never seen this dynamic and they have been together for at least 4 plus years every week. Can anyone relate ? I can't but love to talk to him about it. No punishment for bad behavior just discipline for life with love .
  5. I believe anal play is a way of increasing submission and getting to the next level. I prefer to use a ginger root while I have my ee over my lap. As her anal juices mix with the ginger root it will burn inside her/his anus. That's when I like to ones on no movement for a solid 5 minutes across my lap. Once I pull it out I give a long hard hand spanking while rubbing the anus at times. It works well and gives the ER complete control.
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      Is better then bad control I guess. ;)

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