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  1. I reached back to rub one time and my wife hit my hand with the paddle. She also explained that I would be getting another ten minutes - lesson learned!
  2. My wife always has me get totally naked for my spanking.
  3. My wife has spanked me with her hand but it is not very effective. Her hand gets sore before she has accomplished her goal. As a result, she prefers her wooden paddle for most of my spankings but uses a leather belt on occasion.
  4. It is the same for me as my wife is the one in charge. She will explain why I have screwed up and instruct me to prepare for my spanking.
  5. When my wife announces that I have earned a spanking, I feel an emotional change occur. I know what's coming and I have no choice but try and get mentally prepared. When I'm over her knees and the spanking begins I am hopelessly at her mercy.
  6. My wife always uses her wooden paddle. he is very good at using it.... every square inch of my bottom is crimson red following a spanking. Recently however, she could not find her paddle and had me bend over the arm of the couch and she proceeded to lash my bottom with a leather belt. The sensation was completely different and left individual strike marks across my butt.
  7. My wife explains why I am going to be spanked. I have no say in the matter. Usually, she will reiterate my offense during my spanking and expects me to acknowledge my offense and be sorry for what I had done.
  8. Sometimes my wife will lecture me during my spanking. She will often expect a reply after scolding me. My response is usually yes ma'am or I'm sorry or I apologize and promising not to do it again.
  9. Typically my wife has me go to the bedroom and get naked for my spanking. Sometimes while waiting for my wife to arrive I will get an erection. It's not because of being excited to be spanked but rather that I'm horny at that time. My wife will simply state something along the lines of ... "well that won't be standing up once I begin your spanking." Sure enough my erection disappears rapidly once the paddle begins coming down on my butt.
  10. Sometimes I get really full of myself and it affects my attitude. My wife gets to a point and can no longer tolerate my approach to her and others. As a result, Its an over the knees spanking for me. Afterwards it a complete reset for me and my wife. It brings me down to earth so to speak - and the my sore bottom reminds me for several days to remain grounded.
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