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  1. For some there is also a strong emotional connection to the childhood. For those who got spanked growing up in a caring family, to experience regression back to the childhood and relive childhood disciplinary spankings they received growing up. Just as one of very dramatic experiences of the childhood and quintessentially childish punishment by strict but caring parental authority. For those who were not spanked growing up, but perhaps overheard or had seen spankings of other children or knew about them and perhaps always wondered what a parental spanking was like, curiosity to experience pa
  2. I think one important thing about spankings and other related punishments is a ritual that we somehow consider traditional, and hot sauce just does not have the same symbolic status as the soap. I actually had my mouth washed out with soap several times as a kid by my grandma. It was many years ago and I do not remember and never really knew what soap she used but it tasted YUCKY. On the other hand I do not want to ingest the kind of soap that would be unsafe. I hoped may be someone here had an experience with using soap that proved to be both safe and yucky. P.S. I noticed one online store t
  3. What about Ivory Soap?
  4. What kind or brand of soap is best to use for mouth soaping? One that would be both safe and yucky.
  5. Would you say spanking is a purely adult experience for you or do you trace the origins of your interest and need back to the childhood? Such as perhaps because you were spanked growing up and somehow want to re-live those childhood experiences more or less just the way they were? Or perhaps you were abused and want to redo things and make them right by getting spanked lovingly? Or perhaps you were not spanked growing up but wished you were? When getting spanked, do you relate to yourself as your own physical age or imagine yourself a child being punished parentally?
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