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  1. San Antonio Texan here too! Welcome to the site!
  2. Welcome to the site! This a great place to talk to like minded people. Enjoy!
  3. Welcome Katie! There’s lots of great people here. Hope you enjoy the site.
  4. Finding an online disciplinarian isn’t too hard around here. Do you have a set of rules you normally follow when he’s around? I can’t imagine the rules would change much due to his absence.
  5. Captain America is Logan’s favorite comic book character. Fitting seeing as how he’s a master of throwing frisbees. 


  6. Yeah it definitely gets lonely sometimes. It’s not easy feeling like there’s only 1 person like you for every 1000 people out there.
  7. As a spanker, I feel like my role as a disciplinarian needs to be based in trust and honesty. Setting rules and restrictions on a spankee without taking any regard to them in your own life just feels dishonest and hypocritical to me. A spanker should hold themselves to a high standard otherwise how can a spankee really respect them? Just my two cents of course.
  8. Alright so this isn’t spanking related but I feel like it needs to be said.

    So first of all in case it’s not already super obvious, I’m an American. I was born and raised here. I live in Texas. I’m proud to be an American and im proud to be a Texan. 

    That being said, I’ve had some wonderful conversations with people all over the world on this site. For the most part, everybody has been very friendly and polite. 

    But ive had a few people from other countries that seem to think because I’m an American that I somehow condone senseless violence. Ive been lectured on American politics plenty before. And to be clear, I don’t mind having an intellectual conversation about it. 

    But today, while chatting with a young lady in another country, I was called names, called an idiot, told to piss off and many other awful things. This young lady decided that because I’m an American that somehow it would be appropriate to blame me and attack me for school shootings and gun policy here. 

    On the off chance that person can see this somehow.. I blocked and reported you. 

    I want to be clear to anybody out there...American or otherwise.. THIS IS NOT THE PLACE TO DISCUSS SCHOOL SHOOTINGS. 

    Like I said I don’t mind talking about our politics or swapping opinions on them.. but if anybody else decides they want to message me and tell me all the reasons why America is the worst and why we love violence and death.. I’ll be blocking you too. 

    This isn’t about politics. It’s about being decent human beings. I love meeting new people to talk to from all the world. But keep your hate speech to yourselves. 

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    2. Texasspanker32


      Well yeah that’s the part that I just couldn’t believe. Like because I’m American naturally it’s all my fault. 


    3. texascutie


      I've had a similar situation being an American teacher.  I'm sorry that happened.  People suck sometimes and you run into all sorts on sites like this.  Just don't let the bad apple spoil the barrel for you.  


    4. Texasspanker32


      I can imagine. And I definitely won’t let one ignorant person get to me. Still not a fun experience though. 


      Thanks for the support I appreciate it! 

  9. Hello! I am a 24 year old male spanker living in San Antonio Texas looking for a young female spankee. Im not always on here but feel free to send me a message and let’s chat!
  10. Stupid question but does anybody know how to edit your age on here..? My profile says 18 but I’m actually 23.

    Thanks in advance. 

    1. Gator


      it's some kind of site glitch. somehow it latches onto whatever age you tell it when you first join, and it never changes.

      there may be some way to edit this in your profile, but a year from now it will be wrong again.


    2. Texasspanker32


      Well that’s interesting. Thanks for the helpful reply though! 

  11. I’m a pretty new Texan here too and I’m always looking for a good conversation! Im a Male Spanker though if that means anything.
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