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  1. Rubber paddles

    Haven’t tried those. Silicon is mean though. Stings.
  2. What Do You Tell Yourself When Times Get Hard?

    I usually tell myself to just do the next thing. Whatever that is. Take it one step at a time. When I get frustrated with our world today I get very overwhelmed. So I will look around and try to find someone I can be kind to. Someone I can smile at. Someone I can listen to. Little things. Do the little things and the rest will follow. And yes, love our little family here. The support we get from each other is amazing. No jealousy here. We cheer when someone else gets time to talk to our mentor. We alert each other when we think they might get time if they get online now, etc. We work together.
  3. Warning

    Also iPhone with Verizon. No problems here so far. Maybe in the past? But long enough I don’t remember.
  4. If you have cried?

    Sometimes regret and sadness that I had misbehaved. Usually just letting out pent up emotions with my safe person. The pain helps me get there but is not really the cause.
  5. Maintaining discipline on a road trip?

    I have never traveled with an ER, so I don’t know. But I would expect usually would wait until destination. Unless it was something serious.
  6. Sayings for implements

    Yeah. I think I was thinking of a fake furry paddle.
  7. Spanking and Menopause

    Very good question. I haven’t gotten there yet. I’m kind of dreading it. My emotions have finally mostly leveled out the last couple years. Not looking forward to an upheaval.
  8. The waiting game...

    Honestly? We haven’t been able to get together for so long that both of us have forgotten what I’m even supposed to be in trouble for. Granted, I don’t get in trouble often. Yes, it is tough sometimes. Not as tough as it used to be though. Not totally sure why. If I’m feeling super guilty, he will sometimes do a phone session to tide me over. Or assign me something. Helps calm me down and helps with the guilt stuff. Waiting is always hard though. Always. Especially when there is guilt and apprehension.
  9. Sayings for implements

    Ohhhh. I like this idea! A feather paddle maybe?
  10. Sayings for implements

    Oh no. That’s not how it works. It gets used on the one who bought it first.
  11. Sayings for implements

    Nah. He’s only 1% mean when we have been naughty. I do agree you both have plenty of spunk though! Lol.
  12. Taking a Break from Discipline?

    Taking a break does make sense sometimes. I don’t have weight loss goals but sugar doesn’t seem to make me feel good (except in the moment). I had been limiting my sugar for quite a while, then last thanksgiving just started having more and more. Finally had to go back off it completely a while ago. Really hard. But it shows me how much better I feel when I’m not eating a lot of sugar. So yes. I think sometimes we just need a break to realize what we really want. And whether we are willing to do the work to make it happen.
  13. Poll open for everyone?

    There are two kinds of upsetting your parents. One is where you said or did something wrong. For that, I would talk to my mentor and he would deal with it. And I would apologize to my parents. The other kind is where your parents choose to be upset about something simply because they don’t agree with you. Can’t do anything about that. I’m an adult. As long as I’m not hurting other people, my choices are mine.
  14. Two part poll for everyone?

    We always meet in a motel. Just turn the TV up. And if there are obviously people in the next room, we are more careful about noise. Usually there aren’t too many people around.
  15. Spankee's do you honestly feel?

    Since my mentor and I can’t meet up often, the lecture (if one is needed) is usually done at the time of the offense. When we finally get together, there is usually just a sentence or two of lecture and we get down to business.