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  1. Due to life circumstances, I started college at age 41. Definitely not too late to go.
  2. This is awesome. you definitely have a wonderful way with words.
  3. Happy Birthday to my mentor! I hope you have a wonderful day! You are an awesome person. I am SO glad to know you and have the privilege of working with you.
  4. I was more active in chat this summer. But now that school has started again, I have very little time to be online. Shrugs. It is what it is.
  5. People over the centuries have made the Bible support whatever they wished. It is quite easy to take a few verses and say they support your view. It is also just as easy to pick verses that support the opposite view. It is a big book with a lot of words from a lot of different contexts. If you use the Bible to force someone to bow to your way of thinking, that’s not ok at all. That is spiritual abuse (something I was a victim of for many years). If two people like things a certain way and there is full consent - and they then find some verses to support that, that is fine. Whatever you d
  6. My mentor and I have been together for five years as of yesterday. There is so much I could say. Five years ago, I panicked at almost literally everything in life. I couldn't get to work on time half the time, didn't have a clue how to budget, and was scared to try anything new. My mentor is a patient man. . He was willing to put the time and effort into getting to know me. To know what bothered me and what made me happy. To know the best way to get into my head and help me become who I wanted to be. We have spent literally thousands of hours chatting. I trust him completely. Today,
  7. You absolutely used your safeword correctly. It allowed time for you to process and the two of you to communicate when calm.
  8. W - Will had his...now it is Ginger's turn
  9. T - Takes Will to the park to play football instead
  10. S - Swoops in and rescues Will
  11. Hi Shannah. Be careful and be safe. Be sure to read the posts on safety. Good luck.
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