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  1. My ass always needs a good spanking..but I am not ready to move in with anybody right now..lol
  2. So much ass to spank and so little time!
  3. Jennifer27

    South East

    My name is Jennifer.. I am 28, single, live in Florida... I luv spanking and being spanked... fun and discipline with men and women.. I think I have a spankable ass! Let me know if you agree..send me a pm
  4. Jennifer27

    South East

    Jennifer..28... Single ...Florida
  5. Well, actually she quit about a week ago.. She luved smacking my booty anytime she could(when no one was around)..which I didn't mind too much...when I found out she was leaving, I said to her, "Wow, I owe you a good spanking, now!".. We were in her office at the time, she closed the door and bent over desk..and she said," go ahead,have at it, girl"...she is about 45 with a really nice ass.. I smacked each butt cheek about 20 times.. It was hot... She told me "your ass is so f------ hot"... She wants to get together some time..I definitely want to spank her bare ass and have her spank my
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