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  1. I fully agree with what LongtimeSpanking said above. I only mentored 2 college students but in general I sit down with the person and we discuss and come up with reasonable rules that work for her and in her situation best. I mentored them for a few years, online, and it worked very well in both cases. They did really good.
  2. Hello Bha, what you are describing all sounds very familiar. I am also struggling with a lot of stress in my life and health issues that come from it. I luckily have an amazing mentor who supports me and provides structure and guidance consistently. It took me a very long time by trying different things to realize what could help me reduce stress in order to come up with reasonable rules that I can follow and that help. Once you figure out rules for yourself, the key is to stick to them. You need your mentor to be consistent and to hold you accountable at all times. I try to give as much
  3. You can't get PMs. Messages box full. Please check yahoo mails.

  4. I'm very happy for you Katie! Congratulations :-) huggs
  5. I think it's really great that you go there and thanks a lot for sharing this with all. All the best wishes!
  6. I have to add that bratchick can really be very naughty sometimes! I know from personal experience with her *hugs* bratchick Happy for you!
  7. Hi scorpio, an online mentor is supporting his mentee to reach her goals in the same way as a mentor who is living close does. The goals of the mentee are discussed first; he is there to help her reach her goals; rules are discussed and defined to help her get there, and in case of failure there are consequences that work as a deterrent and help her stay on track. The key to mentoring is communication and trust, there must be lots of communication and in my experience, in an online mentorship there is often even more communication than in real mentor relationships. It always depends on the p
  8. Hi baby, I've always put my mentees in the corner to give them time to calm down... this always takes at least a couple of minutes... and then they can think about what got them in this situation and how to avoid it in the future. And for a spanker it's just nice to see a still standing, contrite young lady with a glowing red bottom whose attitude and behavior has changed completely due to the spanking... it also gives us spankers time to admire our work ;-)
  9. Yes, what you are feelings is totally perfectly normal, I fully agree with what the others said. It's supposed to be that way.
  10. Different variations of corner time... for instance having to pin a coin with the nose against the wall ...and it better not drops! (hands on head) or having to sit on a small wooden block (in the corner) A young lady once told me that she had to sit on a small wooden block after a spanking so that she stopped squirming in her seat. The block was not large enough to fully sit on but of a size so that it pressed fully into both sit spots hard, with rough edges e.g. 3" x 4" and 1" high. The higher it is, the worse it presses into the bottom, the worse it hurts. It starts being uncomfortable
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