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  1. NYC's premier M/f spanking group is hosting their holiday party on Saturday December 1. This event is once again being held at an upscale Chelsea Gallery. We have 75 guests attending this sold out spanking extravaganza.
  2. What a great question! My position on this issue has really changed over the years. To be very honest, spanking girls has always been VERY SEXUAL to me. I simply don't believe guys who say it is not sexual, I feel that they use that line to get women to agree to play with them. You go to a motel for 2 hours, the woman has her panties removed, you have contact with her in a way that does not occur in vanilla life. How is that not sexual? My solution has been to play at parties where an entirely different dynamic is in play. Both parties are present, the level of intensity remains at the play
  3. NYC's most exclusive spanking group is hosting an invitation only event on Saturday, January 16th in the Financial District of Manhattan, near the South Street Seaport. The gathering is limited to 36 people, 20 women, 16 men. We have a few spots still available. Please contact me if interested in attending. Guys must include a contact number. Jesse
  4. The NYC Summer Spanking Spectacular will be held on Saturday July 11th in The Village. This event will be limited to 100 people. At this time there are about a dozen spaces still available. It is an invitation only gathering. Walk-ins are NOT permitted. For information please email; jules@strictlyspankingny.com Wednesday July 1st is the last day to request an invitation to this event.
  5. Ladies you might want to check out The Manhattan Spanking Association. They are hosting a party on Saturday, June 27th in a private loft near the South Street Seaport. They are the best group in the city for women who are new to the scene. All guests are screened before an invitation is extended. No one else in NYC follows this procedure. They can be reached at manhattanspankingassociation@yahoo.com. Jesse
  6. An Experienced Dom is available to meet the needs of ladies in these areas. I am interested in providing disciplinary, punishment,and erotic spankings to women ONLY. Limits will be established, and respected. Phone number will be provided upon request.
  7. The Manhattan Spanking Association is hosting a party in a private loft in Soho. The event is on Saturday September 20th, from 7-11pm. Friendly, respectful people in a safe, secure location.
  8. We hold monthly spanking parties in NYC. Our next event will be Saturday September 20th. The party will be held in a loft in SOHO. If interested in additional details, please contact us at Jessediamond@rock.com
  9. A very experienced "Daddy Dom" is looking to provide guidance, direction, and discipline to naughty girls of all ages. If you are having problems in your everyday life, and you are unable to deal with all the stress, then I just might be what you are looking for. Come slide across my lap with your panties down, and relax and surrender control to a dominant man, who knows exactly what you need.
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