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  1. Repo Man (Ray Lamontagne) It's like you think I got revolvin' doors on my houseLike you can just come and go as you pleaseI'm 'bout to do what your daddy shoulda done I'm gonna lay you right across my knee
  2. It turned out to be just fine. I got spanked and then was able to return the favor.
  3. In a few hours I will be spanked by another man. Initially this had been planned to be session where each spanked the other. I am typically a spanker (both m and f), as is he, but I have never been both the giver and the receiver during the same session, nor have I ever received a spanking from someone that I typically spank. I asked that today, I be the one getting my bare bottom tanned. I have hesitated to commit to being able to reciprocate and spank him after receiving. I am unsure if I can turn the switch that fast in my head. For me to take a spanking, I need to submit and put myself in the role of a disobedient kid, giving up control to an authority figure. I will stand before him, obey his commands, strip naked in front of him and go willingly across his lap. After getting by bottom blistered, I am doubtful I can then reverse roles. I still hold out that possibility and it is still a goal as I have always enjoyed having a nice, spankable bottom across my lap. We will see if I am able to do it and both of us end the day with red butts. Anyone else had these concerns? Any tips you could offer to help me quickly reverse roles?
  4. At the top of my bucket list is someday having an opportunity to provide a discipline spanking to a committed couple. For example, I think it would be very interesting to administer a discipline spanking to a wife and husband who both agree that they are in need of cp to help them get control of some mutual problem in their relationship. Perhaps they both have bad habits regarding their finances. I can imagine having both bent over the back of a couch, holding hands, while I paddle their bare bottoms, alternating from one to the other. Both agreeing that they are equally responsible for being in this very uncomfortable position, and both agreeing that the spanking they are both receiving is well-past due. Has anyone experienced this situation, either on the giving or receiving end?
  5. Several years ago I viewed a series of spanking photos on the net (M/f) that I really enjoyed. As I recall, all were taken outdoors in various natural settings. I particularly remember one taken on white sand dunes. Another was on a mountain trail. A third, I believe was in a ski lift gondola. Do any of you know remember seeing these pics? I wonder if they are still out there somewhere to be found. I would appreciate any leads. Thanks
  6. It really is a great site. Thanks to all that make it possible.
  7. Yes. I consider myself primarily a spanker. I love being in control. I enjoy all of the sensations I experience when I have a willing spankee's lovely bottom across my lap, both female or male. But I too wondered what it must be like to submit to another, so I ventured to the other side. I searched out and found someone who was willing to gently take me to that submissive side. In my case, it was a man, several years older, who matched my need for a fatherly spanking. I cannot fully explain how powerful I found that experience to be. Looking back, what I enjoyed the most was slowly removing all of my clothing, standing before him, completely naked and experiencing the process of going over and across his lap, knowing that in placing myself in that position, I was giving, placing myself in his hands. I had spent some time with him before this event, so I had come to trust him and knew he would tend to me in a manner that was sufficient, yet not beyond my limits. The actual act of spanking was less eventful, (as I recall now) than the time leading up to it. Yet it too, was exhilarating, although a little discomforting. The pain of the spanks were tolerable and just what I wanted and needed. I went back several times thereafter and each spanking was better than the last. I ache that he is no longer in my life and available to give me the spankings I need. (He passed away a few years ago.) Although I remain primarily one who wants to be doing the spanking, I am always looking for someone to take his place. I think my experience has made me better at meeting the needs and wants of those who want to be in that submissive place.
  8. For me the barn was a suitable substitute for the "woodshed" out here in the less forested ranch lands of Texas, Oklahoma, Wyoming and Nebraska. I suspect many on here, from that part of the US, may remember the reality, or at least the threat of, "a trip out to the barn" or in some cases, "out behind the barn". The added benefit of the barn was the abundance of readily available leather and often, a well-placed saddle on which one might find themselves draped across with their jeans in a pile at their ankles.
  9. I am happy to talk to you about spanking. There are some options in Nebraska...
  10. I also live in Nebraska. Have you, or do you, plan to meet your disciplinarian prior to the actual session? That is always a good idea and can relieve some of your anxiety. It can also give you an easy opportunity to reconsider if you decide, upon meeting, that this might not be such a good idea. If that is not the plan, then you may want to consider trying to communicate with someone in the spanko community to see if they know him or know of him. As you know we live in a small population state, and the spanko pool is also limited. If he is somewhat active you may be able to find someone who will vouch for him being trustworthy and safe. There are members of groups in various parts of the state that could be helpful to you. Feel free to reply or DM me if you want to discuss further.
  11. That was a nice goodbye. No it is not for everyone. Take care, D K.
  12. I heard this song yesterday. Interesting reference to a little OTK in the third verse. Song is worth a listen too. Here are the lyrics. I heard the word, it's goin' all around town Looks like your latest toy gone put you down Well, it won't be long, 'fore you come crawling on home Like some old dog with your tail on the ground I'm listenin' to your beg and your plead Don't fill my heart with no pity What makes you think I'm gonna take you back again I ain't your repo man I ain't your repo man Used to be just you and me So young and in love, just like it was meant to be Well, it didn't take long 'fore I begin to see That you got eyes for every man out on the street I'm listenin' to your beg and your plead Don't fill my heart with no pity What makes you think I'm about to take you in again I ain't your repo man I ain't your repo man I ain't no repo man It's like you think I got revolvin' doors on my house Like you can just come and go as you please I'm 'bout to do what your daddy shoulda done I'm gonna lay you right across my knee I work like a devil, every night and everyday Bustin' my back just to make my pay Now where is your woman You ask while you work and you slave? Cause as they say while the cat's away I'm listenin' to your beggin' and your plead Don't fill my heart with no pity What makes you think I'm gonna take you back in again I ain't your repo man I ain't your repo man I ain't no repo man I ain't the repo man
  13. Hi Maddie, Wow, you are studying in a beautiful part of the world. I spent a week there this summer--fell in love with the area. Even the most disciplined person could become distracted.
  14. Jimne

    Beginner in Omaha

    You are correct, otkwisher, that Nebraska does not have a big population. However, there are plenty of spankers/spankees here if you know where to look. It takes some time and patience, but if one checks around, you can find what you are looking for. One has to be willing to communicate with others and be willing to explore a little. There are other websites available and several groups that meet for casual, safe, vanilla-type meetings.
  15. Thanks for these links. I encourage all here to give a listen. Very intelligent insight from someone who obviously understands the dynamics of spanking.
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