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  1. An excellent discussion overall and a model on how we can disagree in a respectful and thoughtful way that expands the conversation. I wish everyone on this site had a chance to read this thread and reflect on how they react and respond to others. I know this has given me a lot to think about. Because we all have a responsibility for making SN a safe, welcoming space for spankos of every stripe.
  2. Ah, the tired, old strategy of joining an online community and trolling the members by starting disputes over nothing and name calling. Talk about boring! I won't be responding further to any of this.
  3. I wo I would have no problem admitting it if it happened. As I mentioned, I would love for it to happen (sure beats being humbled by a paddling). It's certainly possible that there are woman or men that could do it, or perhaps I have too high pain tolerance. I really wish I didn't. It would make it easier on both me and my wife.
  4. I couldn't agree more. I fantasize about a woman who might be able to get me squirming from a hand spanking. Maybe Serena Williams (now that she is retiring) could get the job done. And my wife doesn't really waste her time with it either. She only uses her hand to give me a playful slap or two. For a real spanking, she brings out the paddles - both rubber and wooden.
  5. Hi Bob. I live just outside of Philly as well. And I loved your "Judging a Book by It's Cover" post. I hope we can chat sometime and get to know one another. Seems like we have some things in common. Tom
  6. I wouldn't say you need both. A good story (fiction or nonfiction) needs conflict, but it can be solely internal or external for that matter. It's true that most stories (especially longer ones) are going to have both.
  7. Nope. Had nothing to do with being sexual. My mind went to my own sibling relationships. I'm sure older siblings are naturally more dominant during childhood. Perhaps it's similar to that. I'm not going to Google it. I said I never heard about it, not that I didn't believe you. But studies and people's personal experiences and reflections can be two different things.
  8. I had never heard that before. Do we have any twins here that can confirm this?
  9. I found this one helpful as well. I gave it to my wife to read along with some articles and a portion of Spanking the Male Mind which I thought explained the psychological aspect of being a male spankee well. http://www.howtospankyourman.net/p/book-spanking-male-mind.html?m=1&zx=c88c4a6083df8226
  10. Hi Marcus. I'm Tom, a 62 year old, married switch who is spanked by my wife. I also live in Bucks county. I look forward to chatting with you.
  11. As a spankee, A,B,C are all wonderful. I love the anticipation that builds with A B has never really happened to me, but I fantasize about it. C is always a turn on for me especially if we are out in public.
  12. A female taking charge -- especially in domestic discipline relationships. I guess I'm a sucker for FM spanking romances. I even posted a list of my favorites in the genre in the Male Spankee Support group.
  13. Thanks for sharing this and welcome to the site and group. I also have trouble crying and have never cried from a spanking. I think it would be cathartic to let go like that, but I just don't seem to be able to. Vulnerability is something I need to work on. How did you react when you first noticed he was crying?
  14. I enjoy both, but I do crave a real disciplinary spanking from time to time. It resets me and humbles me in a way I need.
  15. Well put, Chawsee. My wife seems to be turned off by guys (no matter how attractive) that are cocky and arrogant. I never really made the connection between this and her dominant personality, so thanks for that insight. My take on the whole "alpha" thing is that it's bullshit. The idea that certain men are just natural leaders and they do so through power and intimidation doesn't ring true to me. As a teacher, I'm an authority figure, and I serve in leadership roles in other areas of my professional life. Good leadership involves listening, empathy, and good communication skills. Those who are given authority have a responsibilty not to abuse it and treat others with respect. Leaders who believe they are always right and bully people to fall in line, aren't "alphas," they're assholes.
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