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  1. Tomorrow (October 11) is National Kick Butt Day in the U.S. Is this as close as we get to a national or international spanking day? How do you plan to celebrate it? https://www.thereisadayforthat.com/holidays/usa/national-kick-butt-day
  2. Hi Redbtmboy. I understand what you are going through. My wife reacted in a similar way the first couple of years after I asked her to spank me. We talked a lot. I gave her books, articles, and websites to read (which she grew to hate). Being in control in our relationship proved to be what ultimately led to her "buying in." This of course led to me doing a lot more of the housework too making things easier on her. So try to help her see what she will get out of it - since spanking you is something that makes her uncomfortable. Good luck and keep us updated.
  3. I'd be glad to update the group. And I can't tell you how good it feels to have someone who cares (thanks as always for the kind words,Chawsee) and a group that offers advice or just understanding.
  4. Hi Chawsee and everyone, Ive received very few spankings from my wife over the last few months. She threatens a lot but rarely follows through. And Ive yet to feel the belt I bought earlier this year. I guess what is most frustrating is that her spanking me seems to be based totally on her mood rather than my behavior. I even reacted a little angrily to a quick spanking she gave me last week since it seemed so random. Ive never done that before. I'm usually grateful. I guess I should take a page from Gary's book and tell her how I've been feeling. But I feel like we've had these conversations in the past and they went nowhere. Thanks for listening, Tom
  5. That's the line I use with my wife until she proves me wrong. 😉
  6. Thanks for posting this OhRedHead. Everyone has different reactions and sensitivities to products like this. While it doesn't affect me that way, your use may vary. These creams come in various strengths so you might want to start with one that has less capsaicin (the element that makes hot peppers spicy). Make sure you also read the warnings: never use it on broken skin or "sensitive areas".
  7. Wow. John Cougar Mellencamp and Great Gatsby references in one post! Impressive.
  8. My only suggestion would be to rub some capacsin cream in once the stinging sensation starts to fade. That should prolong it for a little while anyway.
  9. I don't think this is true at all. This comes from the stereotypes about flr where the woman is a dominatrix and the man is her slave.
  10. How about a Jokari paddle? I've seen those sold in drugstores as well. They seem like they could be used to give a goid spanking. Not sure how they compare to pickle all paddle s.
  11. I think you need to take into account that these are two people who are married and know one another well. She made it clear from the beginning she loved him and explained why he needed a spanking he wouldn't soon forget. I haven't watched many of their videos, but I'm sure she knows his needs and what he can take. This may seem severe to you, but some of us need a spanking like this from time to time.
  12. I watched the video and see it as a loving wife giving her husband what he needs and deserves. Yes, it's a hard spanking, yes, she makes sure it hurts, but she also makes sure he knows she is doing it out of love and concern for his health. I don't know how you can see this as sadistic.
  13. It depends on what you mean by "long-lasting". In my experience, if you really want to feel it every time you sit down for more than a day after the spanking, you will need something solid (A wooden paddle, bath brush, or hairbrush). But if you are more interested in a stinging/throbbing sensation for several hours, then I would recommend a rubber paddle - especially on a wet bottom. A heavy rubber paddle will produce a longer lasting sting (my wife prefers the crybaby or Truro terror). Using capacin cream afterwards prolongs the sting as well. This has the added bonus of setting your butt on fire again the next time you take a shower.
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