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  1. I don't think this is true at all. This comes from the stereotypes about flr where the woman is a dominatrix and the man is her slave.
  2. How about a Jokari paddle? I've seen those sold in drugstores as well. They seem like they could be used to give a goid spanking. Not sure how they compare to pickle all paddle s.
  3. I think you need to take into account that these are two people who are married and know one another well. She made it clear from the beginning she loved him and explained why he needed a spanking he wouldn't soon forget. I haven't watched many of their videos, but I'm sure she knows his needs and what he can take. This may seem severe to you, but some of us need a spanking like this from time to time.
  4. I watched the video and see it as a loving wife giving her husband what he needs and deserves. Yes, it's a hard spanking, yes, she makes sure it hurts, but she also makes sure he knows she is doing it out of love and concern for his health. I don't know how you can see this as sadistic.
  5. It depends on what you mean by "long-lasting". In my experience, if you really want to feel it every time you sit down for more than a day after the spanking, you will need something solid (A wooden paddle, bath brush, or hairbrush). But if you are more interested in a stinging/throbbing sensation for several hours, then I would recommend a rubber paddle - especially on a wet bottom. A heavy rubber paddle will produce a longer lasting sting (my wife prefers the crybaby or Truro terror). Using capacin cream afterwards prolongs the sting as well. This has the added bonus of setting your but
  6. That's true of me as well. I just find the craving grows when those three factors are involved.
  7. For me, it seems to be three things: Guilt - Doing something (or not doing something) that disappoints my wife or myself. This one is by far the biggest factor. Stress - The more stressed I am the greater the need to be spanked. Sexual Tension - The longer it's been since (well, you know) the more I crave a spanking. Anyone else notice something similar? Are there other factors that play a role for you?
  8. I introduced it to my wife and she says she enjoys it now. Like you MS. L, what she likes best is being in control and being the HoH, but she also mentions liking the reactions she gets out of me when she spanks, my change in attitude, and turning my butt pink (or red or purple). I don't think it's a turn on for her though. What do you like best about spanking your husband? Did (or do) you ever find it to be chore?
  9. I love the idea of a "whipping boy"/surrogate! I'll have to look up that story. I did suggest to my wife that she could give me her birthday spanking if she wanted, but she surprised me and decided to take it herself this morning. So my inner spanker finally got a chance to come out and play!🤗
  10. Welcome! A tall female switch, Every male spankee and switch's dream come true. (Well, at least this one).😋
  11. I guess in practice I should be kicked out of this club. While I'm frequently smacking my wife's behind, she won't allow me to give her a real spanking. The closest I have gotten in the last few years is a birthday spanking (and it's her birthday on Monday!), but she has even put an end to that. So I take what I can get. Which means I do all the taking! While my wife might not be into spanking, she does like being in control, and I've discovered that I enjoy that as well. So while in practice I'm an ee, I still have some er deep inside.
  12. Interesting. I never heard of that with gymnastics. And I've certainly never seen it on TV (although I'd like to). I've seen it with girls volleyball and of course it happens with many of the male sports.
  13. I've had these concerns myself, but as I got older, I realized all this being in charge and getting your way has nothing to do with manliness. It's a little known fact, but discovering who you are is a lifetime journey. You have a long way to go, my young friend. Enjoy the journey and stop worrying about the reaction of others. If this is an important desire, than explore it. If your girlfriend has a problem with it, than she isn't the right one for you.
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