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  1. I do. It doesn't take long for me to recover from even the most severe spankings and be craving another even though I know it will be even more painful. I have to remind myself to show my appreciation for the spankings I am given and do my best to behave. I want my wife to feel that the spankings she gives me are warranted and effective and for her to realize how much I appreciate the effort she puts in. But being a spanko, I can't help but be obsessed with it and to crave it more often than I should.
  2. I tend to agree with you @TotallyColleen I got off easy by the State Trooper too. If he gave me the ticket for going 72 in a 55 zone, it would have been over $200 with 4 points, and a mandatory appearance in court. He gave me two moving violations instead. I probably should have been punished based on what I could have received. But I'm not going to tell my wife how to punish me. I am proud of her for taking charge though -- even if it was over a week after it happened.
  3. About an hour ago. Spanked by mh wife OTK with hairbrush, small bathbrush, and small rubber paddle. 50 with each for a speeding ticket.
  4. I think you know that the answer to all of your questions is to open up totally to him. And yes, I know how hard and scary that is. But until you do, you will be constantly asking this same question and tiptoeing around the real issue -- and never getting what you really need. If it's too hard to talk to him about, write him a letter or give him an article to read -- perhaps Jillian Keenan's New York Times article would work. Good luck. You have my support. I had this conversation with my wife over ten years ago and I'm glad I did. Maybe not initially or all the time, but I'm happy she knows this side of me. And she is too.
  5. This is interesting. So what are some examples of actors, musicians or other famous people who have sexy voices?
  6. I was having similar thoughts while browsing the clubs section and noticing that the Senior Spanko club has 588 members. I wonder what the median age of members on this site is and whether that would even be an indication of the age of spankos in the wider world. I'm definitely not from the younger generation so I can't offer any opinions on the future.
  7. I've never thought of it that way. I would love to hear more about this. For me spanking is an important part of who I am and a deep need. It is certainly tied to my sexuality, but I can (and do) enjoy vanilla sex. Spankings from my wife never lead to sex -- they are usually disciplinary or just playful swats. So does this mean spanking isn't an essential part of my sexuality? It doesn't matter to me if it is or it isn't. Just trying to understand this a little better.
  8. I vote for hand and multiple implements -- although my wife never uses her hand for spankings. I find changing implements keeps me from getting numb by varying the types of sensations
  9. Go to clubs. You should see it listed there. Then click on the button to join the group.
  10. I have never received or sent one, but I'm sure in the cell phone era, many of you have messages, images, emojis or gifs that have announced a spanking or are spanking related. Share some of your favorites. The ones that really got you excited\nervous.
  11. Love it! I hope there will be a part 2.
  12. Good for you for trying. Nothing ventured; nothing gained, as the saying goes. I know I've had nights like that. After trying something similar a couple of times with my wife, she made it very clear that she did not want to be spanked. She eventually came around to having fun spanking me, but even that took years. You can read about our experiences in the "about me" section of my profile. Best of luck to you @HubbyWishes. I know how hard this can be.
  13. Well I'm a teacher who is spanked by my wife. But since our school doesn't spank students, I doubt a student ever thought about me being spanked. In fact, the idea never crossed my mind before reading this thread.
  14. Join the Make Spankee Support Club and post there or create a new club for husband spankees.
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