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  1. Apparently there is a long tradition of spanking females (and dousing them with water) in the Czech Republic. You can read more about it here: https://mainstreamspanking.wordpress.com/2018/03/27/the-rites-of-spring/ I like any excuse to do some spanking, but don't see why it has to be constrained to just the guys spanking the girls. Why not expand it so everyone can wish one another a healthy year through a wet bottom spanking?
  2. For me a thick rubber paddle (like a Truro Terror) has a much more intense sting than a wooden paddle. It's the most painful implement I have experienced. The pain doesn't seem to last as long though. I'll feel the wooden paddle for a couple of days (probably due to bruising--whether visible or not) while the rubber paddle's effect wears off more quickly.
  3. Not a concern just curious: Has anyone found someone on here that they realized they knew in real life, but didn't know shared TTWD
  4. I guess I've always been a switch but didn't realize it. I've always had an urge to smack an attractive female behind and since I am a male that seemed to be the role I should play. I don't think anyone would have ever mistaken me for a dom however-- just not my personality. As I grew older and got married, I began to explore my ee side. And since my nonspanko wife hates to be spanked (outside of playful swats),I went with the only option open to me. So while I still consider myself a switch, I definitely lean heavily on the ee side with my wife taking on a more dominant role in our relationship. This also fits better with our personalities. But boy, do I still want to smack a woman's bottom!
  5. I'm just curious. Has anyone on here realized or strongly suspected someone on this site was someone you knew in real life? If so, how did you handle it?
  6. Yes, welcome to all. Chawsee, Gary, and others have made this a very supportive space. Feel free to reach out to me as well. I enjoy discussing experiences, struggles, and feelings associated with being a male spankee. @Bnas it looks like we are in the same area. I look forward to learning more about you.
  7. Shouldn't you be the one telling her how you should be spanked? Buy her some implements that will help her get her point across without too much effort and experiment. Do lots of talking about your needs and how she is feeling. You have a very open minded and loving wife, but this is difficult for nonspankos to understand. Be patient, understanding, and talk, and talk, and talk some more. Good luck to both of you.
  8. I got a kick and out of hearing Mayim Bialik say the phrase "ass whoopin" when she read the following answer last night: "Mankind is on the wrong side of an ass-whoopin' in 2051 & Chris Pratt has to go back to the future to help in this 2021 flick"
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