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  1. The rubber paddle (my wife uses this Truro Terror) is the most painful implement I've experienced. I find it difficult to hold my position when she is using it. But while it's the most painful in the moment, the after effects are not nearly as bad as a wooden paddle or bath brush. For me, leather straps hurt a lot in the beginning, but I quickly become numb to them. Other than a hand spanking, I most prefer leather belts and straps.
  2. I'd like to be included as well. Although I don't know that I'll be able to attend any events.
  3. Welcome. I'm in a similar relationship. I look forward to chatting with you.
  4. As I teacher myself, that really gets me thinking. Could there be any former students out there that ... nah, that would be too good to be true.
  5. Thank you, Chawsee! I think whatever "success" we have had comes from compromise, understanding what our needs really are, and then adjusting expectations to accept and appreciate the efforts being made. I'm open to talking with anyone who is interested in discussing this further.
  6. Had you asked me this before I was married or early on in my marriage, I would have said I lean ER and would have had a hard time being submissive. But I eventually discovered my wife hated to be really spanked and put a stop to it quickly. And while she isn't really a spanko, she discovered she likes being in charge and putting me in my place when she thinks I need it. And I realized how much I've always I've always been turned on by strong women. Of course, I would love to get a chance to turn a female bottom pink, but I am perfectly happy in my role in our casual female-led marriage. I
  7. A heavy rubber paddle (like the truro terror my wife prefers) produces a wicked sting with thud, but it doesn't bruise as deeply or easily as wood. It definitely gets the biggest reaction out of me with the least amount of effort on my wife's part. Wonder why she likes it so much.
  8. I agree with @tearyaftercare. I used to think the bathbrush and heavy wooden paddle were the worst, and then I bought my wife a Rubber Paddle called the Truro Terror. And it is just that. It is definitely the most painful implement I've felt. It doesn't bruise as easily as a bathbrush or paddle, however; so the effects don't last as long. It has become my wife's favorite implement.
  9. If you are on iPUN, what is your username? Mine is Tom
  10. For me it has evolved as I've grown older and gotten to know myself better. I have always been attracted to female behinds and always have a strong urge to smack them. I love to have a bare female bottom to smack and rub and play with. Because of this, I used to think of myself as more of a spanker than a spankee. As I developed my obsession with more serious disciplinary spankings, I learned about another side of myself. My vanilla wife hates to get a real spanking but was willing to try spanking me. I began to realize how much I needed that. And we both realized that her being in charge
  11. Great story that was well written. I love the details. Any chance your going to treat us to the story of when she used that brush on you and reduced you "to a whimpering boy"?
  12. For me, it's catharsis. The spankings I get from my wife are punishments, so I want to feel truly sorry for what I have done to earn the spanking -- not only while the spanking is happening, but long afterwards. I want my wife to feel satisfied that I have learned my lesson and will work to do better. I want us both to feel like we've "cleared the air" and can begin again, closer than ever. That can only happen if I get it a full force, long punishment spanking that has a lasting impact.
  13. My story is similar to David although there wasn't one event that suddenly transformed my wife into "French vanilla". After years of her trying to spank me (she quickly made it clear that she hated being spanked), me giving her things to read, buying different implements, trying to set up different scenarios and structures for spanking, she came to realize that she liked being in charge. That turned out to be the key. She decides when I deserved to be spanked and she is much more enthusiastic about it. I'm not sure whether she gets any more of a "thrill" out of spanking me, but she c
  14. Thanks for sharing, Chawsee. I don't think I've ever heard the fantasy of a female spanker before. Seems like it has touched on the fantasies many of us switch and spankee men harbor. I think the line us forming already. I hope you have the stamina to keep up. 😉
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