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  1. As an English teacher myself, I think we need to "talk" about your careless mistakes!
  2. My question is: why does she want to give you another round? Is this something that you agreed to ahead of time? And if it's truly a punishment spanking that she has decided you need, then maybe part of the punishment is you take care of her sexually, but you don't get to finish. Then you won't mind the second round before bed so much and she will feel more empowered and satisfied.
  3. I would say once a month on average. It depends on my behavior and her mood (unfortunately). They are all punishment spankings. My wife doesn't do maintenance , and I'm not counting playful spankings which are rare anyway. There have been months (or even weeks) with two or three spankings, but I've also gone two months with nothing. It's been three weeks since my last punishment spanking, but I did get a playful one last night.
  4. I would love a hand spanking from wife, but her hand ends up hurting before my bottom does. In fact, I find it hard to believe anyone could really get me squirming and hurting with just their hand. I would love to be proven wrong one day.
  5. Exactly. I tell my wife, "I'm feeling the love" the next day while I'm sitting on a sore hiney. Because that's how I feel - she cared enough to spank me and keep me in line.
  6. And there is something exciting about the prospect of being spanked on a red, sore bottom.
  7. Yes. At least from what I have experienced so far.
  8. Asking for a spanking and being told I've earned one are two totally different dynamics for me.
  9. My spankings are not LONG enough most of the time, and I don't get spanked often enough. EEXPLANATION: My wife spanks hard - VERY hard. When she starts I can't wait for her to stop. But often, shortly after she does stop, I'm ready for more. Part of that is due to her not spanking long enough. Part of it has to do with a high pain tolerance and quick recovery. I don't blame her, but I do try to be honest with her and let her know what I'm feeling. It's also important to me that my wife initiates the spankings. This has a lot to do with submitting to her authority and my attraction to
  10. I agree that this should be brought up early in a relationship, but to be honest, I didn't even know myself back then. I knew I had an urge to spank, but I had no idea how much I needed to BE spanked and for my wife to take control. That understanding came much later. And it took my wife a while to get used to the idea as well.
  11. What if the wristband was three colors: pink, red, and purple. I think that might be unique enough to work. You could even get letters stamped into it (TTWD, ER, ee?). I had friends that went on a cruise that turned out to have a large group of swingers. They identified themselves through yellow wristbands. Is that something they do outside of the cruise as well?
  12. I agree. I've made some audio recordings as well.
  13. I don't mind telling her about it. But in the past, she has shown no interest in spanking websites or articles. I would love if she would have the opportunity to talk to you or other members who are in similar situations. Tom
  14. That is so true, Ms. L. There is no such thing as a safe word in this house either. My wife is in charge and it's my responsibility to take whatever punishment she thinks I've earned.
  15. That sounds dangerous. I guess I'm lucky that she isn't on this site (or any others). 😜
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