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  1. I too have been intrigued by spanking for wellness, though a bit new-agile for my tastes...such are a lot of the massage/wellness establishments. If I'm not mistaken though, I thought I read somewhere that they closed their NYC operation, and are now based only in DC, with traveling events in other cities from time to time.

  2. A bit of a cautious answer, because I can't know from your original question what you were bringing into the encounter as an objective. That said all that follows is in that context; spanking, as an undertaking, is hugely defined and understood by what we bring to the event. What we ourselves perceive as what we deserve, and to some derivative extent desire, is an enormous load of expectation. Disappointment or fulfillment comes from the meeting of those expectations, of the lack thereof. Up front communication is therefore key, together with taking the time to understand the needs both of the Spanker and the Spankee. Don't be off put by off putting first experiences. What in life works perfectly the first time. Learn and progress. Such is life.

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  3. I think much of what drew me to spanking was that normal spanking when any diligent parent would have spanked me was missing from my experiences, leaving me with shaky insecurities, guilt related problems later, and damaged self esteem from temperamental bad behavior that grew out of me being inconsistently disciplined. It left my inner child feeling like there was no parent as if I looked up and realized I was lost in the grocery store with no parent to reach out for. I can understand and empathise with feelings of wanting to be spanked, but I do not think it is so much how hard you are spanked that sooths the need, but that it is right and fair for what you deserve, and at the hand of someone that cares about you. I think we may need the supportive emotional bond to the spanker even more than the spanking itself.

    BRAVO MANSPANK! Spot on observation resonating with me completely. At least for me this may be the best explanation for the deepest part of this peculiar interest I've ever heard; this after listening to what must be hundreds of hours of tortured analysis. Sure there are others who have a different experience, but wow... What a succinct thunderbolt of on target reasoning.

  4. Seeing that you are self aware enough to be asking these questions I don't thing you need to worry about your grip on sanity :) , that said, this whole business is pretty hard to explain. I've come to understand that it's just a force of our natures, something you either get or you don't...and never will. The name of this forum sums it up nicely; Spanking Needs. That need may differ somewhat person to person, but it is a need, not an option.

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  5. Like since second grade. I remember zoning in immediately on any spanking reference on television..fairly common in those days. I'd plow through out little school library for books with any such reference..largely books with illustrations at that age group so finding one was a double win with actual drawings depicting spanking. Found one on Thomas Edison. Another with some jungle animals spanking a baby elephant...bizarre I realize but such was (and is) the compunction. Into and though teen years would spanko myself silly, but always kept it secret....till the day I got caught at it but that's another story....

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