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  1. I'm not sure that the intent here is to say DDD wants his real dad to spank him, unless I'm reading his post all wrong. Sounds to me like that would have had its place in the world he wished he'd had.... rather that plus emotional connection seems to have been missing. I can relate on both scores. The longing to be spanked today (by a fellow spanko I'm sure) seeks to at least partially fill that hole. Touching post, at least for me.

  2. Curious if anyone remembers an old screen name covenvetion used on the old irc spanking channels wherein an ee begins their name with lower case and an er with upper case. Made it easy to identify perhaps the central characteristic of another in the room, except of course for us switches.

  3. Often the trouble in all this comes unbidden... in the wee hours when the glass of wine has had its effect and the pending day ahead crashes in to otherwise peaceful and oh so necessary rest time. It's useful at such moments to ask ones self...ok..it's two am on a Tuesday here in February 2018.....what exactly can I do about this right now... not generally or eventually...but right now..this moment. Then deliberately make the effort to Segway into a more peaceful thought pattern. ...even a joyful post spanking hug remembrance ... I find it helps in this oh so intrusively stressful world to acertively let go of the toxic stress and give yourself permission to just be. Just for that moment. Let peace wash over you just that brief moment. Much more able to do later what you must when you've taken the moment you need afore. Akin to the surrender in taking a well deserved spanking. It's about letting go.  Pardons please for such carrying in.

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  4. Watched Hitchcock's To Catch a Theif last night and was treated to two delightful spanking references; first where Cary Grant threatened Grace Kelly with a spanking, and second where she was again threatened with a spanking by her mother...this time WITH A HAIRBRUSH! Back in the day such references were common on TV and in movies, and always gave me a thrill...even when I was little. I remember seeing the wagon train spanking scene back when it was a first run on prime time tv...my heart right nearly jumped out of my chest. Identifying with being spanked as a boy such scenes were a particular and very rare delight. Anybody have any favorite recollections of such startles? Could be a fun topic to revisit....

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