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  1. 1. I enjoy photography 2. I am avidly into Auto Rallying 3. I am working on my first novel 4. I’ve known my best friend practically since we were born 5. Oh, did I mention I’ve got this wee little thing for spanking?
  2. Can’t say that I have but have certainly wondered about a few folks I know, one in particular, a dressage teacher who runs an equine rescue center I’ve supported for some years now. Three startles that led me to wonder: 1. On first meeting her, together with her husband, I commented to him...not to her, what a wonderful job HE had done developing the equine center. He fairly panicked at my words and quickly averred it was SHE, not he, who had brought the center into being.. SHE who was the creative force, SHE who made the designs for the noble structures that housed the school, the horses and the rescue. I glanced to her only to see her impaling both the husband and myself with a disciplinarians stare. The husbands reaction was so telling. My mind began to wonder. 2. Some time later I enrolled in a class she was teaching on caring for horses. .. an intro thing to familiarize novices with the basics of coat and hoof care, basic tac and how to lead and interact with the animal. At one point she was working with a smallish horse that was being uncooperative. Her voice was commanding, but not enough to quell the animal, which I’ll note here was tethered by its halter in the space outside it’s stall...it couldn’t run off. After having enough of the horse’s mischief, she hauled off and delivered a powerful smack to the critters rump, whereupon it reared, Whinnied, and immediately became more compliant. A practiced hand, I thought. Don’t get on her bad side! 3. On a later occasion, wandering through the facility, I came upon a lesson she was teaching to a few young ladies...instruction rather advanced, it seemed to me, in the competitive are of dressage riding. One student apparently lapsed for the second time in a particular movement. “One more time, young lady, and I’m going to SPANK YOU! “ she shouted...wow, confirmation, to me, of all the imaginations that had fired up in my perverse little brain. I wanted to sign up as the class dunce that very moment.. desperate to be taught the kind of lesson I was sure she taught regularly. Ive had some marvelous imaginations over the years, about this secret spanko crawling with clues as to her real nature...yet the picture of decorum to the larger world. If only I had the kind of guts the story subject of this post showed. I applaud him and his courage.
  3. Seems substantially the same to me, from a UI standpoint
  4. I was watching the 1955 Hitchcock film to catch a thief the other night...at least two distinct, bald faced spanking references...both aimed at the derrière of Grace Kelly...first by Cary Grant telling her she needed a good spanking. Another by Jessie Royce Landis (playing Grace’s mother) , saying she should be “spanked with a hairbrush and sent back to school”. Ah, they just don’t make them like they used to..
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