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  1. Rand E , just want to say I love the concept of a calibration spanking when meeting new people. Not only is it a great way to learn about mutual expectations in a (relatively) consequence free environment, but helps form a bond that makes subsequent spanking experiences more fulfilling. Establishing the parameters of hurt but not harm allows for informed trust and the ability to really let go in a session. More generally, a brilliant post...thanks for sharing.
  2. I was maybe 10 or so...not very memorable a few swats on the seat of my pants over dads knee. Probably deserved more.
  3. I think anyone not of a like mind on the subject knowing about this side of me would be a true disaster..I wither and die when I consider how they might chat about it behind my back...horrors.
  4. I was getting a spanking once and the mail carrier came up on the porch to drop the mail. The room I was in was right off the porch and the window was open. Between smacks of the hairbrush I could hear his footsteps and the creak of the hinge in the mailbox lid...no way he could have mistaken what was going on just the other side of those window shears. Maybe even got a glimpse.
  5. With a sub caption of his mother saying “enough is enough” .... one of the all time great spanking comments .
  6. The actual caption on that cartoon was “if DENNIS THE MENACE had parents with normal patience”.....always wished I had been in that position from time to time.
  7. What a neat concept...please do continue
  8. “Startle” is a term I haven’t heard utilized in the spanking. Ontext for a long time! Nice to hear such anecdotes. . . A bit of a thrill for everyone.
  9. Oxygen saturation of 92 is a tad low s/b 98 or more.
  10. I’ve had a fantasy of being sent upstairs to the first bedroom on the right with orders to remove my street clothes, sit on the edge of the bed facing the door and wait. As my eyes wander I see the window is open. I see there is a fearful hairbrush on the dresser. I see there is a full length mirror positioned so I can see myself fully. I hear footsteps...coming slowly up the stairs...I see my Dad pro tem enter the room...I’m ordered to stand up. He takes my seat and motions me to his side. With a single clean motion he sweeps away my underpants, the only thing other than socks I have on. Haul
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