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  1. What a neat concept...please do continue
  2. “Startle” is a term I haven’t heard utilized in the spanking. Ontext for a long time! Nice to hear such anecdotes. . . A bit of a thrill for everyone.
  3. Oxygen saturation of 92 is a tad low s/b 98 or more.
  4. I’ve had a fantasy of being sent upstairs to the first bedroom on the right with orders to remove my street clothes, sit on the edge of the bed facing the door and wait. As my eyes wander I see the window is open. I see there is a fearful hairbrush on the dresser. I see there is a full length mirror positioned so I can see myself fully. I hear footsteps...coming slowly up the stairs...I see my Dad pro tem enter the room...I’m ordered to stand up. He takes my seat and motions me to his side. With a single clean motion he sweeps away my underpants, the only thing other than socks I have on. Haul
  5. Heed what you hear...start softer and work up. My first spanking was with a sturdy bath brush..I was black and blue took weeks to clear up fully.
  6. Then as now any mention of spanking generates a thrill and rapt attention. Just this past summer a group of neighbors were sitting out on our bac deck. The discussion stumbled upon how a certain group of people should be spanked for their behavior....ziNGGGG...
  7. Agree on Vermont country store brush...alas though I think they no longer have iy
  8. When was your last spanking? About a year ago What were you spanked for? Mutual satisfaction How long was; the spanking itself, the total session including pre, [ost, and talking/lecturing during? An hour or so What implement or implements were used? Hand hairbrush paddle bath brush How many spanks (total) with each implement? Didn’t count but seemed infinite. I’d guess about 70-100 How much did it hurt during the spanking (1 - barely felt it, 3 - mild discomfort, 5 - it really hurt)? 5 How long and how much did it hurt after the spanking (1 - barely felt
  9. I’ve had it for brief intervals between bouts over the knee...just enough time to think about it
  10. Always interested, more the rarely spanked but should have been type though
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