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  1. I'm a switch. I've spanked men and women and been spanked by men and women. For me the best part about spanking is the actual spanking. If I can find a person with a love for the spanking itself and not the surrounding drama then I'm interested!
  2. That sounds like a spanking lottery winner to me!
  3. I've been spanked by men and I've given spankings to men. The key to it being a successful meeting is just like with anyone... agree ahead of time on do's and dont's. I also try to figure out the other person's biggest fantasy, what really drives them. If I'm ok with that it's a go. If I don't want any part of their core fantasy then I stay away. The M/M spankings that have been enjoyable for me have been with people where I've taken time to establish a relationship. Go slowly get to know them and make sure that your respective "want to do, don't want to do" lists line up.
  4. I agree with you completely. If you truly love the act of spanking and being spanked nothing beats a long sesson going back and forth. I could never chose to only spank or be spanked .
  5. I totally agree that some implements seem to go more naturally with a man or woman. My list is below: Hand - Either, Slipper - Not on my rader (I see this as a British thing) Hairbrush - Female, Belt - Either Wooden Spoon - Female, Cane - Not on my radar (I see this as a British thing) Paddle - Both, Strap - Not on my radar Ruler - Female
  6. How many of you have the paddle or other spanking implement that your parents used on you when you were younger? Do you use it for play today or is it retired?
  7. Hi, I'm going to be visiting Cincinnati weekly for the rest of 2013. I will have a hotel room to host Monday - Wednesday. I'm open to pretty much everything in the spanking world. If anyone wants to give or receive a spanking that does not have to be sexual let's talk. ed_otk@yahoo.com Ed
  8. Hi Pete, what kind of spanking are you looking for?
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