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  1. Hi Sweetie. Welcome to the site. I'm in the Tampa area, so let's chat and see if I can be what you are looking for. My email address is in my profile. Mike
  2. Can't wait to visit the bookstores and libraries again. Haven't been cooped up, though. I volunteer at food pantries, which I have done for years, but there are many more in need now. Please consider volunteering at these or other ways to help others. You will do good and it gets you out of the house. Wear protection and maintain your distance, and you will be fine. Your call, though.
  3. Spanking Therapy can be safe and effective for people of any age. The brain senses your body being attacked and it release several calming hormones that relieve stress and other negative emotions. It can last up to a week. After awhile, your brain will crave these and demand more. Hopefully, by then you will have found one or more partners to provide the spanks. Read the tips on safety here and elsewhere, and be safe. There is no need to be nervous. Take it slow and get to know the Tops first in public places. If they are gentlemen, they understand this and are patient. Good luck!
  4. Spanker/spankee in Tampa here. Male or female.
  5. Hi InTouch. Experienced spanker here can provide you with the type of spankings and experiences you want. All safe and sane, and at your speed and comfort level. Safe words at least in the beginning. At your place or I can host. Let's chat first, then meet for coffee. Check my profile and reply to my email. Mike
  6. I agree with your statement "Being able to cry from a spanking depends on several factors" and is why I used the word "may" more than once. We are all sharing based on our own unique experiences. In my talking with self-spankers, none have been able to cry for a several reasons: 1) The brain tends to be self-limiting when it senses potential harm or pain, and therefore prevents the arm from producing full strength strokes; 2) some people cannot self-spank with strength or accuracy because of their body geometry; 3) and some need an authority figure that is hovering over them and speaking appropriate words because they have either experienced this when younger or they have fantasized about it. You are right that it helps to trust their spanker, and it may take time to build this trust.
  7. Hi Jackie. Welcome to SN. Google Texas Spanking Party (words like that) and email the leader, Tubaman. He is a old friend of mine and I can vouch for him, and he would not allow anyone inappropriate at his parties. There are many members here from TX that can help you, but they are probably also members. Good luck.
  8. Welcome to SN. You may not be able to cry with a self-spanking. The brain is very sensitive when giving or receiving spankings, and it may not have enough channels to separate the different signals. If you want to cry and feel completely absolved of guilt feelings, you need to find an older experienced male or female spanker that you can have a trusted long-term relationship with. There are plenty on here to choose from. Good luck.
  9. Welcome to SN. If you are ever in central Florida, let's get together for your spanking. mike
  10. Welcome to SN. Lots of spankos in the Tampa Bay Area. You shouldn't have any problem meeting some new ones. Mike
  11. First Name: Mike Age: 56 Sex: Male Spanker/Spankee/Switch: Switch Country you are from: USA State/Providence: Florida
  12. Hi Platar. If you haven't found someone already, please PM me to chat. Mike
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