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  1. "from the "Heart of my Bottom" Quite the opposite in Spanko-Land.
  2. Not only does everyone not respond to the same implement [wood, lexan, rubber, plastic, leather] in the same way, that same individual may not respond the same way to the same implement at a different time. There are many variables to consider. As a general rule, I will usually select which I suspect, or whether I am aware of, to be the Most Dreaded implement / implements which will "get to the Bottom of it" in the most efficient manner.
  3. The general idea of discipline is to be as a "deterrent" to discourage further behavior. So, in such cases as needed, other means of discipline shall be imposed. To quote a great philosopher, "Vee have Vays of Sorting you Out" by what ever means necessary.
  4. As a disciplinarian, general physical appearance has never been an issue. The "issue at hand" on the table is primarily the issue. I have declined on only a couple of potential connections where body weight was an issue. I can deal with " a little extra pound here and there". However, anything excessive is way beyond my personal limit.
  5. As long as it takes for the "unfortunate" to be regretting her actions and wishing that it was Over & Done with.
  6. I discipline Only when & after an "Understanding" of Behavior & the attached Consequences for any repeated behavior has been issued. As this particular public scene developed into an embarrassing situation, a spanking still would not have been the appropriate course of action. But if in fact you had been warned but did it anyway, then you would've been instructed to bend over for a "good talking to". 🤨
  7. Well, yes it is. Ephesians 5:21., just prior to your specific Ephesians reference. I merely substituted "serve" for "submit", which I equate the two as a relative interpretation.
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