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  1. Coconut oil is excellent. Reasonably easy to manage. It's one of my personal favs.
  2. I said no such thing. But nice try. Here's a "kick in the head" Chinese, American, Canadian, etc are Not Races. They are Nationalities. Caucasion, Oriental, African, Indian, etc are Races. Reread my post. Again, where did I mention Race?
  3. Typical reply. I expect nothing else. Anytime you disagree, the narrative is suddenly screaming "Racist" !! "You're a Racist ! !" Who said anything about race? What I stated was pure Indisputable F-A-C-T. So, cut the B.S. Racist kuh-Rap, my little friend.
  4. Let's review shall we? Q: where did it originate? A: China [indisputable] Q: Who knowingly hide the outbreak from the entire world, but protected themselves? A: China [indisputable] Countless Millions are now Dead and even more have been inconvenienced & Still struggling as a result. And you're concerned about a few hurt feelings? I recommend that you Take your sympathies elsewhere, perhaps to those who have lost loved ones & friends. I make No Apologies.
  5. I had forgotten, since becoming inactive following the Chi-disease attack, regarding my "exceptions to the rule" which are when "designated swats" are in order, in which case the # of swats are known & administered. Ex: One swat per tardy min/hr/day when addressing time/deadline mgmt, etc.
  6. All sessions are entirely Improv. No planning, no scripting. The only thing close to being planned out might be as to what I will use to discipline & how I will use it, which is always subject to change. I may not know, myself, until the actual "moment of truth".
  7. Getting spanked in front of a mirror might be something to consider (?) A 2 in 1. 😁
  8. I couldn't begin to explain the reasons of others, as there are countless reasons or motivations for getting a spanking. But also could be simple sematics between "desire & need", as in "wanting b/c they need it" as opposed to "for fun or pleasure". But as an "accountable consequence" lifestyle disciplinarian, most of my encounters involve negative reinforcement to eliminate undesirable habits or at least get it/them under control.
  9. As Judge, Jury, Executioner, and sometimes self-appointed Supreme Court Chief Justice on Appeals, 😁 [b/c I'm always fair] I don't recall an incident when a spanking has ever been wanted, as far as I am aware. They are usually something to avoid. 😉 There are other temporary discipline alternatives in lieu of corporal punishment should such a situation arise.
  10. I impose a certain rule of designate swats for certain situations: Ex: language mgmt penalty [1 swat per letter per incident]. time mgmt penalty [1 swat per minute/hour/day/etc per incident]. $$$ mgmt penalty [# swat per $$$ denomination (all of which are depending upon my charitable mood) 🤨]. The uncounted { No Worries, I manage the counting task} swats allows the freedom to reflect & dwell on the moment.
  11. Any certain implement is not necessarily a cause for bruising. There are several other variables at play to consider. However, I prefer to use lexan, particularly On the Bare as my initial "Go To" when I simply want to "Nip It in the Bud". 😉
  12. I have selected to use a particular paddle w/ "holes" when I have asked for an explanation pertaining to a specific incident and found that there were "holes" (deception) presented within such explanation.
  13. God's view, according to scripture? All sin is equal. Not one sin is greater than another.
  14. Vanilla, aka: " 'nilla " in one word? = Borrrrrrr-ing.
  15. Lexan on the dry Bare will most always do the trick, and more so on a Wet Bare.
  16. "Do we need to go another round?" is the only maintenance plan I've ever used.
  17. Age is irrelevant. A public meeting is essential. As chummy as you may be at this stage, you still remain absolute strangers. Do not assume anything which has been discussed online; whether by email, chat, etc. A public meeting can reveal a lot about a person thru eye contact & general mannerisms. And then your meeting will go much more smoothly & comfortably when there are zero surprises or at least they are kept to a bare minimum.
  18. I don't play "patty-cake" & I don't do "warm-ups". So, generally, most ee's have walked away [and I use that term loosely 😁] from the discipline with a lasting impression, which is a noticeably very sore rear end & which has generally lasted for anywhere from 2 to 4 days.
  19. I am not a hotel/motel fan tho' I have done them on a few occasions when no other alternative was available. Select non-peak days & hours when the hotel/motel is as vacant as possible. Select a pref room as far away from any potential neighbors. Tag the door with a Do Not Disturb sign, don't forget about the housekeepers. Tell the clerk that you've been traveling & prefer not to be interrupted by neighbor noise. And then refrain from or at least minimize any noise creating implements. You should be fine.
  20. My grandma had a "Fig" tree in the backyard. I will leave it at that.
  21. I haven't met with anyone in the past couple of yrs but I have met with several young ladies from this site since '13. There was a period of time when this site was quite locally, within travel distance, active.
  22. As for disciplinary? It would seem & feel silly to me if there wasn't a reason. Otherwise, how could it be called disciplinary? As for any other type.......Anything Goes. 😁
  23. Only when skin is not broken. Anything applied to a laceration could cause infection .
  24. There is considerable advantage to lotions, creams, oils, moisturizers, etc. A longer lasting & intensified affect while also providing added skin protection.
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