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  1. It's very easy to fall for, lose focus & to get sucked in. And before you know it, "what just happened. I waisted all that time. I wish I had known" Rule Numero Uno is ..."Never, Never Assume any more than you actually verify". Until you actually meet, if that's what you're looking for, and doing it safely, you are doing nothing more than Texting to a Text. There is no way to know what's on the other side [of a computer screen] until you have further verification. It's really just using an acceptable level of common sense. Or as I refer to as "using your head, not your bottom"
  2. Several variables to consider as to whether I might allow rubbing, along with when it might be permissible to rub. As to the "where", [rubbing area] would be a given. Should there be a sufficient display of remorse or contrition, the seriousness and/or frequency of the incident at hand. Last but not least, it depends on whether I am in a charitable, empathetic mood to warrant such rubbing.
  3. I always make it quite clear that whether or not "On the Bare " is optional & has never been an issue with me. It is a "come as you are" event. And I will make the necessary adjustments to "get to the bottom of it" regardless of whether Bare or not. However in the interest of "quality assurance & damage control" it is essential that the rear end is subject to examination & inspection, both during as well as afterwards simply so that the "job has been taken care & the issue has been presumed as resolved" & has been noted as within all physical limits.
  4. *Ding*..*Ding*..*Ding*...............[light enters brain] 😉 now , there's a well thought-out general idea. Ya think?
  5. a Wood Paddle is my usual "go to.." . However, I will use what ever it takes to "make my point" or to "Get the Job Done! " in the most expedient manner.
  6. I don't focus on it. I don't expect it. It's not a priority with me. And it certainly can not be forced. It either happens or it doesn't.
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