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  1. 1st: She had been warned by several present, more than once, to either keep quiet or leave, of which she did neither. 2nd: everyone present was merely shocked & relieved at the same time that I followed thru after several chances for her to stop. 3rd: she did not speak to me again only b/c she was embarrassed. She called my bluff & then discovered that she deserved it.
  2. In 1982, the usual sunday afternoon routine was to hang out in a living rm with a group, a dozen others ranging between 23 yrs to 35yr singles, for a NFL play-off party. The youngest lady had a constant habit of running her mouth, interrupting the ballgame to attract attention. She always had to have the last word regardless of who said what. I had just about had enough, and I noticed that several others were getting annoyed. She was warned to stop it on more than one occasion. I had mentioned to one other that someone should do something & that I would do something about it if no one else did. One particular sunday while I was sitting next to her on a couch, she mouthed off once too many times. So, I grabbed her by the wrist, swung her over my lap, & proceeded to wallop her little hiney continually for a full 30 sec. Most everyone there was taken by surprise. The sad news? She never spoke to me again. But the glad news? She never again disrupted another gathering.
  3. Nose against the wall or in corner, hands behind back above the waist, legs far enough apart, holding a cane between the cheeks; Waiting for that kitchen timer (tick-tick, tick-tick) to go "ding"
  4. I view & impose spanking as either a deterrent or as an incentive, which ever case may apply. I personally feel better, so much better afterwards, b/c of the positive results affect whether dealing with & overcoming undesirable habits, behavior modification or goal orientation. It may be considered as a favor, indirectly, only as it produces a direction in personal growth whereas desire was evident but the willpower was insufficient.
  5. My only concerns are with one's intent & represent.
  6. My personal satisfaction is the end result; which is the change which corporal discipline produces. Can it be sensual? Certainly it can. And it can also become frustrating. However, there is no power or no sexual gratification involved.
  7. Each one's intent or need may differ. Same book, same page.
  8. One overwhelming fear to consider? Me: "march yourself down the hall........I'll be there in a few minutes"
  9. When having to give a disciplinary spanking, it is sometimes a last resort. I don't necessarily derive pleasure from it. In fact, it's quite the opposite. It's an unpleasant, painful, but necessary task which doesn't turn me on & I don't feel a sense of power or control from doing it. My personal gratification {reward} is with the end results when it is able to correct or modify an undesirable lifestyle or habit. When it's over & done with, then All becomes Good with a clean slate.
  10. Corporal discipline is a " Means to an End " when consensual expectations have been chosen to be ignored. Otherwise I can get really frustrated, which I would not recommend.
  11. Giving any attention to msnbc would be your first mistake, Fake News propaganda. The big picture can be overwhelming. Several sporting events might be an example; 9 innings, 4 quarters, 18 holes, 10 frames, etc. With cleaning/organizing a home, it's one room or one small area, as the project to work on, at a time, regardless of how long it takes to complete, tho' within a reasonable time frame/challenge is more efficient & rewarding.
  12. You did not misspeak nor do you have anything to apologize for. My post was a broad statement directed to the OP with regard to temptation. If, and only if, a certain activity could be justified, then I'd be ok with it. "Well, my friends are ok with it" would not be an acceptable reason. You did just fine. Carry On.
  13. A judgement based on temptation would have zero merit. Any argument or explanation which might follow would then have no leg to stand on.
  14. I used a long handle plastic bath brush for yrs, until it finally broke. I swear by it. Well, those on the receiving end were the ones who actually did the swearing.
  15. I am quite attentive, or should I say "focused", on the physical & emotional reactions. It is generally easy to gage when it's on the bare. But when over clothing, there is an internal clock which tells me that reaching a certain point of the spanking has been enough. That "internal clock" can develop with experience. During the initial stages of engagement, not being sufficiently acquainted with the individual, I will go as far as I am comfortable with going. There has been more than one occasion when the spanking didn't go as far as I might have needed to go to get the message thru. However, the only recourse is to "have at it" again & again & again, as often as necessary, until the problem has been resolved.