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  1. I am a very strong believer & engage in positive support. I always encourage & praise when any accomplishment or effort has been demonstrated. But I also equally activate Negative Reinforcement [corporal discipline] without fail & without delay. 😁
  2. It is 10000% dynamic. But then, I am an unattached bach.
  3. The worst spankings which I have administered were for a disregard for personal safety. Several years ago, there were 2 ladies who, at the same time but independent of one another, were searching for online activity [spankers] . They both very well knew of, but blatantly ignored, safety precautions. One lady was sodomized & beaten at a truck stop, the other was tossed around the hotel room & also was not permitted to leave. {she thought it would be safe since a hotel was a public venue] After sufficient time was allowed for both of them to physically & emotionally heal. Well, let's just say that " I made certain that neither one was ever careless again". I followed up a year or two later. The good news is that the last time was the very last time.
  4. The reward of watching a young lady's undesirable habits disappear, modifying personal growth within a timely manner.
  5. I am entirely Confidential. No one knows. No one outside of the spanko world that is. 😉 I was almost one-time "outed" to a former long-time hunting partner when we both registered on the same 'nilla site, of which I used the same U-name. He connected with a local lady who recognized my pic & U-name. And naturally put the two together.
  6. any nylon garment will also add that extra touch.
  7. I once spanked my high school gf in the backseat for telling me to "get bent". Naturally with an attitude demonstration. She learned. And It didn't happen again.
  8. I would continue Only if/when the issues are resolved, in however manner they may be resolved. If/when an issue escalates to a larger degree than the disciplinary relationship itself which therefore becomes an interference or distraction, then there is really no choice but to terminate. In other words, if it doesn't matter, then what's the problem?
  9. Not every disciplinary situation is the same. So, sometimes yes & other times not so much. Hugs are not automatic nor do they always apply. Most of the time, it's intuitive. There are certain times when a hug may be needed to help to regain her "composure". And then there are those occasions when it's just a matter when some sufficient rear end discomfort is to be enough.
  10. Simply pick a wood & go with it. There will be some that manage to break along the way, just go make another. I have constructed & continue to make all my paddles. The fun part is the entire process; the selecting, the checkout line (female cashier giving that "I wonder who he's gonna use that on" look) 😀 the drafting, the cutting, the sanding & drilling, the staining, painting, the polishing, the personalizing, etc. [I game hunted for almost 40 yrs & the fun part was always personally engaging in the entire meat processing procedure] Most importantly, it's not the implement but it's how it is wielded that matters.
  11. My idea of a Warm-Up ? Is doing stretching exercises., getting my arm good 'n ready. 😝
  12. I have always subscribed to the opposite. Those who don't are the ones who are weird. 😁
  13. Clothed or Bare. It matters not, cuz either way, I will "Get to the Bottom of it ! !" It's just that Clothed may take a minute or two longer, which is certainly not a problem. 😉
  14. I've referred to it as " Sit-Upon" or "Prime Real Estate" or "Land Down Under" on occasion. 😉 Rear-End-Discomfort - acronym for RED. 😁
  15. There is No, Zero, as in None, biblical connection or reference to or with spanking. So, if you are discussing it with a pastor or priest then it's simply another individual's personal views who can turn it into a discussion about it, but that's all there is to it.
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