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  1. All consent/no consent is laid out "on the table" & "on the same page" before I ever even meet in public with anyone. And there is no rush to do so. Until then, everything is discussed whether it be exception or objection within a level of comfort on both sides thru negotiation. If that level of comfort is not reached on either side, which includes a sufficient level of "trust" also, then there's no point in going any further. Not every connect has panned out all the way but most have.
  2. My view on language has always been which is that if it can't be used in front of a public forum, antifa gatherings excluded here, then it is inappropriate & therefore punishable. Discipline for using inappropriate language has usually, in most cases, had a positive "Impact" [intended] 😁
  3. Every spanking which I have administered is intended to be, at the very least, memorable. I don't spank unless it is warranted & justified. I have given 2 of which I would consider to be severe. Two ladies entirely separate but during the same time frame got sloppy, failed to utilize personal safety protocol, apparently did not take caution seriously. One was sodomized by an online connect at a truck stop. The other was literally tossed around a hotel room & then not permitted to leave. After I was informed of the incidents, I gave each of them sufficient time to emotionally & physically heal. And then I literally blistered them separately until I was confident that it wouldn't happen again, considering that next time, if there was one, it could be an ICU or worse.
  4. "Calling Out an employee on the carpet in public is inappropriate. This is what closed doors are for. Because this is a general #1 rule within mgmt training, unless you could prove otherwise, I would then conclude that you knew better when you did it. However, your action does not appear as intentional or malicious. Considering that you called out this employee in front of others, the same manner should apply to you : a full "Six of the Best" Cold delrin caning on the Bare in front of the entire group members for the purpose of witness & consequential example to discourage any such future displays of misconduct by anyone.
  5. I use a dreaded special chair which I modified, a sudden cure for when cases of "stubborn-itis" arise. It is very low grit sandpaper-like & it makes quite a Literal Impression.
  6. aka : the "Swift 'n Just ". But then there are other times when "lots of addition contemplation time with which to let it sink in" about what's going to happen is more appropriate which makes the most out of leaving an impression.
  7. As a disciplinarian, I become both proud & satisfied when there are positive End Results, as the modification or metamorphosis of the individual. Essentially a reflection of the actions & efforts to modify those "gross errors in judgment" have been displaced & which have been noticed by others within the social circle. The end result is my reward.
  8. This is a question for greater minds than ours. I certainly Don't have a clue. But I've never given it a second thought, which is probably why.
  9. Don't be too sure. They may not know "the how" of the change/s but they will most likely notice & be pleased with the exterior "End-Result". 😉
  10. Persistent with cursing?.............................."well now, we'll just see about that ! ! !" 😉
  11. I have never used mouth soaping as a deterrent for language, or for any other issues for that matter. I simply " take it out on that Bottom ! ! " Pretty boring stuff, huh. But has usually done the trick in most cases. 😁
  12. Sometimes I will allow it......and then other times I have no other choice but to forbid it. I may, or may not, instruct permission to rub when even tho' an incident might be minor but requires some serious matters of correction. I will definitely forbid any sort of rubbing, whether during or afterwards, for repeat incidents Or for major incidents such as disregarding personal safety for example or other such matters at my sole discretion.
  13. my personal favorite is which ever one "Cures the problem the quickest" 😁
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