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  1. Too old? There are countless spankos who would disagree. And trying saying that in front of a disciplinarian......and see what happens.
  2. Any year when I have focused on the true meaning of (Christ)mas during the Christmas season it has always been Merry b/c (Christ)mas overshadows anything else that is going on at the time, whether personal or global, and nothing else really matters.
  3. I have a war chest of paddles, straps, tawses & canes in an old toy chest which I still have dating back to my pre-teen yrs. However, I also have hairbrush, bath brush & a good ol' belt always easily accessible & on display which appear altogether natural. I also have an ol' dependable Ping Pong Paddle, which can very easily "get the job done", when applied especially to the bare, always insight. But the #1 problem is having to explain the absence of a ping-pong table & ball which would otherwise naturally go along with it. 😁
  4. "Safe Calls" are an essential element when meeting with a "complete stranger", until you get to know them well enough for comfort, For any Reason. but especially for any form of impact/physical play. I always strongly recommend Safe Call at least for the first few meetings. There are horror stories of people who have gotten sodomized, held against their will, and worse. It Happens All the Time. It's not necessary to explain the circumstances to the Safe Call Contact. Something like a coded text msg can suffice Or "if you don't hear from me by such 'n such......."
  5. This is a reason why I take it day to day Or week to week with online connects. A "No Strings No Obligation approach. I don't get emotionally caught up, unless a "reason to" were to gradually develop. So, I make a practice of not to presume another session. 2017 I agreed to meet with an EE for some disciplinary. In review, I had rushed into it without taking my usual time during the get acquainted comm phase . Even when we met at a coffee shop prior, I failed to pick up on it. It just blew right by under my radar. The session went well on both sides. Pix were also taken. No complaints either side. I sent a follow up msg, as I usually do. Never heard back. An unexpectant "huh" surprise. That was about it. So, it happens.
  6. Wood paddle or belt? Whichever one "gets to the Bottom of it" the quickest. ?
  7. Safe Words are not "cookie-cutter" What applies to one does not necessarily apply to another. What is important is personal safety. I have been a disciplinarian since'07. While I don't oppose safewords, the safeword subject is always discussed during the acquaintance phase. But after countless ladies & situations in 14 yrs, a situation has never risen when a safe word was needed or used. Trust comes with respect of one's boundaries & limits, which is calculated thru focused attention to any verbal and/or physical cues. Trust has everything to do with that & has never been an issue. I would not go as far as saying that "I become aware of a safeword situation before she does" But I will say that I "Stop" when I need to. It's just that simple. And I usually "get to the Bottom of it"
  8. Rule #2 : (or should be) Use your "Head".....not your "Bottom"....with personal safety matters.
  9. The #1 rule during online interaction is, Or should be, You are the interviewer In Control. At anytime the "connection" is broken, then there is no obligation to respond. It's End of Discussion & Delete. If they're willing to project such mannerisms behind a screen, then imagine what they'd be like in person.
  10. Tears aren't that important to me. What is important is whether or not I have gotten the message across.. Tears are generally emotional. Emotional walls which have built over the years will block tear responses. It can take awhile to work thru them, so patience is essential when striving to reach that level. Whether low pain or high pain tolerance is irrelevant. I have had a few young ladies who had welled up tears when arriving at my doorstep, not by fear, but as anticipation of what was about to happen. To the other side of the spectrum, I have tanned some hineys with not one tear shed. At least not in front of me.
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