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  1. I have been posting here since 2013. During this time, Not One of my posts have ever been in-question. Not Once. So, I don't need the rules read back from a pretentious Civility Judge.
  2. I will preface that I don't use corner time very often, in fact hardly ever. However, as discipline is to be an unpleasant deterrent, my view regarding corner time is that "if you can't do the time, don't do the crime." As for an unwillingness to submit to corner time, there are always other discipline alternatives which are much more unpleasant. 😉
  3. I typically use the somewhat softer woods, but hard enough to be able to "Nip it in the Bud". 😁 They are easier to cut & shape with a small sander & jigsaw. The only temporary drawback is that they can occasionally split or crack. But that's ok. I always have sufficient "back-up" paddle inventory 😉 in the war chest.
  4. I don't know if I have ever been able to describe it, probably b/c I haven't given it too much thought. I can empathize with struggles or challenges and that deeper level for me has always been naturally the same, which is to help overcome a challenge, modify "error in judgment" or eradicate an undesirable habit, whether personal or professional which may be a personal distraction & which may be suppressing / interfering with personal potential.
  5. First, my philosophy has been "Point A [Bottom] to Point B [Brain] is the shortest distance between two points. Negative reinforcement does work. the individual finally gets the picture. It's just that simple. I can attest from experience, not according to some "psychology study by dr.s with degrees" which is usually a bunch of jibberish anyway. Sticking a finger in a wall socket is a reasonable example. How many times is someone going to stick a finger in a wall socket? Probably more than once but Eventually they do stop. Once there is a disconnect for whatever reason, then any behavior mgmt/treatment is no longer doable. As for any repeat occurrences. Any "back-slide" is relative to the individual & situation. All individuals & situations are different. This is not cookie cutter where "One size fits all" It depends on a particular habit, also depends on the longevity & level of the habit. And also depends on the level of willpower of the individual & finally how the individual responds to the negative reinforcement. But there is always incorporated positive reinforcement in addition throughout the process. Finally, there is not one disorder, psychological, medical or otherwise, [alcoholism, depression, etc] which can be treated with negative reinforcement.
  6. Any implement can be "an implement of cruelty". Any implement can be used outside the boundary. It's not the implement, but how it is wielded" that matters. [the force behind it]
  7. I always try to KISS. {keep it simple, stupid 😁] Corporal discipline as "an equalizer", a "means to an end", a "road to redemption". There have been many encounters when I do it to help others who struggle where the desire is there but the willpower isn't, which is simply "negative reinforcement".
  8. As a disciplinarian, I see individuals for disciplinary needs only. So, the number of EE's whom I might see at any given time varies. I might go several months without seeing anyone. And then I have seen 3-5 different individuals at the same time which was extremely hectic, which at that particular time there were about 4-5 different active, I mean lively, sites thru which I made connections. As for how long, the relationship will usually last until all issues have been cured, which includes any necessary follow-up visits to address & resolve any back-sliding problems. There is never any commitment or obligation to continue.
  9. Your goals & ambitions are certainly attainable when managed by corporal discipline thru negative reinforcement. Just simple acknowledgement & concern with what you want to change alone is a monumental step. Locating a local disciplinarian can sometimes be a challenge. So, if it should take awhile longer than you might expect, don't forget to be patient And don't forget to search safely.
  10. I have never, not once, had this problem. There is always a clear understanding of the rules in place from the outset. I always listen to the other side. And I always allow a "plea" opportunity which is to present all argument from the other side if any. If there is convincing evidence to the contrary then there is no such disciplinary action, unless of course I have the evidence to prove otherwise. It is also always quite clear that should there be even a smidgeon of deception, there is a Blistering to follow. 😛
  11. My position regarding any moving and/or kicking "during" is not allowed. And with very good reason, to protect from any personal injury. There is a serious chance that I might hit where I'm not aiming, especially with an implement, if there is any moving out of position. If it happens during a spanking, well it's simply both frustrating & annoying and will definitely drag it out much longer when it could've already been over with. 😛 If it's any consolation, all of the "Doin' the Dance" or "Rubbing all that you need to" is allowed........but only afterwards & when it has sunk in. 😉
  12. I always keep an open door of communication with whomever I have encountered, the general process of getting acquainted. When a consistent level of comfort has been established, then a public meeting is just another step in the process. Disciplinary meetings are simply directed toward a particular disciplinary issue which is needing to be assessed and/or addressed.
  13. Whenever I use a paddle, it is generally in conjunction with the "bend over, grab your ankles" position.....which resolves any Clinching-itis temptation since it becomes virtually impossible. 😁
  14. At one time, back in the archives of time, SN used to be that way. But it soon became a "thumbs up, thumbs down" popularity contest which created huge conflict
  15. Yes of course. But "Vee have other Vays to deal with it" 😀 michgal."k" The K stands for Klinching? 😁
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