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  1. Glad to hear it worked for you. It wasn't my experience and therefore I'd recommend anyone to be careful when it comes to punishing addictive behavior or relapse in general. But I totally agree on the loving support part, that was paramount for me as well.
  2. Oh yaaas. Going to watch it tonight.
  3. Guten tag. Danke fur die folge! Tut mir leid meine Deutsch ist sehr schlect.

  4. A friend of mine wrote a website about spanking. You might find that one helpful. http://spankingbasics.com/
  5. I like your avatar picture!


  6. Feel free to message me. 

    1. BrianL 24

      BrianL 24

      I’d love to chat about spankings. 

  7. Hi!  I would love to Skype with you sometime.


  8. I have tried it as well and it really isn't for me. It's just not the same as a real spanking where I can hand over control, not just mentally but physically as well.
  9. Today a cat sat on my butt after I got spanked.

    1. caningabottom
    2. AfterGeometry


      Lol.  Kitty wanted to get warmed up or something. Thanks for sharing. 

    3. sweetpea
  10. In my opinion and experience, it does not work in the long run. While support is extremely important when it comes to handling addiction, I don't think a spanking can prevent an addict from using.
  11. First Name: Franzi Age: 22 Sex: Female Spanker/Spankee/Switch: Spankee Country you are from: Germany State/Providence: Bavaria
  12. Everyone is different and this is a quite complex topic. I don't think self-harming and a need for spanking necessarily have to be interrelated. I also have a history of self-harming that started at age 11 and I consider it to be self-destructive whereas I don't consider spanking self-destructive at all. Obviously that only applies when the spanking is done in a both consensual and safe way. Personally, I think one major difference between the two is the fact that spanking generally involves another person (the spanker) who, ideally, is interested in my well-being which makes me feel safe and
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